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Direct Mail

From £250/month
Delivering your message directly to one person through one letter box.
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Data Acquisition

from £99/month
Use data acquisition to source verified consumer mailing lists for your next campaign.
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Hybrid Mail Service

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Manage and print your entire organisation’s mail. No need for printers, paper, inks, envelopes or stamps.

London Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing is a promotional method of marketing involving information about your company, product, or service sent to your targeted potential customer. Using our services for direct marketing in London is an effective strategy of sending personalised pitches to each recipient through physical mail, phone calls or emails. Learn more about campaign types & how to improve your strategy.

What are the common forms of direct marketing?

Common forms of this service often include:

  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Coupons
  • Targeted online display ads
  • Mobile and SMS marketing

Why use Romax’s direct marketing services?

Romax provides clients with data-driven services that focus on improving their return on investments (ROIs) by using our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to develop a strategy that is customised to your organisation’s needs and business goals.

Romax uses online and offline personalised direct response marketing that seeks out your target audience to increase response rates and boost return on investment.

As part of our integrated approach, we deliver your organisation’s key message using your client’s preferred communication channel ensuring continuity in message and brand for maximum impact and better results. Our approach makes Romax one of the leading direct marketing companies in London & the UK.

We work together with you to target your audience

We work in partnership with you to boost every aspect of your direct marketing campaign from data and design to print and delivery. Each campaign is created to effectively attract your target audience and follows a timeline that will enable you to sustain marketing efforts so that results are met. Our commitment to provide you with the best campaign for your organisation, using a hands-on approach, allows us to address issues before they become serious problems.

Reshape how your direct marketing services are implemented

Romax direct marketing & distribution service is highly rated and leads the way in transforming how direct marketing services are sold and delivered. Our first-rate marketing services are the solution for businesses looking to fulfil campaigns, providing an end-to-end solution.


What is the role of direct marketing?

It’s is a form of marketing which aims to reach individual consumers, and offers them information on products and services. Using information specific to the consumer, direct marketers create campaigns based on the individual needs and interests. This makes the information more relevant to the consumer, and thus increases the response rate/ likelihood of a transaction. 

What are types of direct marketing?

It’s is a broad term, and represents a number of methods. Some of the most popular types of direct marketing are: direct mail, email marketing, text marketing, social media marketing and direct selling. 

What are the benefits of direct marketing?

It has a number of key advantages over other forms of marketing. You are able to obtain unfiltered and realistic information regarding a product or service. This is because through this method, a company is often engaged directly with the consumer. Some other benefits of direct marketing campaigns include: the building of relationships with customers, the understanding of an approaches success on your target market & increasing of sales. 

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“The CIOB is extremely happy with the outcome and the great work Romax have done for us.”
Carol-Anne Alexander | Head of Marketing | Chartered Institute of Building
“We’ve worked with Romax for a number of years, during which time we’ve always received a friendly and efficient service. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Marc Koskela | Marketing | Marketforce
“The direct mail solutions they offer are complex and flexible and always meet our business needs.”
Christina Koleva | Marketing Project Manager | Fantastic Services
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and all of the Romax team.”
Sarah McHugh | Senior Graphic Designer | Emma Bridgewater