October 30, 2020

The Value of Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Marketing Age

How to Leverage Direct Mail in the Digital Marketing Age

Print is still highly effective in today’s digital marketing world. Romax explains how you can use your direct mail campaign to improve your business performance.

Marketing is constantly changing, especially in today’s digital marketing environment. The availability and accessibility of digital marketing solutions have made it a popular choice among businesses. But the convenience it offers has its drawbacks. Recently, it has become harder for businesses to make an impression in the digital space. With most businesses conducting their marketing efforts online, standing out has become tougher.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve your reach without abandoning your digital marketing campaign. Experienced markets have found that traditional marketing practices are still effective. When done properly, you can utilise these practices to bolster your efforts online. Direct mail marketing is one of the ways to do this.

The Advantage of Print

When online ads and other digital marketing collaterals are well-made and optimised to reach the right audience, they generate leads and increase conversions. But this isn’t always guaranteed, especially since the average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads every day. Print materials have the advantage of familiarity and physicality.

  • Print takes less cognitive effort to digest. It’s easier for customers to process the information on direct mail than the content presented in digital formats.
  • Print is more memorable for customers. The tactile sensation of holding mail allows customers to absorb information and remember it better.
  • Print lasts longer than other collaterals. Brochures, flyers, leaflets and other print media are often kept around the house, allowing the consumer to refer to them whenever they need to.

A direct mail service is an advantageous solution to improving your marketing campaign. Using the information you gather through your digital platforms, you can develop mail strategies that reach the right people.

Make an Impression with Print

Make the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign by understanding the different ways to use it. Customise your mail, so they can effectively make an impression on the people in your mailing list.

Discounts and Promos

Reward customers who signed up or your mailing list with exclusive discounts and promos. Then, use this to measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Compare the number of customers who redeemed their direct mail discounts with those from your digital campaign.


There is no guarantee that customers will purchase new products, regardless of how long they’ve been with your business. By sending samples through the mail, they can try out these items for free and decide if they want to buy it.

Announcements and Reminders

Send customers newsletters to deliver company announcements. Include reminders on upcoming events, special promos and discounts and other relevant information to keep them in the loop. This will keep you top-of-mind and it gives them a tangible source of information about your business.

Transform the way you market your business by combining digital solutions with traditional practices. Romax is a leading name in marketing and distribution. We understand the challenges businesses face in these fast-changing times. Using our industry expertise, best practices and innovative technology, we provide customised solutions to help you reach your audience.

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