January 15, 2021

Romax supports MemberWise, the leading membership and association professional network

Providing full membership management services to numerous membership organisations providing across the UK provides us with the ability to manage on demand requirements for Membership Card print, welcome pack fulfilment, renewal and reminder communications and other membership engagement communications.  

Romax wanted to work with MemberWise as both organisations focus on the best interests of the membership organisations that they work for at heart.

These include helping our clients to:

  • Increase new member recruitment
  • Improve existing member retention
  • Optimise member engagement
  • Enhance member value and growth
  • Develop sustainable and long term growth

MemberWise provides practical help and support for Membership and Association Professionals (at all levels and career stages) to enable them to improve existing member retention, increase new member acquisition, enhance value and optimise member engagement/participation in order to enable sustainable long-term growth.

December 4, 2020

Member Loyalty: 4 Management Tips to Keep Your Members Engaged in 2021

Member loyalty is key to membership retention. Acquiring new members is one thing, but keeping them is an entirely different challenge. Your efforts to woo people shouldn’t stop once they join your organization. Otherwise, you risk losing them. 

Member engagement is crucial to boosting their loyalty. According to the 2020 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, 43 per cent of organizations believe that lack of engagement is the number one reason members don’t renew membership. 

Through meaningful engagement and the right management strategies, your members can build a deeper connection with your organization, boosting your retention rate. Romax shares four management tips to keep your members engaged and loyal. 

1. Simplify your renewal process

Forgetting to renew is one reason behind low membership renewal rates. You can remedy this by simplifying your renewal process through digitization. 

Membership management services often include software implementation. The online platform allows new and existing members to join or renew within a few minutes. They can also update their profiles, access financial reports and membership summaries and make payments through the website. 

Some membership management software also has auto-renewal features allowing direct debit and recurring card payments. These options appeal to long-time members who don’t want to go through the renewal process multiple times. 

2. Create a membership engagement plan 

You need to have different strategies for your members, depending on their current level of engagement with your organization. Your membership engagement plan, therefore, should have three segments: fully engaged, mildly engaged and somewhat or not engaged. 

Fully engaged members are considered low-risk since they have higher chances of renewing. Focus most of your engagement tactics on the other two segments. 

Engagement strategies range from educational webinars, networking events, mentorship programs, downloadable content and simple email newsletters. Make sure you choose an engagement method that communicates clearly the unique selling proposition of your organization.

3. Find out why past members left 

You can’t always stop members from leaving. The best thing you can do in this situation is to find out why they want to leave. Barring personal circumstances, their reason for leaving can identify weaknesses in your membership management approach or engagement programs. 

Knowing why members leave provides insights that will help you improve member retention, especially if you notice any trends in their feedback. Plus, you can use this information to entice old members to come back. If you manage to resolve whatever factor they found unsatisfying, you may communicate the improvements you’ve made to make their membership more worthwhile.

 4. Make your website a useful resource 

Finally, your members-only website is where you can provide the most value for your users. Create a variety of exclusive, high-quality content, from industry reports and webinars to testimonials and member stories. Write about relevant, rising trends so your members can keep a pulse on the happenings in your industry. 

Make sure your website is optimized so that it loads quickly on any device. Slow load times negatively affect user experience and can get in the way of member engagement. 

If you have a separate customer relationship management (CRM) system, integrate it into your website. This strategy helps you promote tailored content to each of your members while improving your data collection. 

Enhancing member retention and engagement may seem like a challenge, but it’s attainable with the appropriate strategies and tools. If you need expert membership management support, Romax is here to assist you. We offer membership management services, helping you take care of your members by providing them with timely communication materials. With our services, you can improve your brand recognition, renewal rate and member loyalty. 

Connect with us today to learn more about our membership management services.

August 14, 2020

Accurate, targeted membership engagement retains loyalty.

If you’re responsible for an organisation that has members there are two ways to give them an experience that will keep them loyal whilst enthusiastically recommending you to others whilst retaining their loyalty.

The first is to make them feel special. Members like to feel they matter (as, of course, they do). They want to get the Rolls Royce treatment that reminds them why it’s so good to be part of your organisation.

Exceptional Communication

The second is exceptional communication. If you asked your members what they like about being a member, efficient administration that details their benefits and timely reminders of what events or activities they personally might be interested in is very likely to feature high on the list!

