July 30, 2019

Romax employee Nick Kenyon-Muir became The Ironman!

On Saturday 25th May 2019 one of our colleagues Nick Kenyon-Muir, who is Business Development Manager at Romax, participated in the Ironman Lanzarote, Spain. The Ironman Lanzarote is one of the toughest Ironman events in the World and is one of the longest-standing races in Europe. John Collins, a Naval officer stationed in Hawaii invented The Ironman. On February 18th, 1978, fifteen competitors including Collins came together to take on the first-ever “Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon”. From then on it went global.

The Ironman Lanzarote consists of a 2.4mile swim at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen which is the main tourist resort. It is followed by a 112mile bike course with over 2551m of climbing, along with very strong winds. The final part is a 26.2mile run along the seafront of Puerto des Carmen. An enormous amount of preparation went into this race. It takes months to train for and is by no means considered easy.

Nick finished the race with an astonishing time of 13:12:51 and placed 659th as an overall rank out of thousands.

“I’d say one of the hardest things about training for the ironman was having to get up first thing in the morning and get on my bike in the cold, wind and rain when it’s the last thing you want to be doing.”- Nick Kenyon-Muir

To sum up, we would just like to say a huge congratulations to Nick! It is also an incredible thing to accomplish and we are very proud of you achieving it. Well done Nick!

March 20, 2018

GDPR Glossary

The GDPR uses terminology that marketers may not be familiar with. In order to provide clarity, the DMA has translated these legal terms so that marketers, not just legal professionals can understand the language used.


  1. Anonymous data: the process of removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.
  2. Consent: According to the GDPR, consent, “means any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s wishes by which he or she. By statement or by clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her.
  3. Controller: the organisation or individual that determines how the personal data is processed.
  4. Legitimate interest (LI): A legal ground that can be used to process personal data for direct marketing in certain circumstances. As well as providing the right of individuals to object to the processing of personal data based on LI. The GDPR sets our strict criteria for organisations that seek to rely on LI. These include establishing that the processing is necessary and that a balancing test has been conducted.
  5. Personal data: Any information that can be used to identify a person is personal data. For example, names and email addresses are personal data because they reveal someone’s identity. The GDPR expands the definition of personal data to include IP addresses and online identifiers, like cookies.
  6. Personal data breach: A breach of security that means authorised individuals or groups are able to access personal data. This could be the result of hacking by outside groups or because an employee made a mistake.
  7. Data-protection-by-design: is a new concept introduced by the GDPR, whereby an organisation considers what impact a particular campaign or product may have on privacy from the very start. In a marketing context, this means identifying a campaign’s risk for privacy and/or data protection, recording them and taking appropriate steps to mitigate them., thinking about privacy from the start and nor as an afterthought.
  8. Data-protection-by-default: Similar to Data-protection-by-design, this phrase refers to privacy setting on goods or service. For example, when a phone app goes to market it should have its privacy settings set to the highest level possible as the default setting. The user could then decide to lower the privacy settings if they so wished.
  9. Processing: Any operation conducted on personal data, which may include collecting, recording, storing, structuring, organising, transmission or dissemination of personal data.
  10. Processor: The organisation that only processes personal data according to the instruction of the data controller. For example, an email services organisation only processes personal data in line with what their client tells them and this means they’re a data processor.
  11. Profiling: Any type of automated processing of personal data that evaluates the characteristics of someone in order to make a decision. Marketing segmentation or targeting is a type of profiling.
  12. Pseudonymisation: A method of making personal data no longer attributable to an individual, without further information, meaning someone could not be identified from the data. It is a process that reduces the privacy risks for people as they can no longer be identified.
  13. Special categories of personal data: Criteria of personal data that are subject to stricter requirements because of its sensitive nature. The GDPR lists the following as special categories of personal data: “racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of generic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural persona, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sexual orientation.”
  14. Supervisory authority: An independent public authority responsible for enforcing the GDPR. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the supervisory authority in the UK.
  15. Third party: Any organisation or individual that is nor the data controller or processor that is authorised by either the controller or processor to process personal data. For example, if an organisation sold personal data to another organisation, the organisation purchasing the personal data would be classed as a third party.





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June 5, 2017

Experts in Direct Mail – Romax Open Day Celebrates 20 Years

If the “10,000 hours of practice theory” is correct, then after 20 years in business (50,000 hours plus!) Romax should be an expert in direct mail marketing by now? We’ll leave that judgement for our clients to decide!

To celebrate our anniversary, Romax hosted an Open Day for clients, stakeholders and friends. We opened our doors to welcome visitors and demonstrate our direct mail marketing production facility, including Operational Tours, Workshops and Networking.

Our guests were intrigued and fascinated by what we do behind the scenes to produce their successful communication campaigns. We imparted our knowledge and technology on a Production Tour to show how we manage client’s data securely and showed how to target accurately and increase the campaign ROI.

Reducing the cost associated with printing and posting, using the latest technology in data processing, printing, and machine enclosing to provide the highest quality direct mail output. Visitors also learnt how we prepare campaigns for discounted post and distribution in the UK and overseas.

The experience stimulates ideas on how to incorporate new concepts and ideas for their next marketing campaigns, such as creating personalised messages depending on the socio-demographics and last purchase data.


“Thank you for inviting us and having us! We had a great time!”

“Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your 20th. It was a real pleasure. You have a fantastic, well oiled, operation at Romax and I wish you plenty more years of success.”

The production tour was complemented by an ePublishing workshop and a reception with drinks and cakes provided by our business neighbours: Kingsdown Water and Meantime Brewery.

We would like to thank you to our visitors coming from:

BPIF, Southbank Centre, More 2 Childrens’ Nursery, Glass Design, Dual Energy, DataDial, Science Council,  DKMS, The Marstan Press, NHS, Imprint MIS, Promoactive, Royal Mail, Sasse & Belle, Trinity Laban, Windsor Print, Xerox, Friends of the Park, Pistachio in the Park, FMS Global Media, CWD Heating, Travel Counsellors and Romax’s friends and family.



Romax_tagRomax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage, Membership Communication Services, and Consultancy. 

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May 17, 2017

Marketing to Millennials – Don’t miss the ‘un’obvious

Written by Robin Sumner, Managing Director at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Marketing to Millennials – Romax Marketing

In our drive to find the best way of marketing to millennials and gain the attention of those individuals who make up that market, we often miss the obvious, that is to say, the route we take is the polar opposite of what works best.

Who or what is a Millennial?

Millennials are a group of people who by 2020, will have a cumulative spending power of $1.4 trillion. They are individuals reaching adulthood in the early 21st century – generally cited as being born between 1979 and 2000.

Fashion repeats itself 

In the 1980’s (that’s a period before the internet by the way), tight jeans were just the coolest thing!
In the 2010’s tight jeans are back – tight jeans with rips now there’s a novel idea I bet they never thought of that in the 1980’s

Yes – Fashion repeats itself – so what
Imagine this: an audience that is more perceptible to a ‘new’ style of marketing, if fashion repeats itself and the audience has not experienced it before, it is ‘new, novel and cool’ to them.

Why not take this theory and apply it to marketing?

If a Millennial, a digital media native, so used to electronic communication, perhaps so much so that they let it wash over them were to receive a piece of relevant print, sent to them in the post with decent images and content that allowed them to then, go online and order/purchase or comment about it using the available technology to full advantage.

Now wouldn’t that be a new and innovative thing?
Yes, trends repeat, so get ahead of the curve now. Lead the way and start reusing a media that produces the highest levels of brand trust and enhancement exceeding electronic marketing. Re-start using mail marketing, printed and posted to real people proven to be more likely to respond – to what to them is new media – who will tweet and emoji all about it.

Who says this will work?
It may seem counter-intuitive to target this tech-savvy millennial generation so used to electronic communication with a tangible, print-based offer, but let’s think again, perhaps that is just the way to target to such a market.
Remember fashion repeats itself and the next new best thing is often just a modern twist on an old theme.


But, nobody sends mail anymore and the mail market is reducing I hear you cry……
Ahh hold on – Have we just had an epiphany? Has the light bulb now lit up? Yes, a market that is not saturated. Where your message may well just stand out.

The junk mail expression may well have been associated with printed DM in days gone by but the junk mail term now clearly applies itself to the electronic marketing market rather than the direct mail market.

There is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY for your brand to stand out creating a reaction to your physical mail piece landing on the doorstep of your next prospective customer.

How do we create a direct mail campaign that will produce a physical mailing?
There may be a lost art on how to create a successful direct mailer, perhaps the secret lies in the Lost Arc of the Covenant  (see Raiders of the Lost Arc – another 80’s success!!), but there are ‘Oldies’ out there who may have the secret and just maybe you could add a modern twist.

Go on, see what you can do.

Resources: Do Millennials Read Direct Mail? The Answer May Surprise You – Quantum Postcards, USPS and Royal Mail’s research. Why does data decay so fast? MyCustomer 

Romax_tagRomax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage, Membership Communication Services, and Consultancy. 

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May 9, 2017

Romax Marketing Open Day – 20 years in Business


Thursday 25th May

Direct Marketing

Romax Marketing is inviting you to celebrate 20 years of trading

Start your long weekend a few hours early by helping us celebrate 20 years of providing direct mail services.

We will open our doors to clients, stakeholders and VIPs to recognise our history and provide insight into how we can help you with future campaigns.

Our Open Day is a great opportunity to:

  1. Network with Business and Marketing Experts
  2. Improve your DM skills with our Workshops and Demos
  3. Learn the latest printing technology during our Production Tour.

Dignitaries invited include The Mayor for Greenwich, Charles Jarrold CEO of the BPIF, Local Business Leaders and leading experts from the marketing industry and postal sector.

Relaxed short tours of our production facility

We are planning something special:  Experience first hand your live job flow through operations.


Drinks, refreshments and tours will be supplied by other businesses on the business park

Marvellous by Didier – suppliers to the Queen and Waitrose will be providing cakes
Kingsdown Water – will be supplying the soft drinks
GD Glass Designs – Tours of their product facilities
and Meantime Brewery – we intend to visit the brewery 3 minutes away!



Thursday 25th May 2017
2 to 6 pm
Unit 2, City Cross Business Park, Salutation Road, Greenwich,

Visitors must make a booking, either by email hello@romax.co.uk or by calling 020 8293 8550.

We look forward to welcoming you


Robin Sumner
Managing Director
Romax Marketing

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Romax_tagRomax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage, Membership Communication Services, and Consultancy. 

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May 2, 2017

7 reasons why B2B Direct Mail Works

7 Reasons why B2B Direct Mail Works Best for New Business

If you need something these days you search for it online – simple.

