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Distribution and Delivery

Postage Savings –Let’s reduce the cost of your distribution and delivery

To save you time and money Romax compare the UK and International postal markets to select the right provider for your campaign, both in cost and reliability to reduce cost whilst ensuring your campaign arrives on time.

We access a combination of all major licensed postal suppliers including Royal Mail, down stream access providers such as Whistl and Secured Mail, as well as other end to end operators to provide a solution bespoke to each project. This maximises savings, and for many clients we save them enough money on their postage costs that it covers the costs of production on the rest of the campaign.

Postage Savings

Our experienced client services team will advise you and remove the complication over which service and provider to use. We will also invoice the postage along with all other additional job costs to make life easier. One Supplier, One Invoice.

There are multiple considerations when looking at mailing service and provider when planning your marketing campaign. Sometimes there is a compromise to be made between the weight, content and format of your mail piece to access the lowest cost marketing ad mail or Mailmark services.

You may prefer to access a stamped or large letter service if you feel that the response and impact of your brand and message will benefit from it. We will always review your message and campaign and make recommendations to ensure that, whatever your final decision, you have been provided with all available options.

It’s not just mail that we provide distribution and delivery services for:

If you are looking to send large multiple mailings of large letter, parcels, posters or generally bulky items, we have access to a delivery service that will suit your requirements. If you need proof of delivery, guaranteed delivery or just a tracked delivery for those larger items, we can help.

Scouring the market for suppliers or opening an account yourself is always an option, but the complications, time and hassle present a barrier that will most probably not actually save you any money. Our powers of purchase and large volume means that we can pass on savings to you and access these services for you at no cost increase to you.


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Royal Mail are always changing their parameters – they do this all the time and it is hard to keep track. This is why I like using Romax who keep on top of all the different postal services and postage discounts available.

Nim Moorthy, Marketing Manager, Legal Action Group.


Legal Action Group

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