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Romax was a pleasure to work with. They're incredibly responsive and flexible, and the process was so smooth.
Flo Carr, Marketing & CRM Manager - English National Opera

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Envelope enclosing is an aspect of marketing that can sometimes be overlooked. There are many ways to enclose an envelope, all of which matter when communicating with your clients. Ultimately, your brand and your reputation is displayed when you send an envelope so it is pivotal that it is portrayed in a way that is enticing and memorable enough to leave a long lasting impression on your customers. Romax can also provide assistance with your envelope supply and pride ourselves on delivering an all in one solution.  Our envelope enclosing procedures ensure that your mail packs meet your exact requirements. Furthermore, you get to have the final say on the envelope enclosing final aesthetic so you can truly expect a product that is of high quality. Here at Romax, our heavy investment in modern equipment such as digital printers and mail fulfilment providers allows us to create selective and variable inserts across a variety of print runs. No matter how technical or stylish you want your mail print run to be, you can be sure that only the very best is displayed when you come to Romax for solutions.  Furthermore, If you wish to segment your mailing into data segments with different printed messages or offers, then we have the combined print and enclosing technology to help. This improves your marketing reach and returns as well as reducing your postal spend by ensuring that your maximum Mailsort Postage Discounts are maintained. 

Mail enclosing

There are always some mail enclosing packs that require additional care or a presentation style that is either not suitable to machine enclosing or simply requires a human touch to get the job done correctly. If you send out brochures, magazines or similar mail enclosing items on their own, without the need for a printed envelope, enclosing your marketing print into clear polyethene is worth considering.

Our team of full-time hand finishers work on a vast array of specialist work ranging from membership pack creation and collation, charity response kits, specialist DNA cheek swab test packs and other miscellaneous jobs needing skill and attention to detail. Contact us for a tailored and cost-effective solution for your mail enclosing at hello@romax.co.uk  or 020 4571 3500

Mechanical and matching envelope enclosing


What is Envelope Enclosing?

Say goodbye to the time consuming process of stuffing envelopes by hand. Our envelope enclosing machines put together packs of information and marketing materials. We insert your content into envelopes with your brand’s stamp and mail them out directly to your list of potential customers. 

What is a Mailsort Postage Discount?

Mailsort Postage Discount is a discount for bulk mail. We offer lower prices for high-volume postage: the more post sent, the cheaper per item the postage is:

  • Advertising mail accesses the cheaper Advertising Mail service 
  • Mailsort can be used for Business Mail as well 
  • Letter, large letter or parcel format
  • 4,000 letters or 1000 large letters or more
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“Romax was a pleasure to work with. They're incredibly responsive and flexible, and the process was so smooth.”
Flo Carr | Marketing & CRM Manager | English National Opera
“The direct mail solutions they offer are complex and flexible and always meet our business needs.”
Christina Koleva | Marketing Project Manager | Fantastic Services
“Unlike many other agencies, they know what they’re doing and have great customer service.”
Fran Douglas | Assistant Director Annual Giving | Johns Hopkins University
“Postcard looks great – thank you both! Amazing how quickly it arrived!”
Andrew Gale | Subscriptions Manager | Spotlight Sports Group