November 13, 2017

There really is such a thing as FREE ADVICE – Ask Robin

You know that there are thousands of excellent digital marketing and website experts who share the latest trends, tools and advice. We love and follow them because we combine digital and direct marketing in our campaigns.

But if we want to find an expert in direct marketing the story is slightly different. There are a small number of websites where you can find relevant information, most of them have useful details about the sector, the facts and figures and significant studies which pretend to show the direct marketing reality and how to affect your overall marketing result. But, they are still missing an expert who shares their hands-on experience in this sector.

So, considering that in our 20 years of trading, we have managed thousands of direct marketing campaigns for clients across a wide range of sectors such as business and financial services, retail, both traditional and e-commerce, conference and media, arts, charity, telecoms and membership organisations of all sizes including big brands such as Emma Bridgewater, Mercedes-Benz, PlusNet, Southbank Centre, London Zoo, MetFriendly, DKMS and V&A.

How can we transfer our knowledge to marketers?


Currently, we provide a weekly blog post covering different topics related to direct marketing: direct mail examples, neuroscience to understand the consumer behaviour, facts & figures, data management and other subjects relevant to marketing professionals.


We recently launched a series of live free webinars covering direct marketing topics, such as, “How to improve your direct mail” and “5 strategies to boost sales and membership renewals with direct marketing”. We will continue working on those monthly webinars and hope that you will join us for the next one.

NEW SERVICE –  “Ask Robin” for FREE Advice*

Are you probably you still hungry for more? So, because every marketer has their own marketing challenge, be it budget, acquisition strategies, retention and reactivation headaches, and you’re always looking for the next way to improve and save money, we came up with “Ask Robin”

To help marketers like you to increase the overall campaign ROI, find different ways to improve your direct mail and reduce the waste, we have just launched a new free service: “Ask Robin.”

This free advisory ‘Agony Uncle’ service allows you to:

  1. Send your marketing heartaches related to direct marketing.
  2. Send a question about direct marketing.
  3. Clarify data concerns and help understand current legislation
  4. Test your own idea against an independent expert.
  5. Reassure yourself that you have covered your bases.

Robin will respond with personalised advice and all for FREE!

Who is Robin?

Robin Sumner is the founder and Managing Director of Romax Marketing & Distribution who has more than 20 years of experience providing advice and direct marketing services to help companies succeed with their direct mail campaigns. For example, he helped Fantastic Services to improve their client letter and achieve a 249% ROI. And helped Sadler’s Wells reduce the cost of printing and postage by £7500 on just one season brochure mailing for Sadler’s Wells.

How to send your questions to Robin?

Email: Subject: Ask Robin –

Social media: hashtag #AskRobin

Form: Fill the form below with your question




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Ask Robin

Terms & Conditions

Using the “Ask Robin” free consultation, you are allowing Romax Marketing to publish your question and answer on our blog and other media promotions, such as social media and printed communication, among others.

Romax Marketing also, can publish another details such as your role and company.

Your question may be modified for Romax Marketing Team to be easy to understand, to improve the meaning and technical terms.

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