February 4, 2020

Can we help save you time and money?

Every activity in your company uses either physical resources, human intervention and, of course, time. However, there are many things that are time-consuming (and often not very exciting for your staff to do). These cost money and often use resources unnecessarily.

Data cleaning

For instance, when you have one or more lists of contacts that you send information to, we can:

  • Remove duplicate contacts so people don’t get two copies of direct mail campaigns
  • Get deceased data removed so relatives won’t receive mail for someone who has passed away
  • Update customer contact information – so addresses are checked to ensure that mail goes to the latest address, not into the recycling at an old address.

This saves paper, saves postage and saves your company money.

Reduce your postage costs

The cost of a stamp adds to the cost of every piece of direct mail.  With Romax as your partner, we can help to bring that cost down.  If your mail isn’t urgent we can resource economy mailing services or apply for Royal Mail incentives for bulk mailings to reduce your postage by as much as 50%. 

We can also reduce your costs by sorting mail in-house so the chosen mailing service has less work to do – and you benefit from lower rates.

Save your time

When direct mail items are returned – perhaps because the addressee has moved – it takes time to sort these out and amend your records. Romax can do all that for you collating the information and providing a list of amendments for your data input team.

You can also ask us about stock management to get better prices for bulk buying and saving on expensive last-minute impulse buys.

To further reduce both your time investment and overall costs you might consider an end-to-end service so everything is under one umbrella.  It saves time, saves money and you’ll benefit from our expert advice and experience when we can see the big picture and make suggestions to improve your campaigns.

If we can’t do it, we know someone who can – and we know who will deliver top quality results.

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