It can be easy to think that one is a human activity and the other is mostly to do with automation, but actually automation can make a dramatic difference to the member’s experience.

Think how you feel when the coupons and vouchers that come through the letterbox (or by email) are not only from your favourite shops, but relate directly to items you frequently buy. It makes you happy to be able to benefit from these.

If the offers are for items you never buy or from shops you don’t visit, they’re just useless bits of paper. That’s why excellent data management counts in improving how your customer feels.

Patrons, fund-raisers, volunteers, and more

  • If a volunteer for a charity likes to invest their time in attending events to represent you, sending them opportunities to do bucket collections doesn’t make them feel as special. If they get more opportunities to do what they enjoy, they’ll do it more often and continue to do so.
  • If a patron gets notices of a production that’s a light comedy, but they’ve only ever attended dramas, that communication is going to be ignored. If they mostly get notices of the kind of production they enjoy, they’re more likely to buy tickets.
  • Appropriate communications based on the data that you hold, across your organisation that allows you to target accurately messages that have resonance with the recipient, are much more likely to create a positive response.

You may look at all these and be thinking ‘great in principle, but incredibly time-consuming to deliver’. That’s only partly true; the data needs to be available. It’s usually easy to collect, but it doesn’t require a whole team of people to manage it. In today’s digital world, all the data can be automated. You probably guessed that this is also possible with electronic communications across web. email and sms – there are platforms that offer a version of personalised communication that ensures brand guardianship across all media types. And, did you know that even when you don’t have a large volumes to send, that printing of personalised material is possible?

Imagine the impact on your members when they get highly bespoke information in every direct mail or email from you? That’s what will make them feel really special.

Want to know more about this? Please talk to us about what you want to achieve – and we’ll find a solution that works for your organisation.

January 29, 2020

Making the complex simple

Case study

Metfriendly provide financial products and services to the police service. One of their challenges was to process complicated financial information into statements for members. Given the variety of member services, variable documents that needed to be included and the need for security of information, this had been done manually in-house.

Romax tackled the problem with extensive knowledge of data-driven personalised print, mail fulfilment and postage discounts. We then put our technical team on the case and they created a program that allowed a variable statement print run.

With sophisticated software and state-of-the-art print and enclosing equipment, each pack had a specific barcode to tell the machines which statement sheets and additional documents needed to be enclosed.

In addition to this a lower cost postage service, combined with tracking to confirm delivery was used. Postage costs were reduced while efficiency went up.


Metfriendly’s members get exactly what they need – whether that’s 4 pages or 13 pages.

Metfriendly pay virtually half of what they used to in postage.

Members receive relevant information on associated products and services that result in additional sales. So instead of being a cost, this mailout actually generates revenue.

What did Metfriendly think?

“With hindsight it seems rather silly that we persevered for so many years folding, stuffing and posting these statements ourselves!” David Hurcomb, IT Manager

“Just wanted to add my thanks.” Ben Grainger – COO

January 14, 2020

How a Data-Driven Strategy Improves Membership Renewal Programmes

Any organisation that has a membership programme understands the difficulties of retaining members. It’s common to see membership renewal numbers decline even as new membership numbers increase. This disparity can be the cause of problems in the future, especially if retention rates continue to fall.

Organisations adopt different strategies to encourage existing members to renew with them. But these one-size-fits-all strategies are ineffective with today’s consumers. Personalisation is the key to effective strategies. Failure to understand this will lead to ineffectual retention strategies that result in lost members and profits.

Strengthen your renewal strategy with the help of your member database. Utilising that information gives you the insights necessary for developing effective membership management programmes. Employ data-driven strategies to shift your focus towards areas that drive membership renewals.

Use Predictive Analytics in Developing a Membership Renewal Strategy

Predictive analytics uses information from your member database to create behavioural patterns that predict outcomes and trends. The information here offers insights that might have eluded other analyses.

Using previous year renewal data, determine who among your members are the most likely to renew. Part of creating an effective renewal programme involves understanding that not everyone will continue their membership with your organisation. Shift your focus and efforts on those who will stay with your organisation.  

Aside from your data, gather information from your industry and competitors. Members who choose not to renew often move on to the competition. Compare renewal rates and retention initiatives to provide members with competitive services.

