April 6, 2016

Data Driven Marketing

By Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services at Romax marketing.

Data Driven Marketing

Gone are the days, when you had a database of 50,000 consumers to whom you would simply ‘blanket mail’ the same message or offer hoping for interaction. You now need to stand out from the crowd using data driven marketing.

Nowadays, with all the different means of marketing it so important that you understand your customers and capture all the possible information you can. BIG DATA is the Black Gold of the 21st century. If you are not securely and safely capturing and using data about your clients’ sales activities, and their propensity to engage with you, you will be falling behind the curve and will eventually lose out to your competitors.

Data does make or break a campaign. The more relative the message is to the individual, the more likely you are going to receive a positive response. It does not have to be overtly ‘personalised’ or unnecessarily branded with their name, but in terms of the printed offer or message, this DEFINITELY SHOULD be positioned in relation to the preferences of your client.

The great thing is, that now the technology and expertise exists to manipulate data as little or us much as you need, so you that can send a multi message campaign to sets of individuals with personal messages, without losing out on any postage or experiencing any marketing downside.

Here’s an example of data driven marketing

An example of a targeted and relevant piece of direct marketing: Following a holiday, around six months after my return, I received a direct mail piece from the tour operator with a picture of the destination I had visited, containing a picture of the exact hotel! Immediately this brings back great memories and I am already itching to book again. This is an easily achieved print process driven from flags within the data, denoting which variable image to import based on my data record/history.

Not only is it vital to understand your clients, it is essential that your data is as up to date and as clean as possible. Can you imagine if you were to send out a charity appeal campaign requesting a donation and it was sent to the same two recipients at the same address? Surely their first reaction would be:-

‘Why would I donate to a charity when they quite clearly don’t mind wasting money on sending out duplicate packs?’

Worse than this, how would you feel if you received a marketing communication selling life insurance which was addressed to a loved one who had passed away?

All of this can, with a little planning and engagement, be avoided. How? By speaking with your supplier about how to ride the wave of BIG DATA and its relevance to data driven marketing. Be on the crest of the wave not drowning in the aftermath of the storm.


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