February 18, 2020

Data Cleansing: Ensuring Accurate Data for Business Growth

Organisations around the world depend on accurate data to fuel their marketing campaigns. Whether it’s the customer’s contact information or buying history, these allow companies to create targeted campaigns to boost the return of their marketing budget.

A study by the Harvard Business Review in 2017 showed that most companies don’t know how to make the most of their data. Organisations actively use less than half of their structured data, and analysts spend most of their time finding and arranging data.

This is where data management services like Romax come in. Through effective data management, you can make sure that the data you’ve collected provides significant value to your business—more specifically, to your marketing initiatives.

Data Cleansing and Its Importance

Data cleansing is one of the methods used by data management services to make sure that data is accurate and valuable. It is the process of detecting, correcting and removing corrupt or incorrect records from a database.

Your business can achieve several benefits by cleansing data, some of which are:

  • Better Decision Making

Accurate information is important in decision-making processes. Data cleansing helps provide information that supports better business analytics. This helps you make better decisions that will add to the success of your organisation.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Clean data ensures that you can improve how you attract customers. By having a list of accurate data, you can get higher returns on your direct marketing efforts because you won’t encounter email bounces or returned mail.

  • Improved Productivity

Having a clean database lets your employees make the best use of their work hours. Your staff won’t have to contact customers with outdated information. Data cleansing also reduces the risk of fraud from employees who have access to customer and merchant information.

  • Increased Results and Revenue

Clean data leads to a greater return on investment on marketing and communication campaigns. It helps you deliver a targeted and consistent message to the right audiences, which leads to a higher response rate. Increased responses and engagements help drive revenue and meet business goals.

How Data Cleansing Works

An effective data cleansing process is the key to gaining the benefits of clean and accurate data. Although the method depends on the organisation and on the data management service, data cleansing can be done through these four simple steps:

  1. Data Audit. Examine all databases to identify irregularities and inaccuracies. Look for the root cause of the problem to avoid future inaccuracies.
  2. Use of Multiple Data Cleansing Methods. This involves the removal of typographical errors, the validation and correction of errors and making data more cohesive (such as the change of “street” to “st”).
  3. Data Consolidation. Customer information such as addresses, phone numbers and additional contacts are combined.
  4. Data Deletion. Inaccurate information is deleted from the database.

Information like addresses, phone numbers and companies change frequently, so data cleansing is not a one-time process. By regularly updating your database, you can ensure that the data your organisation is using is consistently accurate.

Data Cleansing Services by Romax

As one of the leading data management specialists in the UK, Romax has earned the trust of many organisations in the country, including Emma Bridgewater, the National Theatre and ZSL Membership. Through our data cleansing services, we help you prevent customer loss and improve target across your campaigns.

Our data cleansing services include: deduplication, mortality register, movers and gone aways, postcode and address format accuracy and salutation creation. Our team conducts a full audit of your database and customises our solutions for the best outcome.

Talk to us and see how we can work together. Fill out our contact form or call +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

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