January 23, 2017

UK is Open for Business as Usual

Opportunities arise and the UK is open for business as usual

by Charlene Plows,

Seven months have passed and the discussion around Brexit remains (please excuse the pun) at large.

Theresa May has now revealed the Government’s proposed ‘Brexit‘ plan that will be followed by triggering article 50 in March which will then start the formal negotiation process to leave the EU.

The 12 priorities that will guide the negotiations are:-

  1. Certainty
  2. Control of our own laws
  3. Strengthen the Union (between the four nations of the UK)
  4. Maintain the Common Travel Area with Ireland
  5. Control of immigration
  6. Rights for EU nationals in Britain, and British nationals in the EU
  7. Protect workers’ rights
  8. Free trade with European markets
  9. New trade agreements with other countries
  10. The best place for science and innovation
  11. Cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism
  12. A smooth, orderly Brexit

Even now, however, there is still so much speculation around immigration, the value of the pound, security and intelligence, leaving the single market and trade deals with the rest of the world.

Since the vote to leave the European Union, we at Romax have noticed a peak on the amount of printing and distribution enquiries from other Non-European Union and Rest of World countries, North America in particular.

The UK is Open for Business


The current exchange rate between the pound and the dollar makes it very attractive to use the services of companies based in the UK in favour of printing and posting marketing communication from the United States for example into the UK and Europe from a UK based Mail Marketing company.

Conversely, postal costs to mail sales communication to the USA from the UK can actually be as little as posting domestically here in the UK using special overseas postage services accessed by your distribution company.

Due to the weak pound (£), this means companies need less currency to buy the same amount of goods than compared to the stronger pound before the Brexit.

This gives advantages to UK exporters; selling at comparatively cheaper rates and/or potentially increasing profit margins.

Another positive is that because of the weak pound, it is most likely the UK will see an increase in tourism from other countries due to exchange rates they will receive when exchanging their currency.

Leaving the EU will continue to cause anxiousness, excitement and curiosity. It may be a rocky road but there will be many opportunities to be taken from this, building relationships with countries such as USA, Canada and China, creating our own policies, reduced red tape and global trade deals.

Where ever your previous opinion lay in relation to the UK leaving or remaining in the EU, the future is now for the UK to work with, not against the result. Logic and sense will hopefully prevail and we should act positively in the situation now to ensure that we as a trading nation make the best of the situation.

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