That’s great if you know you want it……BUT…what if you don’t know about it, could it be beneficial to you – woah – now we’re talking marketing….


Send an Email – that’ll get you orders

Email sent – but how was it received? – maybe – it went to clutter, maybe to ‘junk’. If it does get to the recipient’s inbox – Do they know you? – Are you a scam email? – Are you a trusted source? – Will they open you? – Are you a virus just waiting to infect me?

Hey – be more positive

OK – you’ve persuaded the reader to open your email –  what do they see?

Red Cross – Red Cross – Red Cross



Red Cross – download images Should I? perhaps Not – Online I want INSTANT RESULTS and this is getting tedious now I have another email to read it’s just pinged in… bored now – delete it, let’s move on…

Result – email is gone forever – the reader will never look at it again…

Avoid the recycle-bin

Email is great in helping with retention marketing, certain booking confirmations and general correspondence but only once you’ve gained the confidence of your market, but NOT for gaining brand recognition and new business… Not so good for growing trust with your brand or product.


7 reasons to send a Printed Marketing Communication

Reason 1 – Touchy Feely!

When the post arrives on your desk– do you stop what you’re doing and read it? Interruption from workflow focuses the recipient’s mind on your message.


Reason 2 – Right Place- Right Time

You are selling a business to business product – surely the best place to send it to is the person’s desk whilst at work? It’s Obvious MENSA – here we come…


Reason 3 – Chatterboxes just love to share


When you receive GOOD marketing (and sometimes bad marketing too) what do you do with it? Talk to someone about it? Chatterboxes share the information with their colleagues in the office.


Reason 4 – Break from the Norm

Email is constant – marketing mixed in with the constant business demands communicated through email – is just not in the right setting. BUT paper-based marketing forces the recipient to stop and mentally remove themselves from the PC Screen whilst they focus on the mail – in hand. All Eyes on You!!


Reason 5 – Instant Print

Emails will be printed out if the recipient acts on your message.  Will your brand be well presented in this way?

How many times have you printed out an email – poorly formatted – with the images in the right place and the message and brand well reflect?

Yes, that’s right! When you send your print direct, the message will be exactly as you designed it to be – impactful and professionally printed.


Reason 6 – Because Telemarketing doesn’t cut through any more

“Do you want to talk to Jo Salesman?”romax_direct_mail“Hi. you don’t know me but I want to interrupt your workflow when you’re right in the middle of something”

Even if you don’t take the call, you are annoyed by the interruption. So imagine your campaigns the same way – breaking through on the phone is hard work unless it is preceded by other marketing messages aimed at ‘smoothing the way’ and getting your brand awareness in front first.


Reason 7 – Removes focus from the electronic inbox and allows time for action

Physical printed direct mail marketing in the hand of the decision maker will add more weight to your brand and ensure maximum impact. A call to action at the desk of the recipient allows them to instantly act – a call – a web search – a visit to your website ‘while they think about it’ and have already focussed on your message, without interruption from their inbox…

 The blog post was written by Robin Sumner, Managing Director, Romax.



Romax_tagRomax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2C, including Direct Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage, Membership Communication Services, and Consultancy. 

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November 6, 2015

Safe Harbour – Preparing for the New Data Protection Laws

With ever-evolving tech and more of our data going online by the day, it’s no secret that the law has struggled to keep up. There have been many developments in Data Protection laws recently, and although it sounds about as much fun as a hole in the head, in the wake of the Safe Harbour ruling and with tougher EU privacy rules (in the form of the draft Data Protection Regulation) expected to come into force in early 2017, it’s more important than ever that you know what all of it means for your data, and your customers’, and prepare accordingly.

The new bill will affect everyone collecting or storing data online or in the cloud so burying your head in the sand is no longer an option. The grace period for due-diligence ends Jan 16th 2016, so by then you must know where your data is, the laws that govern it, what you need to do to secure it, and the very real price you will pay if you don’t.

What are data protection laws?

Data protection laws exist to strike a balance between your right as an individual to privacy and the ability of organisations to use data for the purposes of their business. The bill extends an obligation to ensure appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data to anyone who stores other people’s personal data.

When the changes come in, the bill and the new data protection laws are really going to start to have some teeth.  The finer points are still being debated but a few of the big things it’s expected to include are much higher fines for non-compliance based on a percentage of turnover and more prescriptive rules around fair processing of personal data; more accountability and far more fines and enforcement by the Information Commissioner.

What are your obligations?

In order to comply with the current Data Protection Act, a data controller (people who determine how data is processed) must comply with the following eight principles:

  1. The data should be processed fairly and lawfully and may not be processed unless the data controller can satisfy one of the conditions for processing set out in the Act.
  2. Data should be obtained only for specified and lawful purposes.
  3. Data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  4. Data should be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
  5. Data should not be kept longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.
  6. Data should be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject under the Act.
  7. Appropriate technical and organisational measures should be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.
  8. Data should not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the processing of personal data.

There are many more in-depth requirements of data controllers and when processing data which you should investigate further independently, because you’d be reading this blog forever if I listed them all here.

One of the points above worth highlighting though is that as well as knowing where your data is at all times, you need to ensure that you’re securing your data effectively with ‘appropriate measures’ against attackers and data loss. For many businesses this will mean outsourcing your security to an accredited third party that can deal with everything from firewalls to penetration testing.

