December 12, 2022

Membership Communication –  Digital First or Digital Only?

Digital First Communications requires a period of transition. You simply cannot stop communicating with customers through their preferred means of contact be it a physical printed or digital medium, without ultimately alienating them from your brand.

Understanding their preferences will predominantly serve membership-based organisations better when it comes to engaging and providing a valuable experience for their members. This can also be said for select groups of businesses seeking to offer tiered membership access to their facilities. Using a proprietary technology, registered users can engage with in many different ways across physical and digital means.

To cite a few possible uses, digital cards can be deployed as digital membership cards, digital loyalty cards, digital coupons, digital tickets, digital badges, and so on. With a wide range of uses and applications, as well as lower set up costs over the traditional legacy versions of these products, we are sure our clients will benefit greatly from them.

Digital Loyalty

The digital loyalty model is fast becoming the new norm. Using an ink stamp or a pen mark to stamp loyalty cards is a thing of the past. The digitised version can also be better tailored to members much more quickly. Members can stay ‘front of mind’ for longer by receiving spontaneous rewards through a digital loyalty card. Digital loyalty programs have revolutionized brand loyalty by delivering personalised customer experiences.

Today, we use our smartphones for almost everything. They are almost always with us when we leave the house. It only makes sense that loyalty programs would evolve to become much more digitalised. As a Romax customer, you can use all of the digital pass products interchangeably. You are not locked into one particular use.

Digital Coupons

Businesses have long been overburdened with designing and printing coupons and money-off vouchers. From a customer’s perspective, digital coupons are much more convenient. They’re cost-effective to deploy and efficient since they’re delivered digitally. Coupons are an effective way for businesses to show their appreciation for their customers.

Digital loyalty programs open up communication between customers and businesses, which is a major benefit. Using digital coupons can help brands create buzz in the market by enticing consumers to try out their newly launched products and services. Additionally, they reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

With Romax Digital Coupons, getting started is a breeze. It’s a fantastic way to advertise your business without spending a lot of money on advertising.

Digital Tickets

Digital tickets improve efficiency and the fan experience. By using digital tickets businesses provide an immediate delivery of the ticket and increase convenience. By scanning tickets with our software, much of the administration associated with checking tickets is eliminated. Knowing who is at a venue and what happens with tickets is crucial for event delivery – especially in case of emergency.

Moving from paper to digital tickets is a positive step towards ease of access and convenience, but don’t forget that not everyone prefers a digital ticket. Many people still prefer a printed ticket or printed membership card as they may not be as technologically savvy, or they simply want to keep the ticket as a memento.

For over 25 years, Romax has delivered cutting edge and successful UK and Global communication campaigns on behalf of its clients. As a company, we are committed to meeting our sustainability goals and reducing our carbon footprint in everything we do. We deliver sustainable communication that works.

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