Case Study

V&A Museum – Membership Communication

The V&A is the world’s leading museum of art and design, housing a permanent collection of over 2.3 million artifacts that span over 5,000 years of human creativity. The Museum holds many of the UK’s national collections and houses some of the greatest resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance. Ensuring each V&A member is treated individually in all communications and maintaining the V&A’s reputation.


Variable data and copy fields allow instant access and easy amends

The brief

Overhaul the membership packs to improve on member level focus, decrease pack delivery times and allow for marketing messages.

The solution

Created an automated workflow that receives up to 40 member level data variants, and creates relevant member pack content.

Results that matter

Member packs can now be printed and delivered within 3-4 working days. The V&A reports that member satisfaction and engagement has increased.

Membership card print and welcome packs

On demand production of welcome packs and membership cards provides the V&A with great flexibility across their large range of membership levels. Using a data driven solution that creates variable printed output means that urgent copy updates, exhibition dates and image changes are easily made. The ease by which these amendments are made, plus the advantage of member personalisation, provides significant uplift in membership communication.

Improved targeted messaging

Included as part of the V&A’s autoflow system is the ability for regular content amends to promote up and coming events or a change of focus. Now that clear segmentation across all member levels is available to the V&A, they can target members based on their level and their interests to promote attendance and improve renewal numbers through engagement.

Reminders and renewals

Timely communication when it comes to membership renewals and reminders is critical. Integrating this process using the same system and data exchange reduces the time spent extracting multiple data files. Personalised content, image and copy appropriate to the membership level, can be output for electronic communication or print and despatched across the world to both UK and International members.

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