Membership CArds

  • An intuitive dashboard gives you full control over members cards.
  • A fully customisable & branded solution for your organisation.
  • Digital cards functionality includes tickets, coupons & loyalty use.

A versatile product

Romax’s digital cards are truly multifaceted and interchangeable. They can be utilised and deployed as loyalty cards, membership cards, coupons, event tickets, and digital badges.

Digital Loyalty Cards – Useful for ‘reimagining loyalty’. Create bespoke, customised reward programs to keep your customers and members loyal, engaged and coming back.

Digital Memberships – Useful for ‘membership based organisations’ such as sports clubs, gyms, social clubs, chamber of commerce organisations, & select businesses seeking to offer access to their facilities on a tiered membership basis. 

Digital Coupons – A smart way to encourage your customers to spend with digitalised money off coupons. Wide range of possible uses for multiple different businesses types.

Digital Tickets – Seamlessly digitalise your event tickets and integrate them with either Apple or Google Wallet.

There is no doubt that the exponential growth of smartphones has led to a change in how people interact with products and services throughout the world. It is clear that people are increasingly using digital services for a variety of reasons, whether it is convenience, being raised with technology or the speed at which certain tasks can be completed.

This has affected the way in which both organisations and members can use and access their membership cards. By empowering organisations to become more or wholly digital, they are able to engage their users to a greater extent. Keeping up with the times and evolving is the key to remaining relevant with your members and customers.

No longer do your organisation’s members or customers have to carry around a physical membership card with them.
Since people are already carrying their smartphones everywhere, digital cards that are stored on and accessible from smartphones are becoming evermore popular.

By staying relevant and keeping up with the times, you can reach and engage your members/customers in a way that is aligned with their lifestyles.

In addition, a quick summary of other benefits associated with digital membership cards, are:

  • A lower cost per membership card will save you money
  • Time and administration are saved, resulting in greater efficiencies.
  • By offering both a digital and physical membership card, you are appealing to all age groups, cohorts, and groups.
  • When you go digital, you will help reduce the use of plastic in our society.
  • Easily customised and branded to fit the needs of your organisation.
  • An easy-to-use, personalised dashboard provides full control over your account.
  • Ticketing, coupons, and loyalty solutions can also be managed via the Romax Digital Platform.

‘A Proven Digital Membership Cards  Platform.

Having a digital membership card makes it easier for your members to keep up to date with new member benefits.

In the last few years, more and more member based organisations, including airlines, associations, sports clubs, and gyms have all taken the digital membership card route. Have you made the jump yet?

Legacy membership cards are slower to deploy and cost more money to issue.


Lower Cost & Reduced Administration

Digital cards mean organisations no longer have to spend time building an in-house app and can now offer either a printed physical or digital card to suit member preferences. 

Instant Renewals Process

Memberships can be instantaneously renewed in the event of lapsed memberships, and the type of a membership can also be changed. Members cards can be quickly terminated too, in case they decide to leave your organisation.   

Full Customisation

When you decide to take your membership cards digital, our platform allows you customise your digital cards with your own branding, colour scheme, QR code, membership tier details, number of visits and expiry date among other features.

Simplified Charging Structure

All charges are based on your chosen charging threshold band. You’ll only pay more when you reach the next tier of the charging structure. All charges are based on your required new card issue volume band plus small monthly fee per active card.

Loyalty Card Use Permitted

Romax Digital’s product offering, enables you to use our platform to create your own fully branded digital membership cards, digital loyalty cards, as well as digital badges* (For example, which visiting delegates could then scan at exhibitions and events*).

Environmentally Friendly

Deploying digital membership cards can greatly contribute to your ECG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and help to reduce your carbon footprint.  

See our Digital Pass in action?


We invite you to create a sample of our Digital Membership Pass for our Hybrid Mail Service – Ooomail

By filling out the form from your mobile device, you will be able to add the pass directly to your Apple Wallet or Google Pass account.

You will receive an email with instructions as soon as you fill out the form.


Choose the best plan that suits your needs. Scale up or down according to your changing requirements. You are always in control with full flexibility.

Support FAQ

How do I add the membership card to my Android phone?

Android users need to install Google Wallet from Google Play. After downloading the app, open the email from your smartphone and click “” in the membership email, and the card will automatically be saved to your Wallet Passes app.

How do I add the membership card to my iPhone?

Open the email from your smartphone and click XXX, then click “Add to Wallet” and

“Add.” The card will automatically go to your Apple (iPhone) Wallet and if you have an Apple Watch it will also appear there.

How do I use a Digital Membership Card?

Using our digital membership cards is simple and straight forward. Rather than signing in using your name, verbally, by signing on paper, or by showing a physical membership card – with a digital membership card, you just open your Google or Apple Wallet, click on the card, and then hold your smartphone up to the scanner. You are then authenticated as having visited.

What is the Digital Membership Card?

A digital membership card is a digital pass that has evolved because products and services are becoming increasingly digital. Due to the prevalence of smartphones and the need for membership card issuers to reduce plastic use, it no longer makes sense to always use legacy physical membership cards. Digital membership cards can be issued, renewed and cancelled instantly, and the costs to deploy are lower than those of traditional cards.

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