November 30, 2022

The Benefits of Running a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail works. As a result of a recent study by Statista, direct mail advertising spending in the United Kingdom reached close to £1.1 billion British pounds in 2021. This is a 19 percent increase. These campaigns positively increased new customer acquisition targets for all clients.

People are more likely to open physical mail that is delivered to their door. Research consistently shows this. It is secure, trusted and believed. While direct mail is an older communication method, it is by no means dead in the water. It is tangible and stays visible for longer.

There are several benefits that direct mail provides:

  • It can be utilised along with other marketing methods in order to enhance your marketing results – combined email and direct mail touch points increase return significantly.
  • Direct  Mail Avoids Spam – THE key component of marketing is reaching consumers, direct mail avoids people’s spam folders getting in front of them away from the constant stream of email white noise.
  • You can use direct mail to promote a sale or event and make sure the customer clicks on your website to get more information. This will provide you with the opportunity to communicate your message across a variety of different channels.
  • Direct mail is flexible in that it can serve a variety of different goals. It can be used as an invitation or a short-term promotional tool, such as a voucher. This would be an excellent approach for any company that is looking to drive use or generate quick revenue.
  • Direct mail is an easily measurable form of marketing. Vouchers or codes can be used to measure response rates, and you can easily record the number of mailshots sent and the number of responses.

Besides being measurable, it can also be targeted at specific people or groups. The benefit of direct mail over other forms of marketing is that you are able to select a geographical target, or a demographic group for your campaign.

Our team would love to explore direct mail opportunities with your brand, company or organisation. Allow Romax to help you reach more of your intended target audiences across the UK.

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