March 21, 2013

Augmented Reality in your Print – Our coolest Blog yet?

At Romax we love creativity and innovation.

When our clients come to us with an idea or concept, whether it’s integrating a new technology or a clever way to deliver their message, we do everything possible to advise them on the best way to do it. New technology in print allows businesses to produced some very outstanding cross media campaigns to engage customers.
There is currently a real ‘buzz’ in the industry with the emergeance of Augmented Reality and it’s incorporation with traditional marketing communications.

To see Augmented Reality in action take a look at some of the videos below:
If you have any trouble viewing videos in your browser please refresh the page and watch the next one.

IKEA brings it’s Cataloge to life with Augmented Reality

Toyota’s impressive IQ Video

Contact lenses with Augmented Reality – A snippet of the future?

Crazy stuff. Just think of the possibilities in the future.

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