September 25, 2017

Can Direct Mail Boost Sales on Black Friday?

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Historically, the biggest shopping day around the World is Black Friday, which happens on the last Friday of November every year, just after the traditional American Thanksgiving. Everyone has the image of people in the US buying as if the end of the World is coming.  Sales are impressive, and have only been outdone by the recently invented singles days on the 11th of November (11.11) in China.

The Black Friday phenomenon is here to stay and it’s going to get bigger in the UK. Above 80% of Britons know what is, compared to the 40% of French.


Black Friday 2016

“Britons spent £5.8 billion over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016”

In 2016, Britons spent £5.8 billion over the four days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – 15% increase compared with 2015. E-commerce business took £2.8 billion – up 20%. On Black Friday itself,  £1.27 billion was spent according to estimates of the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) and the website

Online retailers experienced sky-rocketing traffic on their websites, according to the Daily Mirror. Currys PC World reported more than half a million visitors which resulted in 40% more orders. eBay estimated 20.7 million UK visitors in the long Black Friday weekend.

Emails sent on Black Friday 2016

“2.9 billion emails sent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday” MailChimp


The email provider Mailchimp sent over 1.5 billion emails on Black Friday itself and 1.4 billion in Cyber Monday.  SendGrid also sent more than 3 billion of emails with an average of 23% Open Rate on both days.

Let’s do the maths, how many emails does a user receive on Black Friday, and over the cyber weekend? It’s not uncommon to hear that consumers start to feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of emails they received. According to Royal Mail MarketReach, 70% of people say, “I feel that I receive too many emails.” As a result, 51% of emails were deleted within two seconds.

How to stand out from the crowd

“Almost 85 percent of retailers will send an email to their customers about Black Friday deals”

Black Friday Postcard sent by Romax Marketing to their customers and prospect in 2017 which included personalised text on mobile image and paragraph, and test A/B on envelope quotation for a greater impact.

The question is how to stand out from the billions of emails send it on Black Friday? The answer may well be by “creating an impact with Direct Mail.

Marketers need to incorporate Direct Mail as part of their Black Friday campaign because:

  1. Neuroscience. There is a lot of research that confirms Direct Mail beats email in different aspects, such as, brand recall with 70% higher results, a physical material is considered more “real” to the brain, and consumers internalise printed adverts better than email giving them greater resonance.
  2. Direct Mail impact on online sales. As a direct result of receiving a direct mail, 92% of people driven to a website and 87% were influenced to make online purchases. Read more information about Direct Mail Facts&Figures here.

There are a lot of types of direct mail, which can help you to create impact, recall your brand and, of course, increase your sales, such as Door-Droops, Letters – Check 349% ROI Case Study, Postcard and Catalogue that you can use to influence your audience. But, the key to printed communication is both, the data management, which help you to target and reduce the cost, and the personalised message, which is more than “dear name”, you can personalise images content and text – check Emma Bridgwater Case Study.

Remember, Black Friday 2017 is on 24th of November. Contact us for a bespoke Direct Marketing solution.

direct mail rocket ROI

References: Telegraph, Royal Mail MarketReach, Mirror, MailChimp, SendGrid, Hubspot, BBC, US data corporation, 3Bet Media.

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March 31, 2016

Are sales calls as dead as the dodo?

It’s so funny how we don’t talk any more.

Is the sales call as dated as gold lame shirts? It does depend of course on your current fashion sense as to how you respond to that question of course! The immortal words of Sir Cliff, “It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore”, resonate now more than ever, but how should businesses overcome the increasingly difficult problem of talking with clients?

“I am soooooooo busy” or “I haven’t got time to take a sales call from my supplier” are the frequent utterances in response to a sales call. Is that because we still refer to them as sales calls? Why doesn’t business view them as opportunities to hear what is new in the market place, see them as a vital way to keep informed of developments in your industry?

The telephone on my desk is under utilised. I almost jump out of my skin when it rings. However, my email inbox is very full – mainly acting as an instant message service rather than a good way of communicating coherently and well following a constructive conversation with either a client or a supplier.

How often do we hear after a good meeting how “great it was to put a face to the name”, and how much more productive that meeting was for all concerned. It’s about a smile, a reassuring word or the value that is placed in the ‘effort’ to ‘make and take’ a phone call or spare time to listen and learn. How do businesses get to talk to their clients when nobody likes receiving business calls? How can meaningful relationships be built?

Voicemail should be BANNED!

In our office, we have 6 members of our client services team that have a combined experience of over 100 years of working in the direct marketing, print and direct mail industry. As suppliers we should be viewed as people to engage with and help, advise and ‘tap’ for experience. How can we get our clients to USE that experience? Help and advise in the direct marketing industry is hugely beneficial and can save you time and money if accessed properly.

As a client you are about to spend a lot of time, money and energy on your campaign. You are entrusting the future success of your campaign, business and possibly career with a supplier, that you may have never met, or held an involved conversation with. Perhaps we should all stop thinking of contact from our suppliers as sales calls and start to view them as opportunities.

the sales call is a vital learning tool for clients

Emails are a superb ways of transferring confirmation instructions and summarising conversations. They make excellent tools for conveying easy sell messages. Complex services, ideas and concepts however, are not easily communicated in the dry environment of a business email. When David Cameron and Barack Obama are holding international diplomatic talks, they don’t email each other. You never hear on the news that Mr Putin emailed Angela Merkel about the situation in Syria. They get on the phone and discuss things, or hold face to face talks to discuss the detail and then they write down the summary and sign up to the deal.

Take time to take a sales call. Take time to make a sales call. Pop the kettle on – It’s not just good to talk – it’s beneficial.

Written by Robin Sumner, Managing Director at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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