Data security and its safe use is the focus of everything we do

To quote our Managing Director: “The reason I can sleep at night is because I know Romax has always and will always, invest in the best systems to safeguard our clients’ data”.

Peace of mind 

The safe use and security of data entrusted to Romax for your client communication is our key focus. Everything that Romax does involves processing data for our clients. The safekeeping of your data requires a company-wide focus on security, compliance and appropriate use. Your data, the critical asset of your business, should not be given to any business that does not invest in and demonstrate the highest level of data security and management. 

Security and management of your data

In order to work with the best, you have to be the best. Through continuous review and investment in our systems, protocols, security and training, we retain the privilege of working with Blue Chip companies across many sectors including, finance, utilities, charity, retail and automotive. In addition to our own external accreditation and audits, we are always vetted by external client compliance teams; with that, we meet their stringent security and data safe use criteria. 


How we use and manage your data requires a complete understanding of General Data Protection Regulations. Every employee at Romax must complete and pass upon joining the business a GDPR test based on a comprehensive document that forms part of our ISO 27001 accreditation. As part of our continuous improvement and training all employees with access to sensitive data will complete certified compliance refresher courses to retain focus on the importance of data use and security.


Romax was one of the first print and mailing suppliers in the UK to achieve ISO 27001 data security and management accreditation. Investing in our data security and technology has kept us at the cutting edge in our industry and provides our clients with absolute assurance, that our systems provide the best industry practice and securities. 

Romax Resource Centre – our secure communication portal

We provide, free of charge to all clients, access to our encrypted portal for all communication and transfer between our clients and us as part of our Approval Pipeline – Romax Resource Centre. This communication portal allows secure and compliant communication and tracks the process of the job from data, pre-approval and approval with tracked and date stamped timelines and confirmations to ensure complete clarity and data compliance. 

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