November 28, 2011

Door Drop Vouchers Are Trusted Over Online Vouchers

Blogged by: Hellmail Postal News, 25 November 2011

Door drops are trusted by consumers over all other types of communication, in particular online communications, a new study has found.

The research by FreshMinds revealed that more UK adults (43 per cent) trust either door drop leaflets or vouchers more than any other medium. The next strongest media is radio which has a 40 per cent trust rating. Only seven per cent of respondents had confidence in unsolicited emails and five per cent in online pop-ups.

Qualitative research also found door drop vouchers are particularly trusted by consumers over online ones. This is because they are considered to be a more legitimate type of voucher, saving potentially embarrassing in-store situations where the recipient’s voucher might be rejected.

Philip Ricketts, Royal Mail’s Head of Strategy, Sales and Marketing for Door to Door, said: “If brands want to sell successfully, engendering trust with consumers is vital and this research demonstrates that door drops are good at that.

“What’s clear is that consumers are still nervous by the ‘virtual’ nature of online when it comes to trust, particularly when receiving and redeeming vouchers.”

If this is the reaction that unaddressed mail gets – imagine the improved response a personalised and highly targetted direct mail price can create!


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