What are the main risks if you don’t comply?

Financial – the most obvious and immediate issue is that you and your clients will probably lose money if you experience an attack. You’ll experience the joy of some hefty non-compliance fines, which are currently in the region of £500k, but the expectation is in future this will move to a percentage of your overall worldwide turnover.

Operational – the time it will take to get your business back on its feet and potentially moving your data.  And lost time means lost revenue.

Reputation – potentially the worst in the long term, reputation is easy to lose and hard to get back.

What’s the bottom line for Romax clients?

Romax customers don’t have to worry about the concerns relating to Safe Harbour as we keep all our customer data in our on site server and backed up to a UK-based, IS27001 and PCI compliant UKFast data centre, so you can be assured more stringent UK laws govern the protection of your data.

Being IS27001 compliant and/or using UKFast who are ISO27001 compliant gives both customers and the Information Commissioner assurance that they have taken “appropriate technically and organisational measures” to protect data.

Romax clients aren’t affected by any of the Safe Harbour ruckus, but if the company that you host with doesn’t keep their data on British soil you could be; and no matter who you are the expected DP changes will affect you, so here’s what you need to know. Romax use UK Fast for our cloud back up and have an onsite server for secure data storage. Watch a Microsoft video report about our IT investment.


Source Content courtesy of  UK FAST 27 Oct 2015 by Katherine Kelly.


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October 19, 2015

Email the great marketing tool! Build your brand using digital marketing!

Email ­the great marketing tool! Build your brand using digital marketing!
Mantras that have been around now for a few years however there is one sure fire way to  harm your brand’s reputation ­ ignore the unsubscribers.

I recently realised that my inbox was getting to overload and it needed a serious pruning of my previously subscribed (or maybe not but we will discuss that later) email nirvana. So I went through a pretty tedious exercise of unsubscribing from those communications that were now irrelevant to me.


It seems however, that just following the link is not enough you then have to give a reason and in some cases your email address. Why? Then to rub salt in the wound you find yourself still receiving the emails you asked to be stopped. A particular case for myself was a renowned Marketing email alert (I won’t embarrass them by naming them directly) who after  4 attempts to unsubscribe are still sending me their daily digest email that I immediately  delete!

So this experience got me thinking on how other marketing communications could harm a  brand’s identity and what you can do to limit any damage when you build your brand using digital marketing.


For a start always running your data against MPS (Mailing Preference Service) or TPS  (Telephone Preference Service) depending on the chosen communication route ­- don’t  forget this is obligatory for “cold data”. Running your data against other suppression files such as NCOA (National Change of Address) and most importantly Mortascreen will help  ensure your data is as clean and up to date as possible.


Ensure what is being communicated is relevant, timely and engaging. Nothing will turn your clients and prospects off more than poorly executed campaigns. Remember evoke an emotional  response and the benefits will follow.

And finally talk to your customers and prospects how they have indicated they would like to  be. Don’t email someone when they have asked to receive updates by mail for example.


In short, respect people’s wishes, including unsubscribing from emails, and your brand will  be stronger as a result.

Blog written by Wes Dowding, Operations and Technology Director at Romax.


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

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October 14, 2015

Mo v Malc – The Great North Run – The outcome…”He jumped the start!!!”

Mo v Malc –  The Great North Run – The outcome…”He jumped the start!!!”


Some of you may have read my blog a month ago, leading up to my preparation to my first Half-Marathon – The Great North Run.

Here’s how the weekend panned out…..

My running partner and I arrived in Newcastle around 4.30pm on Saturday evening, the day before the race, checked into our ‘hotel’, where the receptionist warned us it was going to be a rowdy night at the Inn – “Lots of Hen and Stag do’s here tonight” he quite proudly boasted. That’s great I thought to myself, all I need is a good night sleep before the next day’s run!

So we checked in, then headed out for pasta and soft drinks – quite an experience in a town-centre full of hen and stag-do’s, with people lying around the pavement drunk and falling asleep standing up….at 6pm in the evening!

So then back to our rooms to get our heads down for an early night, in preparation for the big day. The night wasn’t too noisy in the end, just a few chattering couples but nothing too rowdy!

So up at 7,  for porridge, banana and fruits juices to fuel up for the run, I was a bundle of nerves and butterflies filled my stomach along with the breakfast. We headed out of the hotel at 8 taking a scenic walk past St. James’s Park, home of Newcastle United FC, to get to the race which was starting at 10.20.

The closer we got to the start, the more the runners were congregating, all with different looks and auras around them……..the nervous ones, excited ones, the pros ‘just doing another run’, those in fancy dress, those looking hungover……the excitement was growing inside me along with the nerves, I just wanted to get out there running!!!

We got to the start line, which all in all was probably around a kilometer long, I have never seen so many people in all my life, around 50,000 people entered the race that day.

After a massive group warm up with everybody joining in, it was time for the big off!!! My friend and I were fortunate to be quite close to the start, and it only took us around 3 minutes from the gun going off, to us actually crossing the line. Someone I was chatting to after the race told me it took him 40 minutes to cross the start line!

So we were off……it wasn’t as congested as I had anticipated thankfully, and we headed off at a pace a bit quicker than I would have liked (I would like to add at this point my running partner is 6ft 10” tall) My thinking was if I felt tired I would simply slow down. The crowds, bands playing music, sweets – fruit – drinks being handed out, all the way were amazing and a massive boost when I hit tough times.

