January 6, 2021

The value of direct mail marketing in e-commerce

The value of direct mail marketing in the digital age

The digital landscape is always crowded as businesses from all industries use it for their marketing needs. Consumers are often overwhelmed by the constant barrage of sponsored social media posts, banner ads, and email blasts. Many consumers choose to tune out these marketing messages, resulting in wasted efforts by the business or its marketing arm.

Direct mail marketing manages to circumvent this scenario by:

  • Avoiding the intense competition of digital strategies
  • Driving engagement through personalisation
  • Building more trust with its target audience, and
  • Improving website traffic through higher organic visits

Achieve these goals with your e-commerce business by using direct mail marketing tactics in your business strategy.

How to use direct mail marketing for e-commerce

Direct mail marketing is traditionally geographically locked and focused on specific demographics. But using your existing customer database from your online engagements and transactions, you can further customise the process to gain more customers and improve retention.

Identify and reward loyal customers

Check your database and identify which customers made multiple purchases. Rather than sending them promo codes through email, opt to send them personalised postcards in the mail. You can use the postcard to notify them of their reward balance and what it entitles them to on your e-commerce site.

Generate renewed interest

Review your database and identify loyal customers who haven’t placed an order or opened your email blasts in six months. Send them a special offer through the mail to generate renewed interest in your e-commerce site. Include a sneak peek of your new products or offer exclusive access to them through marketing collaterals you can include in the mail.

Get customer feedback

If you’re in the middle of brainstorming new products or improving current ones, it’s helpful to receive feedback from your target audience. Consider sending a letter or postcard inviting loyal customers to provide feedback, whether through a survey or an interview. Print a QR code or a website link on the note. Then, you can include an exclusive promo code to encourage participation.

Direct mail marketing solutions for e-commerce

Transform the way you promote and advertise your e-commerce site by taking it offline. Discover the advantages direct mail marketing can provide to your e-commerce business by partnering with the right organisation.

Romax is a leading name in marketing. We combine modern solutions with traditional strategies for a comprehensive marketing campaign. Get in touch with us today and let us help you improve your business performance.

September 15, 2020

Do you have a Brand Champion?

What is a brand champion? Larger organisations often have one – and it is an important role that has the responsibility for promoting and protecting your organisation’s image.

A brand champion has responsibilities both inside your organisation and externally.

They may be part of the team who creates and develops the brand, which also ensures they have 100% buy-in to ensuring that everyone in the organisation ‘gets it’. Even if your brand champion is picking up the baton for an existing brand, they will need to be a manager, often one of your senior team, who have the authority and understanding to carry out this critical role.

It’s all about education

The brand champion’s first role is to encourage brand loyalty internally. The brand ethos and values need to be bought into by everyone who works in the organisation. It’s more than just a mission statement framed on the manager’s wall, it’s a way of working and it’s important that every employee feels that their organisation is worth working for.

Outside the organisation it’s about creating a strong personality for your brand, so customers, suppliers and competitors recognise it and respect it.

The brand champion is responsible for ensuring the senior team (and the Board) act in line with brand values in all the decisions that are made.  That means that the designated brand champion may need to have considerable diplomatic and persuasive skills!

The devil is in the detail

When the brand is designed it’s good practice to have a brand guidelines document drawn up – and to ensure everyone in the organisation not only knows it exists, but has a working knowledge of what it says.

Brand guidelines cover:

  • The logo design and the way in which it can be used
  • Your brand colours
  • The fonts that represent your look and feel
  • Your ethos and values you want to convey
  • The words and phrases associated with your brand

In fact, anything that is used to represent the organisation.  This is all developed to include the way your website looks, the kind of information you present and the language you use.  It sounds picky – but it all contributes to an image that is one everyone can stand behind proudly.

The brand guidelines should be a document that everyone knows where to find and actively uses to ensure every time the company brand is used it presents the right message, not just an approximation.  It says ‘This is who we are’.  

Any external agency that you work with, marketing agency, social media managers, printers, PR experts – anyone who represents your brand – should all be familiar with your brand guidelines.

Why is this important? Because it sends a subtle, but powerful, message and everything your company produces tells the same story – that your brand is professional, consistent and valuable – and stands out from your competitors.

September 4, 2018

Advantages of Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great form of communication simply because it provides intimate, person-to-person conversation which commands attention by taking advantage of an individual’s habit of reading and responding to mail.

When do you use direct mail? It can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • soliciting new orders,
  • generating leads,
  • create a positive brand image that will help future sales,
  • cross-selling to existing customers,
  • building brand loyalty,
  • increasing repeat orders,
  • reactivating dormant accounts or increasing sales coverage.

Even though nowadays online channels of communication are widely used, direct mail stands out for its great open rate which can easily reach up to 80%. Moreover, this channel of communication is not limited in time or space or format. Direct mail has a wide range of advantages, let us guide you through the most important ones.

Highly targeted

Every direct mail campaign has great targeting options. You can adjust messages for a specific audience, from loyal customers to new prospects. Thus, customers receive only offers that meet their individual needs or buying habits.


Each letter can contain personalised information. Using the database it is easy to find out customers’ needs by analysing their previous history of purchases. This way we alter the message and it can certainly appeal to each person individually.

Tangible format

Above all, mail is tangible. Since customers are getting mail directly the chances to receive the message is higher. Moreover, when customers receive a physical copy they are more likely to view its content as reliable.

Range of formats

Such a form of communication provides a wide variety of formats, from postcards to leaflets, to catalogues and magazines. We can customise your mail. Therefore, there is no limitation of colour use, paper quality or mail format.

