January 27, 2015

Mailmark Discounted UK Post Service

Mailmark Discounted UK Post Service, what does it mean to buyers of Direct Mail and what is it exactly?

For a full insight into Mailmark visit Royal Mail’s website here.

The key to the service is to allow true visibility and tracking of your mail from despatch to delivery, and ultimately for the platform to act as a returns data capture tool as well.

Utilising a 2D barcode that contains the address delivery data  and sortation codes for mailsort discounts.  The mail piece is scanned and tracked through the postal system to provide a ‘fall to earth’ date (or delivery date). Unless you are a mailing house, use a mailing house, or a large producer of mail, then Mailmark is something that as an organisation you will not need to get too hung up over.

Your supplier will make recommendations to you to use Mailmark (if they have completed the accreditation process themselves) you will require a log in to view the tracking portal, but you should be ‘hand-held’ through this process by your mailing house.

Apart from the tracking and open visibility of the mailing that the mail market has been seeking for years, this service allows marketing professionals to visibly see the effects of their campaigns in real time, and to plan effectively around responses, orders, box offices, call centres etc. as a result of the planned mailing.

Further more Royal Mail Retail and Wholesale (the Downstream Access Suppliers) wholesale network can all access Mailmark and have received confirmation that the cost of Mailmark Products will remain the cheapest postal service across all mail products. So there is additional cost incentive to utilise Mailmark for your next mailing.

Setting up Mail Mark is easy through Romax, we follow simple steps and make the process painless for you.

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