Physically I was quite comfortable with the run, but mentally I found it difficult in the early stages, knowing after 10 minutes I possibly still had another 2 hours to go yet! Also I hadn’t realized that alot of it was slightly uphill, I had swerved hills as much as I could in my training!


Reaching the 7 mile marker was quite a boost, I knew I was over halfway there, on the home straight, still feeling comfortable, and still keeping up with my friend. The miles flew by, and before we knew it we passed the 12 mile marker – 1 mile to go!!!! At 800metres I stepped my pace up knowing I still had more to give…….at 50metres there was a flash as a giant flew past me – my running partner!!!! I couldn’t let this go so started sprinting too – ducking in and out of the other runners, gradually drawing level with him and crossing the line together!!! We had done it, and in great style too sprinting the last 50metres!!!

The feeling afterwards was of such relief and achievement, and exhaustion after the final sprint!!! Amazingly when we finally received our official times, we had both run the Half Marathon in 1:55:54…….identical times amazingly enough. We were both aiming to complete the run in under 2 hours so were very pleased with this time! I was a little disappointed I didn’t keep up with Mo Farah, but I’m pretty sure he jumped the start!!!

We then sat back for a couple of hours refueling whilst watching a display by the Red Arrows.

Malc Medal

This was a highly enjoyable, rewarding event which I would highly recommend any aspiring runner to participate. And an added bonus was the we raised over £1600 for The Sick Children’s Trust.

Blog Written by Malcolm Saunders


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October 13, 2015

Support International Print Day 2015!

International Print Day

Wednesday, 14th October.


Print and marketing professionals, around the world are being encouraged to participate in International Print Day 2015 (IPD15), a global 24-hour event in which social media will be used to highlight the creativity, importance and power of print and paper.

This fantastic event, where all things print and paper come together in a concentrated burst of activity, aims to get our industry trending worldwide.

Last year’s International Print Day 2014 was a huge success, with 8,683 tweets delivered to 23,023,968 feeds from 1,271 contributors. This year we want to do even better!

To participate, take to your social channels to SHARE information related to Print & Integrated Marketing and include the hashtag #IPD15. The hashtag will be searchable through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, and many other platforms.

The graphic industry in the 28  Member States of the European Union, comprises some 117,000 companies and employs around 640,000 people for a turnover of about €85 billion. The industry throughout Europe consists mainly of small enterprises, as more than 90% of the graphic companies employ fewer than 20 persons.

UK Print Industry Facts

The UK quick view facts and figures courtesy of the British Print Industries Federation (BPiF) is detailed above.


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October 5, 2015

Working 9 to 5 – What a way to make a living?

‘Working 9 till 5! – what a way to make a living’

Gone are the Dolly Parton days.

Harking back to the rigid structure of a working week, can anyone honestly say they work Monday – Friday, 9am – 5.00pm I doubt it and if so, very few… we work in a more flexible environment in the office now with access remotely and 24/7 allowing for a better work life balance and flexibility.

In this day and age, most of us will have a smart phone or some access to the internet out of ‘working hours’.

Back in 2014, Romax invested in Microsoft 365 which has been a massive help in managing my workload on a day to day basis.

Anyone that knows me will know that I am not the most ‘techy’ person in the world to say the least and the thought of learning new programmes or basically anything IT, I’d just freak out, bury my head in the sand and would just hope it went away……


Well, twelve months later and I am using 365 daily. It is so very simple to use and when working out of hours or when at meetings, I can easily access documents and files instead of waiting until I am next in the office or having to print out sheets upon sheets of paper beforehand – so not only am I able to be far more proactive, I am also doing my bit to save the planet! (Move over Sting!)

I would most definitely recommend any company looking to invest or trialling Office 365. If you are like me, it may take a little while to get your head around it completely but just like me you will get there and won’t look back.

Post Written by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services. Romax

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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September 7, 2015

Mo Farah – Should be worried as competition heats up for this weekend’s Great North Run

 From ‘No Run’ to ‘Mo Run’ in a year…. By Malcolm Saunders

My story of my start to running, to entering a half marathon in which Mo Farah is competing:

Malcolm Saunders I have participated in many sports over the years, including football, horse-riding, trampolining, gymnastics, kickboxing, Thai-boxing…..but I had always envied those who could just chuck their trainers on and go out running for hours. I had tried many times over the years to persevere on getting further than the end of my road before wanting to cough, splutter and walk back home, but I had never got past running 5 kilometres…..even taking a breather halfway through!

But what hurt the most was all of my friends on the Nike Running App were kicking my backside! All doing 8/10/15ks a lot more regularly than my weekly 5k struggle!

So one evening in September 2014, after mentally geeing myself up all day, I set out determined to keep on running through the pain barrier, not stopping halfway through a 5k run. I had half planned a route and was going to see how far I could push myself. I set out and ran….and ran….and ran…..8 kilometres!!!!!! I was over the moon!!!! I hit my usual barrier but persevered and didn’t stop and actually started feeling OK?!

Which tells me that maybe I should have kept pushing all those years before, because now I know that the pain barrier was just my body warming up, going from cold to hot within 10 minutes, then levelling out.

Of course, 8k is close to 10k (my competitive brain yelled to itself!!!) So after another comfortable 8k I attempted to run 10k……and did it!!! I was elated, I actually thought I was Mo Farah?!?!

