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Robin Sumner Managing Director

Robin Sumner has been the beating heart of Romax for more than 25 years. As Managing Director, he is passionate about driving communication forwards, whether in electronic or print form. He manages a team of professional, focused individuals, who share his enthusiasm for the industry. The driving force within Romax remains the focus and determination to ensure that each and every client is able to reach their full potential, by carefully managed use of bespoke direct marketing campaigns.

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Direct Mail Solutions

At Romax Marketing & Distribution, a South London based direct mail marketing company, we offer a wide range of direct
mail services, such as brochures, magazines, postcards, letters, envelopes, welcome packs, membership card printing, leaflet,
trans-promotional, transactional mail, among others direct mail list services for both B2B and B2C companies.

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Postcards & One Piece Mailers

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Targeting potential clients, who fit with your chosen demographic, using postcards and one piece mailers, is one of the most popular direct mail marketing methods. Postcards promote visual interest from the moment they arrive. One of the main benefits of having direct mail, without an envelope to open, means they will stand out more and engage the prospect immediately.

One piece mailers continue the theme, by piquing the interest of the prospect visually, and encouraging them to open, read and engage with the mail. Responding to the call to action is therefore more likely. By having the envelope, marketing tool and response mechanism in one, the ease and probability of a positive response is increased. Make it easier for your audience to say, ‘Yes, ’ and choose postcard direct mail and one piece mailers.

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Personalised Letters

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Getting your prospects’ attention is top of your priority list. Keeping it is not always that easy. Personalised letters are a great way to make your potential customers feel more of an individual. People respond well to personalised direct mail because they feel it is speaking directly to them, and their preferences. Relevant and personalised direct mail, in the form of a letter, indicates that you understand their needs and are able to engage with them on a one to one basis. Depending on the level of data you hold about your prospects, you can go the extra mile and make a personal connection. Trust is also built between you and your prospect as they feel you already have a good understanding of their requirements, making engagement more likely

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Over 1000 items? Big discounts apply

Newsletters are a well established, recognised form of direct marketing. They’ve been around for a long time, and the reason for that is because they are so eective. Particularly for smaller businesses, they help build brand awareness and keep your company name in the minds of your target audience. So, when they are ready to buy, they remember who to call. With newsletters you will be targeting customers who already have an interest in what you have to oer. You will be able to keep them informed of any changes to your business and make sure they know where to find you when the time comes. Newsletters are useful for providing new leads, maintaining existing relationships and generally keeping your brand name on the tip of their tongues.

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Catalogue direct marketing continues to yield the highest response rate and average order size of all forms of direct marketing. Not only will catalogues increase awareness and brand visibility, they have also been shown to strongly influence customer purchasing decisions, often more than TV advertising. You can personalise and target your catalogue for a more tailored approach, or you can flood the market with your brand and blow the competition out of the water. Catalogues create an image of strength and professionalism in your brand, they are a more permanent fixture and are likely to remain in view, ready to be consulted when a purchasing decision has been made. The added benefit is that they drive trac to your website, so you’ll be getting a better return on investment from that too.

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Direct Mail Fulfilment

Working for clients across London and the rest of the UK, Romax supply Direct Marketing services which include:

  • Personalised B2C Direct Mail and B2B Direct Mail Marketing services
  • Postage in the UK and international
  • Postages discounts
  • Client communication and Membership Management
  • Data Management
  • Machine and hand enclosing
  • Mail fulfilment, among other services
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Direct Mail

Delivering your message directly to one person through one letter box.
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Data Acquisition

From £45/’000 records
Use data acquisition to source verified consumer mailing lists for your next campaign.
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Multi-Channel Marketing

From £499/month
Creating consistent and seamless multi-channel marketing campaigns across print, email and text.

All Mail Marketing Services in One Place

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Create an instant impression, and one that lasts, with a visually appealing, informative postcard. Target your preferred audience and stand out from the rest of the mail, with a postcard designed for, and tailored to your prospects.

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Informative, easy to use and something to keep, a brochure will help maintain and increase brand awareness. Target specific customers, and reach out to new ones with a visual reminder of what you have to oer.

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Opt for a more permanent form of direct marketing by targeting your preferred client base with a quality magazine. Showcase new products, oer updates on relevant new oerings and give your clients a creative glimpse into your business world.

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Add the personal touch with a letter addressed directly to your prospective customers. Whether you choose to target and personalise each and every one, or you prefer a more generic approach, a letter is a quick and easy way to reach the masses.

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Membership Cards

Membership cards are a tangible keepsake for your specific audience. In a world where everything is on-line, it’s good to have a more permanent reminder of your brand. Membership cards instil a sense of belonging and loyalty amongst your target audience, whilst representing your organisation in a professional manner

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Cost eective and wide reaching, leaflets are an eective way to increase brand awareness over a large area. For both new prospects and existing customers, leaflets have the capacity to hold a lot of information, including the all important call to action.

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Put simply, the direct marketing envelope provides the headline to what is inside. It oers a succinct explanation of what is to come, and encourages the prospect to open it and actively engage. You can get creative with your design and add ‘teasers’ as to what is to come.

a brown letter / packet

Welcome Packs

Welcome packs establish a permanent relationship with your customers, They improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat business, as well as showcasing your company as a professional organisation. You can include a letter, membership card, magazine, a gift and more in your pack, adding value to the membership your clients have signed up to.

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Transactional Mail

Transactional mail is communication sent to a customer that confirms a financial transaction. It’s not always seen as a marketing tool, but you can use it to maximise the potential from this communication by keeping it personal and maintaining customer interest. A great way of improving customer relations, whilst creating new opportunities for future business.

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Combine relevant promotions with standard transactional communications by using transpromotional marketing. They can be highly personalised due to already established relations. Up-selling and cross-selling in a trans promotional campaign is not only eective, but the results are easy to monitor, thanks to the data you already hold on each customer.


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Direct Mail Marketing in London

Romax, one of the UK’s leading direct mail companies, provides clients with solutions that will help them communicate directly with their target audience. We take time to learn who your audience is to conduct a successful direct marketing campaign by looking at your competitors, creating a customer persona, conducting surveys and more. We employ a service that delivers advertising mail for B2C and B2B campaigns. As studies show that direct mail is kept on average up to 17 days at home, this direct mail marketing strategy offers organisations the opportunity to enhance their marketing efforts through brand familiarity. Read our definitive guide on direct mail marketing here..


What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing, and describes the process of using data driven printed materials to advertise products or services. These are then sent directly to consumers. Direct mail remains a successful marketing channel producing fantastic results if well executed.

What is an example of direct mail?

When a company embarks on a direct mail campaign, they post marketing material or products to the homes of consumers. Some popular examples of direct mail include: free samples from businesses, coupons, postcards that include offers and product catalogues. 

Why is direct mail effective?

It has continually proven to be a valuable service and over the years studies have shown its effectiveness and inherent value. In some cases, the tangibility of means it outperforms digital marketing. Not only this, but you are able to achieve greater personalisation. Additionally, it may reduce campaign costs, build more trust with your consumers and offer greater response rates.

How long does it take to do a direct mail marketing campaign?

The time frame for a direct marketing campaign will, of course, vary from client to client. Some clients have broader aims and goals, so more time may be needed to plan and implement the correct strategy. The typical time frame to plan, create and implement a campaign is between 5-10 weeks. It may then take an additional few weeks before your mail arrives at its destination. 

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