Case Study

Marlowe Theatre

The Marlowe Theatre is a modern and progressive venue right at the heart of Canterbury that creates a key focal and economic impact for the city. After an extensive rebuild it has become one of this country’s leading regional theatres with a wide and varied programme that includes the West End Musicals, National Theatre Productions, the RSC, Glyndebourne Touring Opera, and the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Romax has worked closely with the Marlowe Theatre since they re-opened, assisting with their direct mail marketing, print and distribution for individual show and season promotion. Our successful relationship led the theatre to invite Romax to help them improve their membership communication.


Welcome packs printed on demand and despatched within 24 hours

The brief

Create a slick, cost-effective pack, improve delivery time and allow the membership team to focus on members, not administration.

The solution

We created an autoflow data driven platform to receive and process regular new member data files across all 7 supporter levels.

Results that matter

Members’ “love” the pack design that reduces waste and cost, and the membership team is freed up to focus on development.

Data automation drives efficiency without compromise

We created an autoflow data driven platform to receive and process regular new member data files across all 7 membership levels, that drives different messages relevant to the member. Using our software we scripted responsive content for output from variable data that dynamically communicates key member benefits simply across all 7 levels pack types. Daily output files drive on demand print for both membership cards, multi-version welcome packs and personalised branded envelopes on demand with no need for any stock holding.

Faster pack delivery to members

Membership Welcome Packs are printed and delivered via mail with 4 days of subscribing beating previous delivery times by over 7 working days. The welcome pack is compact, highly personalised and member level relevant. The impactful design is easily updated when changes are needed, as all elements are printed on demand. This reduces waste and cost as nothing is printed in advance. Both the print and postage costs have dramatically reduced as the pack size also reduced production and delivery costs.

Member level specific content marketing driven by data

Using the knowledge and preferences of the membership as well as the broader audience, from attendance and member level subscription data, allows the Marlowe Theatre to target and engage their membership very specifically. This is not only reflected in their membership welcome packs, but also across their whole marketing approach. Working with the membership and marketing teams, Romax introduced the concept of multi-level marketing communications for shows, and season brochure communications. This resulted in a more targeted approach resulting in higher ticket sales and across more shows.

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