November 20, 2018

Communicating the Single Customer View

Successful Organisations are Built on Successful Communication

Successful Communication is only achievable through a well-managed deliberate process. Organisations may have data that allows them a Single Customer View of their activities. But how do you ensure that all of your data-driven customer communication that originates from each area of the business remains relevant and on Brand?


Brand Safeguarding

All organisations struggle to keep on brand across a multitude of communication platforms. The operational department often needs to make compromises. And employees will not always communicate the business following brand guidelines. Damage limitation is key to this process. And finding a way to improve the way your brand is communicated that is manageable, flexible, simply updated and scalable is every business’ Nirvana!


Customer Journey

We all know that to convert a new consumer customer can take an average of approximately 8 touch points before the enquiry. Converting that lead into a customer and then retaining that customer also needs a clearly defined brand focussed communication plan.

Winning the business only the start. All new clients go through an onboarding process, the more complicated the service the more critical that process is. To ensure that your clients see this ‘honeymoon’ process as well-managed and slick, communicated professionally, they will further endorse and congratulate their own decision to choose you, making onward recommendations of your brand more favourable.

Introduce all new products or services properly to the new subscriber, making them feel satisfied with their choice. To ‘Under Promise and Over Deliver’ is always the way to make your brand shine out. Promising what you can’t deliver will burn the bridge of you new relationship immediately. And will undoing all that hard work in marketing and sales to win it in the first place.


Post-Sale Customer Touch Points

These forgotten but vital communications during the customer journey. They can enhance – or damage – your brand affecting the longevity of your customer life.

Poor presentation across operational departments can damage the brand. Accounts/Operations/presenting a different message to Sales and Marketing. Keeping these messages On Brand across all of your data-driven communications very often requires a service provider that is responsible for it.


Modern customers want a business that is above reproach, transparent and focussed on their personal needs. You should see customers as both unique and on trend. Your business needs to be aware that to win and retain their loyalty it is the business that must demonstrate, through their brand and communication, your brand’s loyalty to them.

What is your brand doing for your customer? How do you keep that message communicated at every touch point? And allow for two-way communication, feedback loops via data centres that allow your clients to interact and improve their own experience. As well as providing you with invaluable business intelligence data. To ensure that data-driven customer communication is structured, consistent and driven by the vision of your organisation rather than for it to be diluted across departments your business needs complete a review of your communication platforms with a view to aligning them all to the central goals of the business.

From our experience working with many clients, this can be a challenging but hugely beneficial process. Streamlining communication and safeguarding your brand, keeping it on message through an experienced communication management company will reduce your work and improve your results.

February 2, 2015

Streamline your client communication processes using single supplier outsourcing

Streamline your client communication processes using single supplier outsourcing

 We all know that life for a professional working in membership or marketing communications can be hectic and it’s essential to make the best use of your time, to ensure the best results for your clients. One way to achieve this is by working with a single dedicated supplier, rather than many. Here are four ways you can streamline your business processes, by outsourcing through a marketing services company:

Tired of dealing with multiple suppliers? Hours spent on the phone, dealing with layers of admin and payments? At Romax, we remove the administration hassle from your to-do list. We have access to a huge breadth of contract specialists and when you work with us, you’ll only have to deal with one quote process, one supplier and one invoice. We take care of the individual admin processes for each person you work with, saving you valuable time to do what’s important to you and your business.

 One downfall of using multiple suppliers, is that you can’t always guarantee they’ll have the skills or experience you require and time is often lost in logistics and communication orchestrating the project. Poor effort, lack of knowledge and shoddy craftsmanship can be damaging, not only to your product but to your schedule. By outsourcing to an efficient, audited and professional company, you will succeed in making yourself and your projects successful. That’s why it’s essential to trust the professionals you engage with. At Romax, we take care of the filtering process for you. We’ll ensure that only highly trained and motivated professionals are appointed to take care of your projects, allowing you peace of mind.

All that extra time you’ll save means you can put your resources into delivering quality projects for your clients. You’ll have the freedom to focus on your in-house team, making sure they have everything they need to get the job done. All the while, your brilliant team of outsourced specialists will be contributing to the workflow, rather than slowing it down.

 Deliver to your customers faster Become more cost effective

 When you take into account the cost of staffing your in-house team, outsourcing can often be a highly cost-effective solution. Whether you’re bringing in an entire creative team, or just one specialist for a specific project, the time and money saved on finding that perfect person and then employing them directly can become considerable. Add to that the administration staff required to manage a wide and varied team of individuals, and the costs continue to rise. By using a marketing services company like Romax, you can concentrate funds on your core business provisions, without becoming distracted by additional administration costs.