So with 10k under my belt, I began to push myself for faster times, my first was just over the hour, but those times slowly dropped, 59mins…..58mins…..and almost a year later my fastest 10k is down to 50mins 30seconds. Which after a bit of research I have found isn’t a too shabby time for a 44-year-old.


Around this time a good friend asked me if I would like to join him in running The Great North Run in Newcastle – a half Marathon – around 21 kilometres in September 2015. I said yes half hoping it was all talk on his behalf! But he had genuine reasons for wanting to run this event, 3 years ago his Son was extremely ill and had to spend 4 months in intensive care after having a tracheostomy fitted. The care was provided by The Sick Children’s Trust who gave them quality accommodation (a family room) in Eckersley House next to Leeds General. By staying next to the hospital they could give their Son the best support possible, and learn how to care for him properly once they took him home. Therefore we are both running to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust.

Mo SaundersThe training was hard, to begin with, but it becomes very addictive, because not only are you trying to beat your friends monthly/weekly runs, you are constantly trying to beat your own personal records, both distances and times. After 10k was 13k, then 14k……then and occasional 16k. I now often run home from Romax in Greenwich to Belvedere……it’s quite a buzz! But a good friend who runs once told me not to actually do the Half Marathon distance until race day, which I haven’t, just an 18.5k run last week, which I was quite comfortable with.

So, as the title says, ‘No Run’ to ‘Mo Run’, Mo Farah is in fact running this race too Sunday 13th September, albeit he will be running a time around half of what I am capable of, I am actually competing in the same race as him, and it’s an achievement I am quite proud of.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I have inspired someone to get out there and run, it’s ironically quite relaxing and a great way to get away from it all. And if you wanted to sponsor me, please follow the link below, thanks again. HERE



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August 14, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingMy View…. Written by Charlene Plows


”Every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do for the rest of the day.

‘I give them pictures of my wife, my daughter, my dog and me gardening and on holiday, spending time by the pool.

‘I also listen to their conversations, tell them I “like” them and give them my opinion on every subject that interests me… whether it interests them or not.

‘And it works. I already have four people following me: two police officers, a social worker and a psychiatrist.’”

Above courtesy of ‘The Oldie’ via Daily Mail

SO my friends:

  • Do you really have a million friends?
  • Does everyone really need to see pictures of you in your bikini?
  • Do I care if you are enjoying a cup of tea?
  • Do I need to see pictures of your pets?

The answer to all of the above is categorically NO!!!

 BUT Does Social Media Work for business ……      


As we all know, there are so many pros and cons for Social Media but if used responsibly I do believe Social Media is a remarkable tool which can help promote businesses.

Through Linked In, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter you can engage with your clients on a regular basis at very little costs.

There are many potential benefits of Social Media Marketing and just a few are:

  • reduced marketing costs
  • increased traffic to your website
  • improved ranking on search engines
  • greater customer engagement
  • greater access to international markets
  • opportunity for customer feedback
  • opportunity to conduct market research about your customers
  • improved networking opportunities with customers and other businesses

On the flip side, however, Social Media Marketing ROI is Hard to Define.

A recent study highlighted that up to 89% of digital marketers really want to know the ROI of their social media efforts. But:

  • Only 37% can measure the results of their SMM
  • while another 35% say they are really not sure if they are measuring ROI properly
  • and 28% say they really don’t know how to measure ROI at all.

Social Media attracts all sorts of people, sometimes providing an easy platform to hide behind to allow for occasionally malicious comments.  Negative comments can often be turned around to positive experiences for clients but this requires a high level of management to prevent this medium producing a detrimental effect on your business. Such elements include spammers, scammers, trolls and other individuals intent on doing harm to your online reputation.

I personally wouldn’t recommend simply relying on Social Media alone and do believe you need to mix it up to work, so why not throw in a little Direct Mail for true client engagement?

Well anyway, that’s my view and I’m sure this will open up a can of worms but there you have it.

Charlene Plows is Head of Client Services at Romax. cplows@romax.co.uk

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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August 3, 2015

Report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising.

Two sides report summarises the unique benefit to advertisers of print advertising.

While on-screen reading occupies an increasing amount of consumer time, people’s preferences are still for a paper reading which they believe to be a ‘safe’ medium which is more informative, less distracting and less harmful to their eyes.”

With more and more time shifted to the web it is natural that advertising budgets will follow. However, what this report illustrates is the more engaging characteristics of reading physical material – especially where the subject matter is a long article, brochure or specific technical details that require detailed concentration.

These observations plus the deeply competitive nature of online and high capital costs of TV advertising have seen a trend back towards traditional paper advertising as a differentiator. On the back of this trend, Royal Mail have reported increasing amount of business for paper campaigns across multiple campaign types from brochures, mini-catalogues, flyers and discount coupons to support wider cross-channel campaigns.

Understanding your consumers, their purchasing behaviour and purchase journey across multiple channels help you as an advertiser to better understand when you can deploy print targeting to help drive conversions. For example, some of the car manufacturers in the UK are using a combination of marketing automation systems, big data and print to target consumers and book test drives. For example, by monitoring online behaviour, interactions and downloads, consumers further in the sales pipeline will often trigger an event to send print literature, which is more detailed and engaging with specific vehicle details, imagery and other aspirational messaging which is better consumed in print or in consumers hands.

