August 26, 2014

Mobile technology takes direct mail personalisation to a new level

Mobile technology takes direct mail personalisation to a new level

For ground breaking mobile technology that is changing the face of direct mail personalisation, look no further than the new Interactive Advertising Mail brought to us by the likes of Documobi. The recently developed mobile technology works through lively and active mobile interaction.


What we like about Interactive Advertising Mail technology is that when we have a million tasks to do, the new mobile technology can take some of the pressure off. It is perfect for medium to large direct mail campaigns. It effectively makes our print work harder, making it last longer, which has the great advantage of saving you money and doesn’t have a knock on effect at any stage of the production process by interfering with any other aspect of the direct mail production process. No wonder we’re excited by Interactive Advertising Mail, and everyone is now talking about the new mobile technology.


QR Code to respond to DM campaigns

Interactive Advertising Mail doesn’t require policy or tags. It works with a stationary section of print that is combined with the demographic and historical data held. Scan the QR code with the app and it creates up to the minute personalised pages for your business.

Is QR Code smarter for you?

Scan the QR Code and you will receive sole offers and knowledge based on business and marketing obligation, your locality, time, prior purchase history and just about all other information within the database that is relevant to direct mail personalisation.

The world of marketing is changing in this modern technology era. It is necessary to engage with every business as an individual and not expect each genre to require the same type of direct mail. Each business has its own requirements, and with Interactive Advertising Mail mobile technology high levels of personalisation is available to all of us.


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