November 19, 2014

It’s All in the Mix: How Cross Channel Marketing Increases Sales

It’s all in the mix: how cross channel marketing increases sales

Ever been merrily surfing on Facebook only to find that a product you were looking at earlier that day is being advertised on your feed? Perhaps you have noticed that some of the banner adds on Google seem almost tailor made for you? Coincidence? Serendipity? Spooky even? Well maybe just a little.

Nowadays savvy organisations are taking advantage of a range of options, not only to target their customers more effectively, but to build relationships that will stand the test of time.

In a world where the consumer is king and all the internet has to offer is available at the click of a mouse, getting friendly with your customers couldn’t be any more important, or easy if you use the right strategy.

So how do you get your brand noticed amongst the background noise? A cross channel approach is the key.

Combining email blasts and direct mail with the power of online media helps to rapidly build brand familiarity.

With the average Facebook user opening Facebook 12 – 15 per day, engaging with your customers on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and incorporating tailored landing pages, personalised URLs and QR codes gives you maximum exposure at a time when your audience is relaxed and at its most receptive.

They may be avoiding work, catching up with friends and family or connecting with their online heroes. Whatever the reason, it is likely that they are in an open minded state.

Bringing your brand into the customer’s awareness first, then following up with a carefully timed email and exclusive offers can really galvanise customers into action and has far more power than an unsolicited email alone, significantly increasing the likelihood of the mail being opened and actioned.

A multi channel approach requires careful coordination to maximise success and create a meaningful two way relationship with your customers. Various platforms exist to help support you in changing your approach to marketing with an increase in sales the natural conclusion.

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