Craft a Data-Driven Communications Strategy

Renewals fall short because of an ineffective communications strategy. Determine which channels are the most effective for your members to create strategies that produce positive results. Additionally, tailor your renewal messages to each member for a personalised touch.

  • Email Notifications: The shift towards digital has made online renewals a common option for different organisations. Use email notifications to drive members towards your online renewal platform.
  • Snail Mail Reminders: Do not discount traditional letters from your communications strategy. Include an invoice and a set of instructions in the letter so your members are fully informed of the renewal process.
  • Phone Call Alerts: Phone calls are the easiest to personalise per member. This communication method allows you to directly pitch your renewal plan to members. 

Offer Incentives to Encourage Renewals

When a member chooses to renew their contract, it means they trust your brand. Show them your appreciation by offering incentives upon their renewal.

It’s common practice to provide discounts for on-time or early-bird renewals. Another option would be to offer an instalment payment plan. Aside from these, you can include a rewards system in your renewal strategy. Some organisations partner with third party businesses to gift members with perks like travel packages.

Before deciding on an incentives programme, it is important to determine its effectiveness before implementation. This saves you the trouble of investing in the wrong incentives.

Working with Membership Management Specialists

Membership renewal is essential in developing your organisation. It fosters brand loyalty by reminding members of your value. Improve your renewal with a reliable partner, Romax.

We are a team of experts committed to helping you manage memberships. Our data-driven approach creates solutions that strengthen your connection with your audience. We use a combination of off-line and on-line services to develop a comprehensive membership management programme that yields results.

Find out more about our services here. We would love to hear from you!

August 13, 2019

Growing Your Organisation? Double Down on Membership Management

Membership Management is essential to growing an organisation. Especially when you own a subscription-based business like a gym, club or a dance studio.

If you own a business like any of these and are looking to scale, a combination of traditional and digital techniques can help you achieve your goal.

It’s important, for example, to take the time to listen to your members and hear from them directly what exactly it is they are looking for. And as we live in an era where technology is so intertwined with our day-to-day lives, it makes sense to use technology to get in touch with your members and hear what they have to say, first-hand. It’s no exaggeration to say that the key to succeeding as a business is literally right in the palm of your hands.

Here are some ways you can combine technology and traditional methods to improve member management and, consequently, grow your business:

Give Your Members a Warm Welcome

Welcoming new members, naturally, is a crucial step in ensuring that you won’t go out of business. However, onboarding can be troublesome, given that there’s just so much to do. Like for example reaching out to people, convincing them of the rewards and bonuses that your business can offer, showing them around the organisation, and so on and so forth.

So, if you are looking for ways to make onboarding a little less stressful, seek the services of a company that offers a membership welcome pack. Romax, for example, provides weekly, monthly, and annual communication, on top of an impressive membership welcome pack.

With this service, you get to make new members feel welcome while giving them a great first impression of your organisation. Regular newsletters and emails also allow your members to review their perks and benefits. And be updated on any rewards and gift programs, promos and discounts, and other happenings in your business.

Keep Your Database Organised

Another thing most subscription-based businesses face is the challenge of reporting and managing analytics. It truly is difficult to pull out all of your membership reports when you need them when you’re looking to sort through tens, maybe even hundreds or thousands of files. Moreover, it’s even more of a challenge to ensure their accuracy. At times, this leaves you with an additional cost just to get consistent status reports.

This is why it’s important to keep your database as updated as possible. Add, edit and delete entries as often as necessary. If you’re in the process of scaling the business, you can always choose the traditional way of updating a database. But there is a high chance for human error, and it can be a very time-consuming process.

You may want to consider integrating software that lets you add, edit and delete entries accurately and with ease. This system should automate most of your admin processes without jeopardising its quality.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

A smooth communication process is crucial to sustaining your business. We’re not only pertaining to communication within the business, but also with your members.

Use communication tools that are accessible to everyone that needs to be on-board, but still secure enough that no crucial information is compromised. Additionally, they should be efficient. Ensure you are connected and reachable by your audience at all times. Something that is particularly important for the modern organisation.

It also pays to customise the way you communicate. Your members enjoy personalised interactions that address their needs. Emails with personalised subject lines, for example, are more likely to be opened compared to those with a generic subject. Delivering custom messages allows your members to feel their personal value to the organisation.

