May 24, 2019

Lenticular printing – a new marketing dimension!

Lenti What? I hear you say…. Let us expand

Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticular lenses are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth.

Common terms for lenticular print include “flickers”, “winkies” (our favourite), “wiggle pictures” and “tilt cards”.

Effects range across:

  • 3D depth (without glasses)
  • FLIP – 2 or 3 different images overlaid on each other where slight left to right movement changes the image
  • Animation – Converting frames from a video clip and creating moving print

Lenticular printing is the only specialism in the world that involves printing on to a transparent clear plastic with an array of optical lens ribs across the surface. Then images are printed on the back of the film, and when viewed through the optical lens on the front, they create the moving image.

Working exclusively with this innovative material and our print partner, Romax can now deliver print solutions that enable you to promote your products and services using a more visually impactful and engaging way, that standard flat 2D printing just cannot.

Furthermore, complex software and pre-press digital artwork preparation historically made access to this print costly. Our partner, Lentico, has changed this by pioneering an image conversion portal that streamlines the process for a modern market.

Now… the ‘sciency’ bit… for those that like it technical

3D Printing

Three-dimensional vision is achieved by merging the image data from the left and right eyes within the brain. Such a phenomenon is called parallax. It shows the apparent placement of an object relative to its background when viewed from slightly different positions.

Moreover, the web-based conversion process creates a stereoscopic effect by converting standard 2D imagery into a multi-layer 3D file. Then, the software automatically fills in by interpolating the pixels between the layers. When printed on to the reverse side of a lenticular sheet, each lenticule creates a stereo pair, thus allowing the viewer to perceive a 3D depth effect from different angles without the need to wear special glasses.

2D to 3D Conversion – A process whereby multiple layers of different elements are interlaced together to create the illusion of three dimensions. Furthermore, an innovation that Lentico are proud of is the unique lenticular print portal. It has taken four years of R&D to pioneer image conversion technology designed to make lenticular printing more cost-effective for customers who want to use the unique effects that lenticular offers in their printed promotional materials.

Flip Printing

A lenticular effect that in its simplest form contains two images and shows them one at a time to the viewer as his/her viewing angle to the lens sheets changes. The software automatically interlaces 50% of each image behind a lenticle. And with a slight movement of the head to the left, one full image comes into view and then to the right. Then, the second image comes into view.

However, the creative potential of this product is enormous, offering you the opportunity to use extreme contrasts of the image to project your promotional message visually.

Examples such as: classic/modern; young/old; plain/colourful; past/future are just a few ways to use the power of FLIP printing.

We can combine lenticular print with personalised communication so your data can drive the message behind the image!

Moreover, if you are interested in lenticular printing, please contact us to discuss it further or 020 8293 8550.

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