January 16, 2023

Making the right decisions for your business success begins with choosing the right strategies

Due to the rising costs of commodities in virtually every sector, companies and organisations are having to increasingly consider what marketing channels will yield the greatest returns on their investments.

As part of our services at Romax, we offer AB testing, data management, and omni-channel marketing consulting. In order to provide effective services, we must be able to understand the business operations of any existing or new client, as well as looking closely at their target market.

Our three brands, Romax, Romax Digital, and Ooomail, enables us to offer a broad range of solutions to our customers across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Here’s our cheat sheet for what we think might potentially be of interest and benefit to you!

For Membership Based Organisation and Businesses

There is no doubt that the exponential growth of smartphones has led to a change in how people interact with products and services throughout the world. It is clear that people are increasingly using digital services for a variety of reasons, whether it is convenience, being raised with technology or the speed at which certain tasks can be completed.

The Romax Digital platform now enables you to provide these digitalised services to your clients, which will help create a better experience for them and a better return on investment for you.

Digital Membership Cards

It takes just a few minutes to set up and deploy a Romax Digital Membership Card to a new user. Likewise, you can reactivate lapsed users just as quickly. There are numerous benefits associated with taking your memberships digital.

  • A low cost per member will save you money
  • Time and administration are saved, resulting in greater efficiencies.
  • By offering both a digital and physical membership card, you are appealing to all age groups, cohorts, and groups.
  • When you go digital, you will help reduce the use of plastic in our society.
  • Easily customised and branded to fit the needs of your organisation.
  • An easy-to-use, personalised dashboard provides full control over your account.
  • Ticketing, coupons, and loyalty solutions can also be managed via the Romax Digital Platform.

Digital Badge Adoption is increasing rapidly

Showcase the achievements of your employees or educational students. There is a growing trend towards digital badges that can be earned in various learning environments that serve as a valid indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest.

In an increasingly digital environment these badges reinforce the legitimacy of the individual’s online credentials and make the availability of the badge or certificate available wherever there is wifi!

A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1% is forecast for the global digital badge market between 2022 and 2028, reaching $365 million*. This emphasises the anticipated longevity of micro-credential-based digital badges in the education sector.

For Companies in other sectors

Nowadays, even with all of the technological advancements available, reaching your intended target market can be challenging. You should consider whether your target marketing is more aligned with and responsive to digital or more traditional print media, or perhaps a split between the two?

Direct Mail Marketing

Data indicates that direct mail remains effective even in the year 2023, despite the emergence of new technologies. All available research has consistently shown that direct mail recipients trust the medium more. An email can be sent out by anyone unchecked, while a direct mail campaign generally requires some money to be invested in it. This reflects very positively on viable businesses to establish, trust and credibility in the brand.

Despite the fact that most people have access to email and the ability to send out emails, not everyone has the capability of printing a professionally designed double-sided A4/A5 flyer in large numbers..

Because of this reason and others, the people you are targeting, be it B2C or B2B, will likely be more receptive to receiving a physical mail.

B2B direct mail is one of the best ways to get high-conversion rates. By using B2B direct mail, you can quickly initiate positive and long-lasting relations with targeted clients which increase ROI.

There is a 27% increase in top-ranking sales performance when B2B direct mail is included in campaigns compared to campaigns without B2B direct mail.

Also, 40% of campaigns with B2B direct mail are more likely to deliver higher top-ranking acquisition levels.

For over 25 years, we have been printing and sending out direct mail campaigns for a variety of different clients, so we know it works! You may want to consider running a direct mail campaign if you have never done so before.

For Fully Remote Workers & Small to Medium Size Businesses

Does your business or job require you to send physical mail on a regular basis, such as letters? Our Hybrid Email Service might be just what you’re looking for! Here is a quick introduction to Ooomail.


The use of Ooomail may be beneficial for a wide variety of industries and business types such as estate agents, clinics, health care providers, dentists, councils, digital agencies, as well as fully remote workers.

You can manage and print the mail of your entire organisation. The process does not require printers, paper, ink, envelopes or stamps. Creating an Ooomail account is easy and takes just a few minutes.

In this digital age of sharing information, it is easy to share information via e-communication, but when you need to print a document for administrative purposes, legal reasons, marketing purposes, or to comply with GDPR, outsourcing this process will save you time and money, allowing your teams to concentrate on more proactive efforts.

Key Benefits

  • Using Ooomail, you can send physical mail from any location in the world, using a computer and an internet connection.
  • Save money by reducing your print and postage costs.
  • Using ooomail, you can be sure your data is protected and secure.
  • You can choose from a variety of letter templates.
  • Setup and use of the service is simple and easy.

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