January 4, 2017

Marketing Revolution or Marketing as Normal

By Phil Smith

So here we all are; post Christmas and if you are anything like me you’re sat in front of your computer, looking at the e-mails that have amassed since you were last in the office, wondering if you should

a) “Select All” then press delete, or

b) shift through each one individually as there just might be that all important career changing e-mail.

A it is then…..

Up next is the obligatory New Year’s Resolution.

“Stop Smoking” – never done it.

“Join the Gym” The only time I frequented such a place was in October when our Boiler broke down and I had to use their facilities to shower. Six Pack? I’m perfectly happy with my Watneys Party Seven.

I think what most of want is to be where we were pre the Festivities; back to normal. As I look down at my Ramones t-shirt and notice the Presidential Seal logo is now egg shaped, back to normal for me will involve cutting out Pizzas, Doner Kebabs and Red wine. Well, maybe not the Pizzas and if truth be told Dirty Doners are in actual fact cooked in a very healthy way (All right the elephant leg maybe made up of leftovers from “I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here” but it tastes sooooo nice) and I’m sure that I read somewhere that Red wine was good for the heart or Blood Pressure.

However do we really want to return to normality? Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly acceptable to be happy in your chosen field, turning up and doing a full day’s graft and enjoying it, but want about opportunities? My Manager recently asked me to write three short comedy scripts for a potential Marketing idea. This is as far removed from my day to day work as is humanly possible, comedy is no laughing matter as I quickly found out, but I still took it on. I know what you are thinking and the answer is no, this isn’t one of them.

Here’s my point; when Britain first embraced the Railways it was extensively to move goods from point A to B quicker than by canal, then it was moving the country’s work force. William Henry Smith in 1848 opened a Bookstall on Euston Station’s concourse and within two years WH Smith was the principle distributor of Newspapers across the Country and in the process became the world’s first chain store. As Croydon had several mainline stations Sainsbury’s opened its first out of London Grocery Shop there because of the easy of transportation. The store is still there to this day in the de-militarised part of the Whitgift Centre, but what these two companies had seen were opportunities. They used something that they had nothing to do with implementing to their advantage.

So, let’s get that Revolution going  –  Don’t let the grain of a great idea go ungerminated, let Romax Marketing help you nurture it, feed it, so instead of looking back at this year as being “marketing as normal” you could be looking back at something that could be potentially exceptional for 2017.

I could at this point list a whole range of ideas and concepts that Romax has had a hand in over its 20-year history, but as you are already reading this on our web-site, just move the cursor up and to the right or left to discover how Romax could help you.

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