March 27, 2019

6 brave employees help raise over £700

Chenyse Taylor, Nick Kenyon-Muir, Charlene Plows, Carol Critchell, Elisa David and Alina Agarkova all gave something up between 4th February and 29th March. Our team gave up home comforts including: hot dinners, hot drinks, hot showers, warm beds, sweets, chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks. Elisa took it to the next level and gave up EVERYTHING on the list.

It is hard to appreciate what homeless people go through every single day – this goes some way to help understand and highlight the issue.

Sadly, the number of homeless is increasing. Last year, Porchlight found 834 people sleeping rough… five years ago that figure was just 148. We want to help Porchlight to be there for everyone that needs support.

We managed to raise £350. To support team members, Romax also topped up £10 for each forfeited comfort per participant; that’s 35 so £350 making the total raised so far over £700.

Thank you to all our supporters and generous donors. We are glad that we can help Porchlight with their work helping the most vulnerable people in our community. The campaign “One Week Without” may be over, but our fundraising is not. We “dream big” and over the year are aiming to raise £5000 for Porchlight.

If you would like to help please visit:

February 12, 2018

Iceman Polar Challenge 2018 – Charity

————-  Challenge update at the end of the post (Pictures included) ————-


Robin Sumner, our Managing Director, will join the Ice Man Polar Challenge in April 2018. The Iceman Polar Challenge takes in 100km of Arctic terrain over 4 days after already having spent 4 days prior to the start acclimatising and honing our arctic survival skills. Robin will be dragging his own equipment using pulks – sledges – and will be self-sufficient as he camps and tramps over frozen land and sea.



Starting 50km from the most Northern and last inhabited place on earth. Robin will be encountering Polar Bears, Musk Ox, ice ravines and other cold and ice related dangers along the way where temperatures will drop well below freezing regularly dropping below -20°C.


Robin won’t be alone, Tim, another experienced (mad) sports person will join him.

“As part of a team with my good friend Tim, we are about to embark on a very chilly and extremely challenging event.”

This is not the first time that Robin has done a challenge, in the last years he completed a series of them:



The Iceman Polar Challenge is part of the 2018 Romax Marketing & Distribution Corporate Social Responsibility programme. All the money collected from the fundraising it will go to the Romax’s Charity of the year: Porchlight, a Kent based organisation that works with rough sleeping people to give them to have a safe place to call home.

Picture source: Porchlight


At Romax Marketing we are raising money for Porchlight via this challenge, if you would like to contribute, please follow the VirginMoney Giving link below. Thanks for your support!


DAY 1. Constable Point to Zemiteselv, via Postkassen Pass.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

DAY 2.  Ugle Elv to Kalkdal valley entrance, via Fame Islands

The lead team so far are Stuart Halford, Tom Waddell, Tim Ridge, Robin Sumner.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.


Day 3: Kalkdal valley entrance to foot of Dragon Glacier, via Kalkdal valley.

Day 4: Dragon Glacier to head of Sødal valley, via Bjerring Pedersens Glacier.



Robin’s team won the 4-day competition. Well done boss and Tim!

You can contribute to Porchlight charity at the following link: