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All organisations now recognise the importance of working in a sustainable way to protect the environment. It is therefore critical that you choose a partner to work with that will help you achieve your own sustainability and carbon goals. Using our experience, and a proactive environmental approach, we are able to guide and advise on how you can contribute to global sustainability and continue to promote your organisation positively. In addition, as a certified carbon balanced supplier, Romax will contribute on your behalf to carbon offset schemes producing a quarterly certificate naming your brand, that evidences the carbon offset made on your behalf.

Sustainability, recycling and the environment

It is clear to all that there is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and Romax have a proactive policy to be leaders in reducing CO2 emissions. This includes our travel policy, reviewing our energy supply, and actively looking to replace woodland and carbon offset programmes.

Our environmental credentials are embedded throughout the business at every stage of the process. We actively promote best practice to ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible. We help our clients to reduce their environmental footprint as part of their communications requirements as standard. We have been accredited with ISO 14001 since 2009 and actively endorse it rather than simply have the accreditation as a badge. 

Your brand receives certified carbon offset through a carbon balanced printer

Romax is a certified carbon neutral business. In addition to holding ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation, we actively seek to reduce our carbon footprint. Accredited by the World Land Trust as carbon balanced, we supply material that is from sustainable sources. As standard, we pay a carbon levy to the World Land Trust on all of our clients’ print. Quarterly reports certify your carbon offset contributions that will help your own environmental credentials. Our clients can add the World Land Trust logo on their printed materials demonstrating that they are an environmentally proactive brand. https://carbonbalancedpaper.com/carbon-balanced-printers/

Environmental considerations

As part of our business ethos, we seek to ensure that our impact on the Natural World and local environment are kept to an absolute minimum. We are proud to not only hold ISO14001 Environmental Management Accreditation, but also to have the following measured outcomes and targets set in place:

  • Current waste: Less than 5% of our waste is sent to landfill with over 95% recycled.
  • Energy usage: We introduced a smart meter six years ago and since then have seen a like for like usage reduction of 15%. All energy comes from renewable sources.
  • Supply chain: All purchases include an environmental and energy use consideration. Our suppliers must adhere to this as part of our supplier onboarding process, and wherever possible only choose suppliers based on their adherence to our ethos and accreditations, so the supply chain is measured, secure and audited.
  • Paper: All of the paper that we use is from FSC sources. We actively promote and advise clients in the best use of all materials and can supply bio-degradeable (compostable) alternatives as required. 
  • Water usage: We have a metered supply and we track the water use and constantly seek to reduce usage. 
  • Premises: We are actively engaging with our landlord to introduce EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging) points and Solar Panels.
  • Travel and transport: Wherever possible we use public transport to attend meetings. 
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