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Big Savings on Mail through Romax

Volume Related Postage Discounts for Mail

If you are looking to send mail be it UK or overseas destinations we can save you money.

Our complete understanding of the postal market in terms of service, format, volume, service provider and access pricing means that we will always be able to provide you with the highest postage discounts available on the market.


Every year Romax review the postal market to ensure that our clients receive best in market pricing to suit their individual needs and delivery expectations.

Best UK Postage Discounts

Whether your mailing is 500 items or 500,000 items, we can save you money on your mail distribution costs with high postage discounts. Romax mail many 100,000’s of mail on behalf of our customers every day. The postal industry is like all industries, complicated and mind-boggling with:

  • numerous licenced postal and parcel carriers
  • multiple weight and format criteria
  • many sectors focused services for the publishing, retail and advertising sectors
  • business mail
  • Sorted and Unsorted
  • Priority, Standard and Economy services
  • signed for, tracked, guaranteed, and standard.

You could spend years learning and understanding the options. Alternatively, you could benefit from our experience, save time and save money.

Access to ALL Down Stream Access (DSA) Mail Carriers

Down Stream Access is effectively the de-monopolisation of the Royal Mail overseen by Ofcom. Licenced postal carriers handle the initial phases of the mail logistics, collecting mail from large mail producers such as Romax, and trunk the mail to Royal Mail’s inward bound mail centres, from which Royal Mail handle the ‘final mile’ delivery via its unique and experienced network of ‘Posties’. The Postman or Postwoman that walks and delivers your mail to your letterbox 6 days a week.

UK Packets and Parcels

When is a Packet a Parcel? Comparable with – ‘How long is a piece of string’, this question revolves around multiple factors, weight, dimension, Length, Width, Height, maximum volume etc. Understandably, the heavier and/or bulkier an item is the more physical handling is required to sort and distribute the item. Formatting and weight variations, therefore, make up a large part of the pricing criteria.; that combined with urgency and tracking options also add cost, as well as additional safeguards and assurances.

Helping you to select the correct service is part of our standard service. We will discuss the needs, reason, required a response and landing date needed, your initial thoughts on the letter, pack or parcel contents and make recommendations on the most appropriate service – highlighting the potential savings!

London and UK Discounted Business Mail Delivery

There are specialist delivery companies that focus on business mail. Large savings are available for mail sent B2B (Business to Business). Although Royal Mail handles the majority of final mile mail (97% of the UK’s letter and large letter format), it is not the only licenced mail carrier. DSA carriers inject over 50% of the UK mail traffic to Royal Mail for delivery. If your business promotes to other businesses, then this option is definitely worthy of further investigation.

Low-Cost Postage for Bulk Mailings

Through a combination of Mailsort (pre-sorting data to a postal administration’s sortation criteria) and volume related discounts, considerable savings are available on postage. The more work that is put into assisting the mail distributor to reduce handling time related to sortation, in line with larger mailing volumes, can reduce cost dramatically. The starting point for VRD (Volume Related Discounts) and savings related to  Mailsort starts from as little as 500 (VRD) and 1000 (Mailsort).

Heavily Discounted Overseas Mail

As world markets increasingly open up, sending mail overseas to your client or membership is increasingly important. Overseas mail provides a tangible marketing advantage for UK businesses seeking to increase engagement and revenue from clients and postage costs are more affordable than ever with our postage discounts.

We challenge you – to challenge us to reduce your postage costs.

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