March 14, 2013

QR codes – Bring your direct marketing to life!

New research from Pitney Bowes revealed the usage of QR codes are relatively low among British consumers sitting at a modest 15 per cent. Uptake is highest in the US where one in five people use them from a sample of 2000 US residents. For more information on this report click here. Despite this, the authors of the report still believe that QR codes are a quick and cheap way to promote their brands.
A lot of the buzz regarding QR codes has disappeared with the arrival of other platforms such as Augmented Reality in the form of documobi and Blippar; look out for our blog on augmented reality integration coming soon.

First developed in Japan as a means to track vehicles during automotive manufacturing, these two-dimensional barcodes have, over the last two years, been embraced by a variety of industries as a way of encouraging consumer interaction. Today’s smartphones effectively provide users with a bar-code scanner in their pocket, and pioneer marketers have been quick to see the value of harnessing this universal technology.

Take a look at the latest Lexus advert that brings swimsuit models to life

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