January 29, 2020

Making the complex simple

It’s easy to look at your internal processes and decide that they’re just too complicated to automate. But you might be surprised at what is possible, even complicated mailings with a number of variable elements.

Case study

Metfriendly provide financial products and services to the police service. One of their challenges was to process complicated financial information into statements for members. Given the variety of member services, variable documents that needed to be included and the need for security of information, this had been done manually in-house.

Romax tackled the problem with extensive knowledge of data-driven personalised print, mail fulfilment and postage discounts. We then put our technical team on the case and they created a program that allowed a variable statement print run.

With sophisticated software and state-of-the-art print and enclosing equipment, each pack had a specific barcode to tell the machines which statement sheets and additional documents needed to be enclosed.

In addition to this a lower cost postage service, combined with tracking to confirm delivery was used. Postage costs were reduced while efficiency went up.


Metfriendly’s members get exactly what they need – whether that’s 4 pages or 13 pages.

Metfriendly pay virtually half of what they used to in postage.

Members receive relevant information on associated products and services that result in additional sales. So instead of being a cost, this mailout actually generates revenue.

What did Metfriendly think?

“With hindsight it seems rather silly that we persevered for so many years folding, stuffing and posting these statements ourselves!”David Hurcomb, IT Manager

“Just wanted to add my thanks.” Ben Grainger – COO

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