The Two side’s survey illustrates that for all age groups the preference is for paper for understanding, retaining and using information. Advertisers may be particularly interested in the following highlights from the Two side’s survey.

  • 54% pay more attention to advertising when reading magazines in print compared to 19% who pay more attention to advertising when reading magazines online
  • 52% pay more attention to advertising when reading newspapers in print compared to 21% who pay more attention to advertising when reading newspapers online
  • 67% of 18 – 25’s and 65% of 25 -34’s pay more attention to adverts when reading magazines in print, higher than other age groups.
  • 50% of 25 – 34’s and 43% of 35 – 44’s pay more attention to advertising using mail or door drop

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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July 23, 2015

My ILM Degree Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Certificate in Leadership and Management

My Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

Charlene Plows ILM Graduation 2015

Well what can I say, I started this course two years ago and honestly thought about dropping out on at least a million occasions! No seriously, it was hard balancing work and home life ( not to mention my very busy, hectic and trendy social life –  if only!) BUT would I recommend it? ….Without a doubt!

When I started this course, I was starting out in management and thought there was little improvement I needed as of course, I knew my job – who could possibly do it better, just ask my staff!! WELL, little did I know, that after only my first assignment, I realised I was an impatient manager who micro-managed her staff and expected all my team to all be mini-me’s!!

The ILM Degree Level 5  course…..

The qualification includes BPIF Graduation and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Diplomas in Management (NVQ) and Principles of Leadership & Management (VRQ).

Throughout this course, you learn about yourself as a manager but more importantly as a person.

The BPIF held several workshops throughout the course. I personally, thought I had the attention span of a goldfish and used to struggle with any meetings over one hour long!!! But hand on my heart, I kept awake for all the workshops – they were informative, lively, interactive and most importantly relevant!

There are five mandatory assignments based on Finance, Critical Thinking, Leading Innovation, Managing Improvement and Managerial Performance; along with these you are also required to pick a couple of optional assignments – these all work towards your diploma.

You are then required to complete functional skills ICT, Maths and English.

Finally the NVQ. There are a number of units including developing operational plans, planning change, providing leadership and working productively. To reach the required standards you need to provide evidence from the workplace which can include: observations, professional discussions, questioning, interviews, witness testimonies and physical products.

Has the course enhanced my work ability…..In short – MASSIVELY!!

As there has been so many improvements, I have simply bullet pointed a few below for you:-

  • Improved managerial accountability
  • Improvement in formal procedures
  • Better understanding of cash flow and how revenue costs are classified
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Understanding different learning styles of employees
  • To include the team more and to slow down

So where am I now…..

I am successfully managing the Client Services team at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

We are hitting targets, the atmosphere is buzzing and have just celebrated a very successful ‘year 18’!!

I truly believe the clear improvement in my management skills, is very much down this course and the journey I have taken.

Through the support of my partner, family, Romax and the BPIF, I successfully graduated on the 2nd July and this was one my greatest achievements and proudest moment of my life.

Please take my advice and sign up – you won’t regret it!

To contact Charlene email: cplows@romax.co.uk


July 3, 2015

Famous Five – Success Blooms with 5 BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Graduation

Famous Five – Success Blooms with 5 BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Graduation


Congratulations must go out to our Famous 5 of internal candidates who yesterday graduated on their BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree courses.

After a further 2 years following on from their level 3 study courses to attain higher degree status, the graduates were extremely pleased to receive their awards.

Romax sponsored the candidates through the process on the BPIF funded scheme allowing time away from work to study, attend course dates and meet with tutors. The successful graduates, Indre Lukaite, Charlene Plows, Firuz Emin, Simon Pierce and Phil Smith, worked extremely hard committing to the learning programme devoting personal time, evenings and weekends to achieve their well earned success.

All of their colleagues at Romax would like to offer very sincere and heart felt congratulations for their achievements.

The day was a culmination of 180 learner’s hard work across 2 years. Held at One Great George Street in London, fully gowned learners, their proud employers and guests, plus key supporters within the printing industry came together to celebrate learner’s achievement. Following the Graduation, the 7th Annual General Meeting of the British Printing Industries Federation was held for members. The meeting was opened by Gerald White, President of the BPIF, who gave an overview of how print has fared over the past 12 months and how the BPIF has continued to play an important role in supporting the industry. Chief Executive, Charles Jarrold, then reviewed the BPIF’s performance over the year, and spoke about the activities that are being undertaken to support members in the future.

BPIF Graduates

June 15, 2015

Two Sides launches European fact sheets

Two Sides launches European fact sheets to combat environmental misconceptions of print and paper


Print and paper is a highly sustainable form of communication in today’s digital society. Despite this, there are still misconceptions that it is wasteful, detrimental to the environment and responsible for deforestation. More worrying is the misunderstanding that digital communication is more environmentally friendly, which is not always the case.

To address these misconceptions, and to better inform and educate consumers, businesses and the public at large, ‘Two Sides’, a global initiative to promote the sustainability and attractiveness of print and paper, has published a series of 11 fact sheets to address a wide array of environmental and social issues. The comprehensive fact sheets cover the most common areas of misunderstanding, ranging from the real environmental impact of electronic communication, to the sustainability of paper-based printed products, as well as tackling the important role that print and paper plays in literacy and learning.