Grow Your Club Through Effective Membership Management

In the end, a membership-based business will start with a few members. If successful will eventually grow to over a hundred and more. And the more your business succeeds and expands, the harder it can be to meet the needs of your customers when you aren’t equipped with the right resources.

And as a business owner, you know for a fact that organising club dues and scheduling events can be tiring. All of these are part of membership management and it can really take up all your time, making it difficult, sometimes even impossible, to attend to other core operations. But that’s precisely what Romax is about —making membership management more efficient and convenient for you.

We offer robust and customisable membership management services that can assist you in welcoming and engaging your members – two factors that are pivotal to membership retention. Sustain and scale your business with help from Romax.

Visit our website today and see how Romax can help you ease your membership-based business processes.

February 20, 2018

The value of membership marketing

Membership marketing

Membership marketing is when an organisation starts a membership programme with the aim of generating additional income, generating leads, and/or achieving other organisational goals. In other words, a membership programme is designed to offer clear benefits to the members over a specified time period in exchange for something of value to the business i.e. subscription fees, engagement, sales opportunities, etc.

The membership process generally comprises three basic stages: acquisition of new members,  providing value to the members and renewing their memberships plan. Each stage is usually broken down into sub-stages, and each one of those is aligned to specific types of communication.

Membership marketing impact on businesses

Membership marketing offers businesses some very powerful benefits. One of the biggest is that it helps you secure a regular, predictable income, which is key to creating stability and growth. Another major benefit is that, since people love to be part of something, it earns loyalty; and having a base of loyal members is a great starting point for launching and marketing other profitable goods or services – essentially it gives you a database of warm leads. It can also lead to wider brand exposure since many members will spread the word for you.

How to get it right

Firstly, you need a clear idea of how it fits into your general marketing strategy. What do you want to achieve? More revenue? More engagement? More sales or bookings? Once you know what your objectives are you can then design your membership programme around them.

The next stage is understanding your target audience. Who are they? What makes them tick? What problems do they need to solve? This knowledge is essential for making decisions about what to include in the membership.

Then you need to design the membership communication cycle. At Romax we suggest there are five stages in the cycle:

  1. Welcome pack
  2. Activities
  3. Newsletter, Catalogue or Magazine
  4. Unexpected Content
  5. Renewal letter.

Each stage should have well-crafted communications that help you bond with members, deliver value and encourage continued membership. This can mean a lot of specialist work, which is why many businesses partner with marketing firms like Romax who first help you plan the cycle, and then use their specialist resources to produce high-quality content both in print and digital media.

This type of service also helps you measure results and then use the data to improve the programme.

It’s worth noting that some firms choose to focus on digital communication because it’s cheaper and easier to analyse. However, the online market is heavily saturated and many people are suffering from email fatigue which lessens the impact of digital communications. So, to get ahead, many businesses are opting for traditional print media because its tangibility offers something real, that is, something tactile for the member and that in turn strengthens the brand perception.

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for organisations such as Southbank Centre, DKMS and PlusNetContact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

January 24, 2018

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Membership Management

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Direct Mail is one of the top three recruitment channels for new members (32%.) *


According to the 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report by Marketing General Incorporated*, Word-of-Mouth WOM and digital marketing are the top two recruitment channels for  recruiting members, followed closely by Direct Mail in the third position (32%.) The indisputable impact of Direct Mail is evident, so, managing your direct mail efficiently helps to meet your marketing acquisition goals. Read more 5 reasons to introduce more printed client communication.

How does Outsourcing Membership Communication add value?

There are a series of factors that you need to combine to have produced successful membership communication.  Firstly, you must know your membership lifecycle, have a yearly plan to create recruits, increase engagement and renewal.

You can do it on your own, which implies printing welcome letters and packs, and sending it to new members, preparing the monthly communications, manage the print, proofreading, ensuring distribution costs are favourable and coping with response management. Or you can outsource part or the whole membership programme to a proven supplier.

The benefits of outsourcing are many, from optimising the budget spent on releasing your team to work on strategy rather than order processing. We present you with some powerful reasons to outsource your printed membership communication management:

  1. Timing – Increase Client Satisfaction.

A welcome pack is a must-have in the first step for a new members’ communication, as it provides recognition of a  special status, providing them with the benefits to enjoy your exclusive programme and helps them to connect with your offer. The quality of the card, paper and the rest of content that you send impacts on their psychology and association with your brand. Moreover, the quicker they receive the welcome pack, the better the impression of your organisation and the sooner they start to use your services. 51% of membership associations send a mailed Welcome Pack in 2017 and 47% includes a membership card. *

Outsourcing the welcome pack production and despatch service provides the assurance that your member will receive their welcome pack in a certain period previously agreed with the Direct Marketing Supplier as an SLA.

Why is the timing important for a membership organisation? Because maintaining your high brand perception and prompting the first participation in your services. Is easy as that.

At Romax Marketing we can send a welcome pack in less than 48 hours after receiving the member’s application data.


  1. Automatise your printed communication – Save time.

By using a Direct Marketing Supplier, you save time in preparing the direct mail communication, proofing, printing, sending it, and managing the response. The huge amount of time saved is proportional to the number of different level of membership because every one of them requires a different offer or communication based on their status. For instance, there are some museums who have nine types of membership, as a result, more than 30 different texts for the same communication.

Thanks to automatisation software, your membership supplier will only require from you the list of members and the text and image for each, and they will prepare and send your communication.

The amount of time saved is massive, and the impact on your brand and your marketing team productivity is huge.


  1. Save money on postage – £14,000 for instance.

Membership organisations send a large number of printed communications, welcome letters or welcome packs, monthly communication such as newsletter or activities programme, and renewal forms.  You can benefit from discounts for volume using a Membership Management Supplier, who has deals with postal suppliers that provide you with a substantial discount for both UK and Overseas postage.

The amount of discount depends on multiple factors such as the type of letter or welcome pack, weight, volume, etc. but we are here to help guide you through that complexity. To put this in context, at Romax, we sent more than 96K printed communications for just one of our Art organisation clients, reducing their postage spend by £14,000. How many new members could you attract with this extra budget?

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for organisations such as Southbank Centre, DKMS and PlusNetContact us: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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January 16, 2018

[Webinar] 5 Successful Strategies to Improve Your Membership Programme

Free Webinar: 5 Successful Strategies to Improve Your Membership Programme

24th January 2018 | 1 pm GMT

To make your Membership Programme a real success, you need to truly understand and engage your members through conversation on media platforms of their choosing.
Learn what works best to welcome members and ensure that they both benefit from their membership whilst increasingly supporting your organisation.

From the live free webinar 5 Successful Strategies to Improve Your Membership Programme, you will:

  • Learn how to achieve instant engagement through rapid and engaging content
  • Understand how to interact with members across all media types at the right time to suit them
  • Improve your chances of early and increased renewal
  • Be introduced to techniques aimed at increasing member spend
  • See how to successfully grow their membership


When:  TOMORROW Wednesday 24th January 2018
Time: 1 pm GMT
Host: Robin Sumner, Managing Director Romax Marketing & Distribution.



Romax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Membership Communication Services.  We work with membership organisations such as DMKS, Southbank Centre, V&A and PlusNet.

January 3, 2018

How a Membership Programme Increases Loyalty and Renewals

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.


Are you looking for new ways to convert and reactivate new and old customers? The answer is most likely yes, who doesn’t want to reduce the time spent on converting a new client, whilst increasing the number of membership renewals?

As a marketer, are you wondering how to increase your member loyalty, upgrade their status, increase their use of your services, convert them into an ambassador of your brand and increase the likelihood of them renewing without having to chase them. The answer to your dilemma is a fully interactive Membership Programme.


De Vere Hotels Membership – Case Study at the end of the blog post.


What is a Membership Programme – MP?

A membership programme is an excellent way to find new customers and retain current. The status of a member through a subscription, which can be paid or unpaid subject to your chosen model.

The organisations and companies who are likely to implement a Membership Programme are those who provide a permanent advantage or privilege reflected in special services, products or give beneficial access to their installations or activities.

Art organisations, such as Southbank Centre and V&A Museum, are using their MP successfully as an important way to acquire and retain members.  However, such programmes are applicable to a wide range of organisations who offer permanent services associated to a monthly or annual fee, such as professional organisations, charities, leisure centres, gyms, insurance companies, who also refer to their customers as members, because they received a welcome pack detailing services according to the plan selected.

You are not a customer with American Express – or the Automobile Association, you are a ‘Member Since’, this differential instils a belonging amongst its ‘customers’ inferring membership as a privilege, not a business transaction.


What Constitutes Membership Communication?

A membership communication is a series of useful and personalised communications, across all media both printed and electronic, to your members aimed at increasing your brand recognition, customer engagement with your product, services as well as a brand.

There are multiple options and the frequency that you communicate will depend on the services schedule and promotions that you have in a certain period. However, there are some ‘must have’ communications that should be considered to keep your brand front of mind and push the first purchase or user interaction. Regular printed and digital communication are needed.

How often do you have to send them?

It will depend on your offer and your capacities of managing the material either internally or with a direct marketing partner and marketing agency. At Romax Marketing, we review the stage of your business, the offers and services that you provide, the type and expectation of your market and of course your budget, then make best practice and practical advice on how to leverage that to your best advantage. 


What kind of information do I have to send?

  1. Welcome Pack

Every time a new client or member comes along, sending a welcome pack is strongly recommended, this must include:

  • Personalised welcome letter and thanks
  • Personalised member card or at least a list of member/customer benefits and how to access them
  • Call to action. Such as the current offer activities, a discount coupon or code if you are selling products or services.
  • Where best to find you – the local branches – events in the members geographical area.

Additionally, you can include in the welcome pack your latest magazine issue and other marketing collateral. London Zoo’s welcome pack includes a member card, welcome letter, a member’s seasonal guide,  activities book, a height record chart, some badges with animal’s pictures which are very popular with children and the discount offers pack.


  1. Activities Programme

The best way to encourage customers and members to join in your activities are by sending them targeted content. Most membership organisations segment their members according to their status.

For example, the V&A museum has four membership types: Standard, Under 26, Contributing and Patrons. All of them have access to all their collections, but the Patrons have private events which include visiting the studios of Sir Antony Gormeley OBE for example or invitations to the annual dinner. For this reason, the V&A museum sends a targeted communication to their members, which have different text and different images to reflect the membership and drive engagement suited to the member type.


va_full_letter_1 va_full_letter_2 va_full_letter_3







3. Newsletter, Catalogue or Magazine

Providing members with useful information that they can read and keep for a long time is another way to build your brand and increase engagement. The options are varied, a smart A4 bi-fold newsletter, such as Romax sends quarterly or a more elaborate magazine. You can also send them catalogues if you have a services or products to offer that hold variable content directed to the individual recipient.  Remember that 63% of people prefer to read brochures and catalogues in printed format, source: It’s all about Mail and Email, Royal Mail MarketReach, 2014.

4. Unexpected Content

 To stand out from the crowd, your content must be innovative. When you receive something unexpected or different, it grabs the attention and reinforces your brand recall. Including an insert in your regular communication is a low-cost option. Romax, for example, includes such items as a guide to Paper and Envelope Dimensions or a Marketing ‘Key Dates’ Calendar, to act as a reminder to you for the whole year.  Unexpected content, or the design to portray your offer, when thought through has not cost prohibitive. Imagination and clever use of data to drive your message correctly will pay dividends.

5. Renewal Letter

This is probably ‘THE’ key communication for any organisation seeking to improve or start a member benefits programme. It’s the way to portray your organisation, its activities and promote member loyalty. Giving them multiple options on how and when to renew their membership is essential. Nowadays, any payment is the best payment, printed forms and timely reminders will create action from your member and help you to accelerate the renewal process. Did you know that 92% of people went to online as a result of receiving Direct Mail?

Southbank Centre Membership send a designated sequence of letters around the renewal process which drives membership and increases retention.

Sending a renewal communication also gives you the opportunity to present other plan options and recommend upgrades, both, for the membership plan and to increase the number of members. In one year a lot of things can happen!


How Do I Send Membership Communications?

Sending your offer by email is cheaper, but remember that 70% of people say, “I feel that I receive too many emails” and 51% of the emails are deleted within two seconds. Moreover, if you want to impact on your members, you need to send them a targeted printed communication. Brands that communicate through print are perceived as higher quality, with increased brand trust.

You can manage your own “printing” in situ or you can outsource this job to companies as Romax Marketing to improve your user experience, reduce turnaround, save on print costs and reduce postage expense.


