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Data makes or breaks your campaign.

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Opting in – Opting Out, Cookies on – Cookies Off. Businesses handle massive amounts of information on a daily basis. For this data to be useful to the organisation, it needs to be managed appropriately. Properly refined data helps you manage emails, telephone calls, and other mail and text communication formats. The need collate and utilise this data has seen the emergence of data management companies in the UK.

How hard do you push the sale when marketing to clients to create engagement whilst avoiding client attrition? It’s both a legal and marketing minefield, but one that when managed correctly creates income and wealth for your organisation.

The key is an accurate collation of data in a cross-organisational way. Avoid multiple databases managed departmentally under a bunker mentality. The whole organisation owns the data, not sales, marketing, membership, operations, or finance. Take a holistic data approach.

A truly client-focused approach to the data management system includes all of the touch points from marketing, sales interaction, delivery and returns and accounts as well as product feedback and client services.

Data Cleansing

Data makes or breaks your campaign.

The best marketing campaign in the world, when directed at the wrong audience, will crash and burn. Using a data management specialist to seek out the patterns, demography, and client history can prevent this. Creating a pertinent message that truly hits the mark for that set of individuals will boost the return on your marketing spend.

Clean and accurate data improves your customers’ impression of your organisation. As one of the data management specialists in the UK, we at Romax carry out an exclusive 22-point check on all data that arrives and advise you on how we can increase accuracy and reliability to improve your marketing campaign.

Our master data management services include:

  • Profiling of Data
  • Acquisition of data to enhance your campaign.
  • Cleansing – including:
    • Postcode and Address Format accuracy
    • Salutation creation
    • Mortality Register
    • Movers and Gone Aways, and Mortality Register
    • Deduplication
  • Data mining
  • Data manipulation and enhancing
  • Data aggregation

Click Links Below for Examples of our data Services and Reporting.

Romax Sample data Audit

Romax Data Cleansing and Enhancement Services

Data Security

Our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act are fully understood. The security and integrity of client data is paramount. We are accredited under ISO 27001 : 2005 Information Security Management System, are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and adhere to a very stringent Data Policy, that ensures data safety at all times.

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Romax help you create powerful business messaging that boosts ROI & response rates via database management & analysis to identify demographics, client history and relevant patterns. Using these patterns, we help clients develop strategic direct marketing plans across all media channels.


The Benefits of Data Management

We at Romax have several types of data management services that aim to help you improve your organisation. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from these services:

  • Minimise Data Movement – Part of our data management process is to place all pertinent information into a comprehensive database that is easy to navigate.
  • Improve Employee Productivity – As data movement is minimised and contained, your business units will be able to reduce the time they usually spend sifting through piles of documents. This improves productivity and efficiency in your organisation.
  • Improve Data Management Techniques – We work to educate you on how to sustain the data management method we introduce to your organisation. In doing so, you can inject your own techniques to further enhance your management system.
  • Boost ROI and Response Rates – Proper data management leads to the creation of business messaging and strategic marketing plans that are targeted to the specific audience you want to reach.


“They are very process driven and have specialist teams in each key area of service execution which means they deliver to schedule.” Alastair Martin. EMEA Marketing Director. Cybereason.



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How will Romax use your data

As an Evangelist of Best Data Practice and holder of ISO27001 Data Security and Management, we like make it clear how we will use your data to give you an informed choice around future communications. For full details on how we look after, respect and seek permissions to use your data click here.

In partnership with Verve Communications, Romax carried out all the design, print, postage and fulfilment for a recognition package for the Mayor’s Team London Ambassadors programme.

This 8,000 strong army of volunteers supported the visitor welcome and experience during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and we were responsible for ensuring that each Ambassador received a package to say thank you for their contribution during the Olympic Games.

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