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How to Impress Your New Member:

Provide a Prompt and Impactful Membership Welcome Pack that Ticks all the Boxes!

As technology advances in a connected world, it is increasingly becoming human nature to expect instant gratification. An in venue registration or online membership purchase immediately creates a receipt or email and provides acknowledgement, but does not provide the new member with a feeling of acceptance and recognition – this only comes once they receive one of your membership welcome packs.

All too often the period between registration and the Member’s receipt of their welcome pack is unnecessarily long. Organisations that under promise and over deliver receive a much higher satisfaction rating. Setting your Members’ expectations i.e. suggesting that they will receive their pack within 10 working days for example, then delivering it within 5 or less, instantly demonstrates an efficient and member focused organisation.

  • At Romax we aim to receive instruction print pack and dispatch within 24 hours.
  • Daily uploads per client from single new member requests to thousands are usually processed on an agreed ‘per pack’ cost, regardless of daily quantity.

Your Membership Pack “Speaks Volumes” about Your Organisation

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STATUS Symbols

When a subscription fee is paid a membership pack should be sent to recognise the contribution of the member, detail the member benefits, provide identification and access for your member to immediately engage with you.

The format, feel and style of the pack should reflect not only your organisation, but also the level of the membership subscription that member is now entitled to. VIP, Platinum or Life Members for example, should recognise in their pack the distinction between their membership and a lessor level. Be careful however not to undermine future upsell opportunities!!

Even FREE membership offers (where applicable) create an avenue for engagement to those eligible – from small acorns grow…

What should be included in a Membership Welcome Pack

  • A “Thank You” from a high ranking officer within your organisation.
  • A List of all Benefits/Advantages of membership.
  • Recognition  – A Personalised Letter, Certificate, Membership Card, and welcome booklet are practically essentials.
  • Additional member paraphernalia – label pins, stickers, book marks.
  • Invitations to upcoming member events.
  • Case studies about other members on how they benefitted from membership.
  • Upgrade incentives.

Strike whilst the Iron’s Hot – Are you seeking to gain further registrations from impressed Members?

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Perception is everything….pitch it correctly, but once you’ve got the new members on side, then use this positive engagement to your organisation’s advantage, by recommending that they introduce friends, colleagues or family members as appropriate, to register as well.




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