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Postcards - Simple and Effective


Move over Blackpool, stand aside Brighton, the age of the postcard has yet to be. We may not, given the rise of social media, be talking about the rejuvenation of the tradition of sending a postcard from your holidays to tell your friends that you wish they were there. (As we all know if you wanted them there you’d have invited them in the first place!)

What we are talking about is an extremely effective way to ‘poke’, tease or market to your clients or patrons using a low cost, high impact marketing tool that works.


  • are easy to read
  • stand out from the normal mail
  • get the message across immediately
  • contain high impact visuals and all the information needed

So utilising a postcard to provoke interest in your event, product or service should be a fundamental part of your marketing plan.


  • Low material usage so decreased carbon footprint
  • Minimal print and fulfilment costs mean on a cost per item basis you can achieve greater impact from less investment
  • meets the Mailmark Admail sortation criteria immediately so qualifying for the cheapest postage service too

Not every campaign or product lends itself to this approach, but it works for the majority.

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