November 15, 2017

November webinar: Save Money on your Direct Mail campaign


29th November 2017 | 1.00pm GMT

We know that as a marketer you are worried about the cost of direct marketing campaign. We are not going to hide the fact that direct mail needs data management, print and distribution and a longer to deliver your company message, which isn’t cheap. But the impact of the brand recall and sales is worth the investment.

Now here comes the good part, we are confident that you will reduce your direct marketing spend and improve the result without reducing the quality, follow our advice as a leader in the Direct Marketing industry, to see how.

During the 30 minutes* webinar How to save money on your Direct Mail campaign, you will learn:

  • How to reduce the cost of your direct marketing campaign
  • How to incorporate sector trips to keep your direct mail budget low
  • How to benefit from a downstream access portal provider to reduce your postage cost
  • how Sadler’s Wells saved £7,500 on one season mailing brochure, saving £30K annually

In the November webinar, we have decided to change a bit the format in order to be more dynamic and fresh, for this reason, we will have a presenter and a speaker, who run the webinar in a format of interview/Q&A.  Our guests will be:

Presenter: Phil Smith, Digital Printer and Artworker at of Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Speaker: Robin Sumner, Managing Director at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Do not miss this opportunity to participate with us and collect the best tips on the direct marketing industry.


*Plus Q&A time.

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