Remember: High Quality is an Investment, Not a Cost

How you portray your organisation is an important part of your brand.  A study realised by Sappi, shows that when people assess brands purely on the way they were being promoted (high quality versus cheaper uncoated paper and online), they found they were three times more likely to recall the name of the brand which had a high-quality and coated paper and was more impressed by that company. A high-quality welcome pack can make a massive difference in the perception and offers associated with your brand.



Case Study – De Vere Hotels Membership


De Vere is a collection of modern, country estate hotels with mansion houses at their heart, mixing leisure with marketing-leading conference facilities.

They set the challenge of launching “De Vere Golf Points”, a loyalty programme, with the goal to recruit 3,5K infrequent golfer to use their 16 courses.

The research showed that the target audience wouldn’t be engaged by something called Golf Points. Insight showed the target was a real golfer who wanted all the benefits, heritage, style, emotion and status that come with a real golf club membership.

The solution was a new brand, look and feel based on a far more aspirational name was created: The De Vere Club. A stylish and elegant “Golf your Way” campaign was launched with a promise to “change the way you play golf forever.”


The results on the first six months were:

  • 700 full cost memberships sold – worth up to £2,500 pa.
  • 3,220 De Vere Club memberships were sold across 22 sites
  • Golf membership has grown by 130%.

Source: DMA






Romax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550


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October 11, 2017

5 reasons to introduce more printed client communication

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.


In business, there are a series of strategies to build loyalty from your clients and prospects. There are companies which include loyal programs to encourage their customers to reach goals, such as an amount of points collected, to receive discounts or other benefits. Moreover, they also know their purchase behaviour and help to target and promote products suitable for them and reduce excessive printed membership communication.

Likewise, arts and other organisations have implemented membership schemes, which allows them to segment their offer depending on the type of level chosen by the member.

The result of this segmentation is a series of targeted communications that might have to be released at different times throughout the month, dependent on when the customer or member joined, their member status, their associated benefits, renewal state or when they should receive their monthly bill or magazine.

Whilst sending the same generic communication, across both digital or printed mediums, to all the clients and/or members is common practice because it is ‘easy’, it does little to further engage the member with your brand or helps you to increase engagement. The consequence is a lower response ratio, less loyalty and fewer renewals.

Undoubtedly, printed communication has an important role in marketing strategy. Research confirms how physical advertising and communication is more successful because it is more readily absorbed by the brain, involving more emotional process across multiple senses, not just sight. As a result, it produces more brain responses which help to reach a brand recall 70% higher than digital communications.

Here you have 5 reasons to introduce more printed client communication:

  1. Increase your client’s satisfaction – Welcome pack

Email open rates are around 20% depending on the industry, according to Royal Mail MarketReach, 83% of people read and 69% interact with a mail with information update. Furthermore, as soon as your client or member receives their loyalty or member card in a neatly presented welcome pack, the likelihood that they will buy a further product or participate in an event increases significantly: 97% of people were influenced to make an online purchase as a direct result of receiving mail.

  1. Personalised printed communications increase sales

Personalisation is crucial in your communication and with printing, you can achieve better results. A targeted letter is more than “dear name”, if you want a big impact, you must include variable printed communication that utilises alternative text and images for every target group within your campaign.


For example, charitable organisations used personalisation to request a different amount of donations according to each donor’s annual income, which is obtained by profiling the database. This targeted communication made a big impact on their funding campaigns.


The Salvation Army received on average £22.53 via mail compared with the £2.08 with paid search.

Personalised printed communication helps to increase the number of sales, the value of each purchase and influence renewals within a loyalty programme.

At Romax Marketing & Distribution we use software that matches each record that you have in your database with the correct content collateral. Clients such as the retailer Emma Bridgewater use it on their catalogues and other communications because it increases their campaign ROI.

 Increase the client’s renewal target and ROI

It’s a fact that a physical targeted communication has a greater impact than an electronic one alone, but, when we talk about the annual membership renewal, the combination of targeting and printed communication makes a big difference.

Using mail in a campaign can increase the ROI by 27% and 40% for sales and acquisition respectively, according to Royal Mail MarketReach.

  1. Printed Membership communication management optimises the overall process

Sending a print communication takes time: preparing it, proofing, printing and then sending it. Add to that managing the returns/response. If you have, for example, nine types of different members – or clients, and every one of them has a different level, benefit or list of products, that can be 30 different types of text alone. Automating the process will reduce time on proofing and pre-press and shorten the time it takes from a member joining or a new client signing up until they receive their welcome pack.

