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EPublishing - Digital Publishing

ePublishing reinvented.

ePublishing – Digital Publishing: Imagine taking your pre-designed print ready artwork pdf and without the need for a specific digital e-publishing design, have the ability to upload your printed publications to your own app or website.

Many digital publishing software applications require considerable time to change content into a web-enabled format. Not with Romax through our software platform – Publicus. Using HTML 5 and the latest software technology, we have a platform that makes online publishing and therefore, an additional option for marketing, available to your audience.

Rich Media Content – Video, Links, Music within your ePublishing

e-publishing Online Magazine

Not only that but transforming the artwork by into interactive and responsive digital pages. A digital publication that creates a quality experience for subscribers and advertisers, adding video, search, save and share options to the magazine, without arduous work and large expense?

Whether you’re a print publisher looking to explore the digital realm, or a brand using content to tell a story, Romax offers creative and business-minded services to increase readership across channels. The digital edition uses scalable, non-Flash technology to be viewed on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. To create a digital magazine edition the publisher submits one high-resolution PDF and we will make sure it can be published on all devices and all screen sizes!

80% by 2020



Today, 60% of internet traffic is being accessed on mobile devices, and this number is projected to reach 80%+ by 2020. More and more consumers are using phones rather than tablets, so the reading experience needs to be that much sharper.

ePublishing One Stop Shop

It is nearly impossible to find the time and staff to create different versions for multiple devices, but Romax makes it easy to go from PDF to responsive design. This coveted time savings can be focused on creating great content.

Multiple Channels

All apps are optimised for mobile devices using iOS, Kindle, and Android, with no programming or IT experts needed for production. This flexibility helps increase readership and monetization across multiple channels.
Romax are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital publishing. Learn more about how our Publicus product and service can generate additional impact alongside your printed communications. Contact us.

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