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Romax was a pleasure to work with. They're incredibly responsive and flexible, and the process was so smooth.
Flo Carr, Marketing & CRM Manager - English National Opera

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Paper Envelope Suppliers

Here at Romax, we are proud paper envelope suppliers to help with your everyday marketing collateral requirements. We pride ourselves on offering a plethora of bespoke direct mail envelopes, so no two designs are the same. Some examples of the different variables we offer range from: long/short run printing, overprinting, oversize/undersize, multiple print finishes from bubble to metallic, different size papers and grams per square meter ranges from 90gsm-150gsm. In essence, we provide a similar standard of service to your traditional envelope suppliers. 

Envelope Supply

To get the most out of your envelope supply and other marketing materials to send to your target audience, it is recommended that you discuss your requirements with one of our highly knowledgeable team members here at Romax. This is so we can gain an insight into the outer packaging required prior to finalising any marketing campaign you wish, so that you can deliver a truly outstanding promotional service to your clients. 


What are the different weights of envelopes?

Envelopes are measured in GSM – grams per square metre. The higher the grams, the heavier the envelope. A standard thickness of budget white envelopes is approximately 80gsm to 90gsm. For a quality envelope, you would expect the thickness to be approximately 120gsm with more than that being considered a luxury envelope.

What are the different types of envelopes?

There are various different types of envelopes. The gusset envelope is often used for mailing brochures and thick documents; pocket envelopes have the opening on the short edge of the envelope and the wallet envelope has the opening on the longer edge of the envelope. A banker envelope has a triangular flap, often found on greeting envelopes.

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Client testimonial

“Romax was a pleasure to work with. They're incredibly responsive and flexible, and the process was so smooth.”
Flo Carr | Marketing & CRM Manager | English National Opera
“The direct mail solutions they offer are complex and flexible and always meet our business needs.”
Christina Koleva | Marketing Project Manager | Fantastic Services
“Unlike many other agencies, they know what they’re doing and have great customer service.”
Fran Douglas | Assistant Director Annual Giving | Johns Hopkins University
“Postcard looks great – thank you both! Amazing how quickly it arrived!”
Andrew Gale | Subscriptions Manager | Spotlight Sports Group