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Working with Romax Digital means you’re partnering with a trusted, competent platform for digital solutions.

Using our expertise, we will help you find solutions to your business challenges, reduce costs, and maximise ROI.

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Digital Membership Cards

By going digital with your membership cards, you’re not only keeping up with the times, but also contributing to a greener society by reducing the use of plastic. Our customisable, low-cost solutions appeal to all age groups, and offer seamless integration with your branding and marketing efforts.

With the Romax Digital platform, you can also easily manage other digital solutions like tickets, coupons, and loyalty programs to provide an end-to-end solution that engages your customers and delivers real value.

Digital Badges

Recognise and reward the skills and achievements of your learners and employees with digital badges that are fully customisable to meet your needs. With Romax Digital Badges, learners can showcase their skills and soft skills with ease, and attach them to resumes, job applications, and skills boards. Plus, digital badges reduce paper usage and carbon footprint, saving money compared to traditional paper-based validation methods. Get in touch to see how Romax Digital Badges can help you recognise and empower your learners and employees.

Digital Certificates

Romax Digital Certificates offer a modern, eco-friendly alternative to paper-based certificates. By providing official digital credentials to individuals and businesses, Romax Digital Certificates help reduce paper usage and carbon footprint. With digital certificates, institutions and employers can easily store and share certificates with learners and employees via email or job websites, reducing the challenges of cost, storage space, security, and damage risks associated with paper-based certificates. Plus, Romax Digital Certificates provide a more formal, effective way to certify and validate a full qualification, making it easier than ever to recognise and showcase your achievements.

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