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Data Management

From £149/month
Data accuracy is critical to the success of your organisation.
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Hybrid Mail Service

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Manage and print your entire organisation’s mail. No need for printers, paper, inks, envelopes or stamps.
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Direct Mail

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Delivering your message directly to one person through one letter box.

Email Marketing Strategy

The advantages of direct email marketing services are huge; they are a powerful form of direct marketing that uses email to promote your business’ products or services. By combining it into your other marketing strategies, it can help make your customers aware of your latest items or offers. It also plays a vital role with lead generation, brand awareness or keeping customers involved through different types of marketing emails.

  • As well as building a personal connection with your customers, the advantages of direct email marketing services means traffic is driven to your blog, social media or wherever you need targeting. Direct email marketing has the obvious advantage of low cost compared to other forms of marketing as there are no postage and packaging costs. 
  • Marketing emails are sent to your subscribers who meet certain criteria and only target those that are interested in the brand.
  • If a franchise only has an offer in certain areas of the country, it can be arranged for emails to be sent only to those living in certain areas. If there is a sale on office furniture, it can be arranged for only those who have shown an interest in office furniture to receive an email.
  • The companies that see the best results from their direct email marketing are sending the most relevant message to individuals.

Email Marketing Campaign

With every email campaign sent out, we make sure to adhere to a quality check process which significantly reduces the margin for any error and therefore maintains high standards for your clients. Strict process when sending out emails means that if an error occurs, we can identify how it happened and then put procedures in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Email Marketing Services

We aim to deliver impactful and relevant email campaigns delivered to the right people at the right time.

Our direct email marketing strategies are carefully considered to enhance a campaign and not be used as a standalone campaign. The majority of businesses only send messages to those who have signed up to receive them, which allows for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those who already have an interest in their brand.

It is, of course, possible to send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this often alienates people. Emails sent that are sourced from purchased lists for your direct email marketing don’t have the results you’ll see from growing your list: getting customers organically will lead to far stronger results. The advantages of direct email marketing services are numerous.

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“The CIOB is extremely happy with the outcome and the great work Romax have done for us.”
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“We’ve worked with Romax for a number of years, during which time we’ve always received a friendly and efficient service. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Marc Koskela | Marketing | Marketforce
“The direct mail solutions they offer are complex and flexible and always meet our business needs.”
Christina Koleva | Marketing Project Manager | Fantastic Services
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and all of the Romax team.”
Sarah McHugh | Senior Graphic Designer | Emma Bridgewater