Managing the communication with a direct marketing supplier, set up on with an automated workflow to service the requirements for your member or client, which includes, variable text, images and whatever you decide is crucial content. You only have to upload your member/client database and they prepare, proof and send your communication to your client, releasing you and your team to focus on acquisition rather than administration.

The amount of time saved is massive with a high impact on your brand and productivity.

  1. Outsourced printed membership communication management saves money on postage – £30,000

Discounts for volume is something that can help you save a lot of money. At Romax we work with many membership organisations, reducing their postage costs substantially for both UK and Overseas postage.

By making recommendations to Sadler’s Wells we demonstrated an average saving of £7,500 in postage alone for every brochure season mailing, that meant an annual saving of over £30k.

Of course, the discount depends on multiple factors such as the type of letter or welcome pack, weight, volume, etc. but we are here to help guide you through that complexity.

If you are still not convinced about outsourcing your communication management, then challenge us to see how Romax can help you to manage your clients and/or member communication better. With our 20 years of experience supplying personalised printed communication services for organisations such as Southbank Centre, DKMS and Mercedes-Benz, you’ve got nothing to lose.






References: Royal Mail Market Reach


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August 20, 2015

Is it Time to Refresh your Membership?

Is it Time to Refresh Your Membership and Re-evaluate Your Approach?

Members of an organisation are its lifeblood. But what is the perfect member?

How many members do you want? Or need? Or can the organisation cope with?

Who is your target member(s)? Which members bring the best to the organisation?

The list goes on and on. What is the best way to not only recruit but to retain members, and how do you increase the length of an average membership?

Membership of an organisation revolves around the positive outcomes that the member receives by being a member of that organisation, so how do you improve on that, and continue to make the benefits of membership to the member far outweigh the cost or commitment of membership?

Firstly, value, the cost of membership must be ‘worth it’. Exclusive clubs give the perception of worth through limited membership and high cost, the perceived value of membership being that of exclusivity. The majority of members, however, must feel that there is a greater fiscal return or emotional value (usually both) compared to the cost of membership.

Best assets: Highest Critics – Not listening, Not responding and fundamentally not ‘representing the needs’ of your members is the quickest way to reduce membership. Any organisation offering membership, should, rather than stipulating rules and dictating terms, services etc, be open to feedback that moves the organisation forward AND therefore is seen as a thought leader and proactive organisation. Often organisations react too slowly, (They do say if you want something done don’t involve a committee) but there must be a way for organisations to streamline and think more radically to meet the ever increasing and diverse needs of a broad membership.

Appropriate, timely and proactive communication for your membership is critical. But not every section of your membership is going to either need or want to hear about every aspect. How then do you define who gets what information and how do you manage that? Of course, this is down to what data is held and the storage of that data in a way that allows for ease of access and defines sections and subsections of a membership accurately. It must also allow for real-time interaction between the member and the data so that the experience is genuine and accurate. This brings us onto the software used for membership data storage. I am certainly not qualified to make any suggestions for this as the range of options and your needs are massive, but the following site provides a good software comparison across a multitude of sectors: Capterra

You are not alone! Remember, there are various forums and networks for membership organisations. Peer to peer communication makes for a stronger sector. Discussions within an industry around industry-related issues or concerns that effect the organisation or more importantly the members of that organisation, mean that resolutions can be found and common problems resolved to everyone’s benefit. One such network is the Membership Management Forum

Timely and Relevant Communication. Membership is not something that happens at annual renewal time. It is a strategic process, a process that needs to be implemented daily. Implementation happens through participation. Touchpoints that are relevant to the period of membership involve that member adding value to their experience and creating a further ambassador for your organisation. Be it a quarterly magazine, regular email with interesting articles, request for voluntary help, a survey, a call or something FREE that only members will benefit from. If when eating out, the only time the waiter paid any attention to you was when they placed a smiley face on the printed bill won’t make you want to come back or make a recommendation in a hurray! An article by Carol Dunitz Ph.D provides invaluable insight and a great reminder on how to approach communication.

There is no one size fits all solution to membership, but I believe that membership organisations need to work a little smarter to improve the experience their members experience and the first place to do that is to around the information that is shared and the two-way communication between the member and the organisation. The more involved the more data is known, the more valued the member feels as a result.


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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