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Member Communications

Members that are engaged will be more satisfied, see value in their membership and, therefore, participate in more activities. A membership communication strategy creates a meaningful experience for your members.

Your communications strategy needs to educate, inform and inspire your members. It’s the basis on which you can provide content for them, so in order for it to be successful, it’s important to consider the following:


  • A consistent, repeatable approach that communicates with your members
  • Communications that identify and meet your members’ needs
  • Measurable effectiveness in your communications
  • Planned approach to communications


An effective membership communication method will create trust, attract and retain members, improve your public relations and drive member value. A successful digital membership communications strategy is built on several components.

What is the purpose and principles of communicating?

Initially, it’s important to define what you want your communications to do. Does it spread the word about your business, engage visitors in your website, promote member benefits or share more about your organisation – or all of the above?

What is the membership communication outcome?

The next stage is to establish how you expect your communications to influence your members and what you expect to happen as a result. So, how does what you have to say translate into the outcomes you need? An effective communications strategy should explain what success looks like. Perhaps you’re looking to increase the open rates of your emails or higher click-through rates on your ‘call to actions’. Whatever your reason, it’s key to have measurable effectiveness in your membership communications and reports to give you a better understanding of your RO.

Audience segmentation

Effective communication requires you to know who you’re communicating with and what your readers want to receive. A communications strategy requires targeted measures with your distribution lists based on filtered criteria: 

  • Demographics — distribution lists broken down by region, age, gender
  • Interests — distribution lists based on interests that are specified by members
  • Interactions — distribution lists based on online engagement and interaction

Do personas help engage member communications?

After your audience has been sectioned into particular groups, you can use techniques such as tagging individual members with certain criteria to help communication. This allows you to tailor your message and content. ‘Audience personas’ focus the content of your messages to maximise engagement.

Use your member communications and marketing channels

In order to reach your audience, a significant part of your digital communications strategy has to be with the platforms used, monitored conversations and a consistent message throughout. The content you email can be shared on your community forum groups and social media while being monitored for keywords related to your business, helping you to keep your finger on the pulse.

What will nurture your member communications and increase engagement?

The way we communicate is changing, and your business needs to keep up with the trends: using the right technology and membership communication strategy with Romax will help your business thrive. Taking the time to truly understand your members and interact with them, makes them feel valued. Nurturing those relationships by developing the right communications strategy will build trust in your business.

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