B2B Direct Mail

One Business to Another

B2B Direct Mail

Business to Business Mail Marketing i.e. one business selling purely to another business – not a retail consumer in sight!

Place yourself at work, you receive an in-box of e-mail every time you get up from your desk. Anti spam, clutter removal software and firewalls filter out lots of unsolicited email as well as lots of email the user has registered to receive.

One thing that always hits the desk is a piece of physical mail. What happens to that mail piece depends on whether you have targeted the correct person in the business and completed your pre campaign research and planning adequately enough.

What is certain that if the message is not opened, read and responded to then it was either not targeted correctly, not designed correctly or the content was not written well or enticing enough.


In B2B mailings you should expect a longer cycle and certainly not expect instant revenue as a result. Of course it does depend on what you are selling, but most businesses have to go through a decision making process often involving a senior manager or director, and will require to have a cost benefit analysis or business case written.

B2B DM will require a multi-layer contact approach and a minimum of 4-6 touch points but usually the returns on this longer sales cycle will result in a higher value return or contract.


High impact DM, punchy, and informative create talking points in the office. Align this with something that can be useful and retained ‘On Desk’ also acts to help your brand stand out.

Short informative messages detailing the benefits to the correct decision maker targeted correctly to the market sector will provide better enquiry rates.

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