Member renewals management for clients in Westminster

At Romax Marketing & Distribution, we specialise in providing the most trusted and affordable member renewals management solutions to clients across Westminster and London.

We will manage your membership communication services, on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, with the reassurance that your members’ communication will be dispatched on time and through the highest level of data security in the industry.

What will your members receive?
  • A great first impression of your Westminster organisation
  • Prompt delivery of their welcome pack – less than 48h*
  • Timely and relevant renewal communications.

When members or customers receive regular printed communications, not only is your brand recognition likely to increase but your membership renewals will do too.

Some of the benefits of using the Romax membership services are:
  • Personalised Welcome Pack printed, produced and delivered, including membership cards
  • Personalised Printed Communication, Mail Correspondence and Email
  • Subscription and Renewal Management
  • Distribution to the UK and Overseas
  • Membership Management Software Implementation.

“We cannot praise Romax enough for their proactive, efficient and accurate service. Their ability to solve issues that other suppliers were unable or unwilling to do, place them in the premier league.” 
Andrew Eastmond
DKMS Print Manager

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for a wide range of Westminster organisations. Contact us for a bespoke membership solution:
020 8293 8550