July 1, 2011

A shot in the dark – It shouldn’t be

Direct Mail as part of a well thought out plan works. Many clients are waiting – waiting –waiting for their product, show or event to sell through cheaper forums and media than direct mail.

The Royal Mail’s Mail Media Centre www.mmc.co.uk helps to provide marketing professionals with the tools to get their campaigns right, and offers superb guidance in improving your responses.

There is no disputing that the cost of a stand-alone direct mail piece compared with a stand-alone email campaign is huge. But what is the response what is the return? Are you really measuring this?

I could spout statistic after statistic at you detailing the benefit of targeted direct mail as a stand-alone medium (which it can be) BUT COMBINED with targeted email and other equally targeted media, the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the individual – we advocate this mix MOST strongly.

Many organisations swear by Direct Mail see an example of such from the financial services market: http://www.mmc.co.uk/News/Why-mails-future-is-assured-with-Hiscox/

Teaser and Follow-Up campaigns

These are more cost-effective than you think. Royal Mail offer a Mailsort Light service which offers heavily discounted prices on pre and/or post main item mailings these are cheap to produce and with this incentive improve greatly the response to a campaign, particularly if proposing a further offer, at a low cost.

Reference: Royal Mail.

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