“In recent years the paper and print industries have taken significant steps in managing their environmental impacts”, explains Martyn Eustace, Managing Director of Two Sides. “Over the last 20 years forests in Europe have grown by 42 million acres – an area twice the size of Portugal – and the European paper recycling rate is at an all-time-high of 72%. Our role is to educate consumers and businesses that print and paper is a remarkable and sustainable means of communication. It is also important not to forget that alternative digital communications have environmental impacts too.”

A full list of the fact sheets are detailed below;

  • Electronic communication
  • “Go Green-Go Paperless” messages are misleading
  • Harvesting trees through sustainable forestry
  • Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products
  • Paper is one of the most recycled products
  • Paper production supports sustainable forest management
  • Paper’s carbon footprint is not as high as you think
  • Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy
  • The paper industry uses a lot of renewable energy
  • Why challenge anti-paper environmental marketing claims?
  • Wood-based paper and non-wood based paper

The full series of fact sheets are available to download free of charge at twosides.info/Fact-Sheets 

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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June 10, 2015

What does your direct mail say about your brand?

What does your direct mail say about your brand?


Poor branding can hurt in more ways than one. How do you stand out from the herd?

Every business strives to create a brand that connects with their audience and results in leads and sales. However, each facet of marketing should be handled differently, and there isn’t a one size fits all approach that works online and in print. Have you ever wondered what your outgoing mail says about your brand? Do you know how to speak to customers in the most effective way when creating direct mail campaigns?

First impressions count

Direct mail is a wonderful marketing tool; in many ways, it’s more intimate and immediate than email, search engine marketing and advertising since potential customers have information about your brand, products and services right at their fingertips. However, it can be tough to make your brand stand out. In reality, you only have a few seconds of a person’s attention as they quickly scan your promotional literature before deciding if it offers them anything of value. If it’s unclear what your brand is and what it does, your leaflet or flyer could end up in the bin in moments.

Are you getting the right message across?

With direct mail, particularly when it comes to small flyers and leaflets, you have limited space to place your message, so it needs to be concise and incredibly compelling. What is it that you want someone to do after reading your literature? Is it to visit your website? Complete a form for more information? Call you? It’s incredibly important to craft this message carefully and give readers a very good reason to spend their time contacting you or researching further information. It can be tricky to do this successfully, particularly for startup companies or businesses outside the UK who are trying to penetrate the UK market. Unsuccessful campaigns are a learning curve, but they can be very expensive and often you do not get a second chance to launch a new product effectively.

Get Some Help!


Having access to direct mail expertise in the UK could significantly help you to create compelling, successful campaigns that lead to concrete leads and sales. At Romax, we have a huge amount of expert knowledge on direct mail; we’ve made all the mistakes in the past and learned from them so you don’t have to! Not only that, but we have fantastic local knowledge of the UK market and can help you to craft strong messages and portray your brand in the most effective way to make your campaigns successful, time and time again. By working in partnership with us, you can tap into the lucrative UK market and expand your brand to an enormous array of new customers. For more information or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch; let’s discuss your business goals and help to make them a reality.


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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June 5, 2015

What did you say? Colour Envelopes With Full Variable Print?

Yes That’s Right: Colour Envelopes With Full Variable Print!

Recent technology improvements have lead to the development of a litho quality, variable colour print capability for overprinting envelopes for direct mail campaigns, so that a unique message, image as well as the recipient’s delivery details can be printed directly onto plain stock.

Short Run Envelope Print

What does this mean for Direct Marketing Experts?

Colour short run envelope over print is in itself, an area that buyers of direct marketing increasingly require. The improvement in database marketing, management and improved data targeting means that getting a clear and pertinent message to your customer is now an expectation. The best approach to direct mail is that of highly targeted marketing campaigns that pin-point more closely those customers that should be receiving a particular message and placing that message front of mind using the client’s preferred medium or mediums to do so. The development of this envelope technology now means there are even fewer limitations to a great marketing campaign

Selling your car? Want a Personalised Registration Number?

Car Sales

Motor retailers Toyota, for example, can now up sell cars, servicing plans or insurance services on the envelope as well as the content to the named person, using the car’s colour, make and model to gain the attention of the recipient from the minute it lands on the door mat.

romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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June 4, 2015

London Mailing House Tour a Success as Romax Can Organise a ‘Drinking Session’ in a Brewery!

London Mailing House Tour a Success

Couldn’t organise the proverbial ‘P*** Up’ in a brewery, couldn’t be further from the truth for Romax, as we host members of the South East Board for a tour of the Romax Facilities followed by a tour of the local Meantime Brewery in Greenwich.

20150528_190050 20150528_183946

As a digital manufacturing and digital print and mailing house in London, Romax operates from a well provisioned print facility providing direct mail print, mail fulfilment and direct mail, so as a manufacturing plant with an array of hi tech and industrial machinery, it is always fascinating to experience other manufacturing processes – particularly those with such ‘flavourable’ outcomes!

20150528_183258 20150528_180028

Meantime offer a very interesting tour and the beer is pretty good too! Our guests from the BPIF Board all commented on the event as being a great success. Direct Mail is used by many retailers to promote their brand to consumers and the success it provides as a return in investment from marketing spend, particularly when utilised as part of an OMNI channel or Multi Channel Marketing campaign is recognised as the best.

20150528_171313 Meantime Brewery

For more information about Romax a London Mailing House, please email: hello@romax.co.uk