Membership Welcome Packs

Impress Your Membership with Prompt and Impactful Communications

Membership Welcome Pack Printing & Distribution Service

Weekly, monthly and annual membership communication services, the reassurance that your members’ communication will be despatched on time and the highest level of data security in the industry.

What will your members receive?:

  • A great first impression of your organisation
  • Prompt delivery of their welcome pack
  • Timely and relevant renewal communications.

If your members receive regular newsletters and emails, we can help you to increase and retain your membership with direct mail membership welcome packs.


Our services:

  • Plastic Membership Card Printing and Personalisation
  • Personalised Printed Communication, Mail Correspondence and Email
  • Personalised Welcome Pack Printed, Produced and Delivered
  • Subscription Management
  • Renewal Management
  • Packaging
  • Distribution to the UK and Overseas Members
  • Data Management
  • Membership Management Software Implementation.

Companies who work with Romax


Southbank CentreNHS, V&A, SOE, DKMS have chosen to work with Romax to help improve their members’ experience. Proactive service, providing personalised communication for 20 years, bespoke membership services, high-quality production, and doorstep delivery.

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