January 28, 2015

Is membership of a trade body a positive thing?

Is membership of a trade body is a positive thing?

All industries have a trade body or industry organisation, some are seen as quangos some seen as ‘clubs for the boys’. So why join them and why bother?

You may argue (as did I with my standard cynicism) that as competitors against each other, what is the point in coming together under an umbrella organisation where surely any issues that I raised would undermine my position as a Business Leader, jeopardise the success of my business and the livelihood of all the employees that work for me?

Why waste my time discussing problems and seeking solutions to those problems with people in the same industry? Why converse with other business owners that face challenges similar to mine? Why allow my employees or myself time to step out of my business to go to networking events, seminars and training to promote increased skill, provide insight and training; we just don’t have the time for that kind of thing!

Then it dawned on me (as it probably has you from my leading prose) that this is exactly why we should be involved in a representative industry or trade body, designed for members with representation from those members at every level. The sharing of information in an industry with common goals and issues creates a better industry and as an operator in that industry, it makes our business better as a result.


Romax operates in the digital print and data driven marketing print sector of the larger print industry. The body that we belong to is the British Print Industries Federation, (BPIF). The value of our involvement with the BPIF from both a personal and business perspective has done nothing but improve the business and individuals within it as a result of:

  • Training
  • Human Resource Advice
  • Industry Insight
  • Advance Involvement and Awareness of Industry Developments
  • Reduced Costs of Supply
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Increased Business Opportunity and Business Improvement

Most importantly – not a single conflict of interest, disagreement or concern of the integrity of all of the members of the BPIF.

I am like a reformed smoker when it comes to the BPIF, from cynic to evangelist. I truly am a convert – maybe you too should consider joining your industry body – if it’s like the BPIF – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Robin Sumner is the Managing Director of Romax and the current Chairman of the South East Region Board. If you have any questions relating to the BPIF or Romax, please do get in touch.


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