Easily measured

We can easily measure the direct mail. Each mail can contain the traceable code that customers will redeem upon the purchase. Furthermore, the results will be collected and will reveal the success of the campaign.


Direct mail can be cost-effective. The creation of the campaign can be effortless and inexpensive. Moreover, mass mail makes execution of such campaign affordable.

Proven track records

Over time direct mail has proven its efficiency. Because this technique has been used widely and over a long time, the data of successful campaigns prove its potential. According to the DMA, the response rate of direct mail on average is 4.4%, compared to the email response rate of 0.12%. As a result, direct mail offers a negligible cost with a reliable return.

Finally, despite the attention to other marketing channels, direct mail takes an important place in executions of competitive marketing campaigns. And we will be happy to help you create strong mailing campaign for any business purpose.

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing Direct Marketing campaigns. Don’t hesitate to contact the Romax Team to receive advice on your next campaign.: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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February 8, 2018

5 Successful Valentine’s Day Direct Mail Campaigns – Results included

Despite that people think Valentine’s Day is becoming too commercial, in the UK consumers spent £987 Million on gifts and cards in 2017, according to GlobalData retail.

Anish Dosani, Retail Analyst for GlobalData, remarks:“While we expect there to be an increase in consumer spending on Valentine’s Day this year, the more general lack of interest in the occasion means that retailers are going to have to work even harder to drive sales and win this spend.”

Think outside the box

To stand out from the crowd on Valentine’s Day, marketers must use innovative communications and explore new marketing channels. With the rebirth of Direct Mail and the significant neurologic impact mail has on the recipient, which beats email in multiple aspects incorporate a piece of physical mail in your campaign increase is a must.

If you think that Valentine’s Day is for retailers only, let us show you five successful direct mail campaigns in Charity, Telemarketing services, food and Postal services, which combine different direct marketing approach to increase brand awareness, donor’s registration and sales.

1. The Organ Donor Foundation.  21.3% increase registrations. Postcard.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness for the foundation through a cost-effective registration drive.

Pictures by Gary Steele.

“Valentine’s Cards” were sent to music artist and celebrities, placed on display stands at leading newsagents and flowers shops.

Pictures by Gary Steele.

Campaign Result

The Organ Donor Foundation receive a massive 21.3% increase in registrations, in two days with a cost of less than £450. The campaign was created by Gary Steele and received multiple awards, such as 1 Media Lion at Cannes Advertising Festival and 1 Silver at Sunday Times Awards.

2. PostNL. A kiss for a stamp. 100% increase in paid Valentines mail. Postcard.

PostNL, the Dutch postal company, wanted people to reconnect with real mail, to activate people to send more postcards.

The day before Valentine’s Day all Dutch people could send their Valentine cards with a kiss instead of a stamp! The campaign was promoted four days before Valentine’s Day by one PR and a few tweets and a video explainer.

Campaign Result

The campaign caused an online tsunami with a huge response:

– Almost four times as much Valentines mail was sent
– An increase of 100% in paid Valentines mail (with stamp)
– The brand values of PostNL showed the highest increase ever.

3. CATSA. A false valentine’s day. 27% appointments. Direct Mail.

CATSA, a telemarketing services company that generates interviews for its sales force. So, during February, they sent a natural rose in a box with a card explaining the fact that on Valentine’s Day Graham Bell made his invention official: the telephone. To generate surprise, no one received it on Valentine’s Day.

Image source: Coloribus.

Campaign Result

The result was impressive for a very competitive sector. 56% remembered the campaign and 27% arranged appointments.

4. Hellmann’s: 1,0561 unique store visit (56% engagement.) Cross Media.

Source: Coloribus

Hellmann’s is an iconic brand, but mayo is not a top of mind category.  Hellmann’s needed to attract a new younger base. They want it to remind them why Hellmann’s has been and always will be No.1.  The creative agency in charge of the campaign also knew women were in desperate search of a clever, relevant way to show their affection on Valentine’s Day.

The solution was to position the sandwich made with real, authentic Hellmann’s as an object of desire that is the sure way to your man’s heart.  The company created a sandwich delivery service, 1800sandwich and launched it for Valentine’s Day. Hellmann’s used street teams, direct postcards, and posters to drive consumers to the 1800sandwich website. Users could then choose between 3 signature mouthwatering Hellmann’s sandwiches to be delivered to unsuspecting men for lunch on Valentine’s Day.

Campaign Result

With a small budget and only flyers and posters, they reached approximately 1,800 people. Effectiveness exceeded expectations, they engaged 59%of the audience with 1,061 unique visits.

Furthermore, the campaign had an amplified exposure due to the unsuspecting male receiver, it caused a spectacle in every office. The prediction of the amplified the exposure of every sandwich by at least 5 people. Sandwiches sold out within 6 hours of the site going live.

5.  Ford Spain. Leaflet – Door Drops

The night before St Valentine’s day, we left 12,000 breakup letters on cars that were 10 years old or more. In these letters, we encouraged owner-drivers to break off their stale and decaying relationships with their old cars and to fall in love with a Ford.


By means of social media and telephone response and other digital media, we reached 40,000 people and made them aware of this action.

Blog post written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager.

Sources: Verdict, Statista, lbbonline, Coloribus.


Romax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage, Membership Communication Services and Marketing Consultancy.

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May 9, 2016

Direct Mail Services Update

Direct Mail Services Update and UK Print Sizes Reference Guide from Romax.

Mailing House Services

Royal Mail Go Live with Printed Stamp Mailmark

Printed stamp can now be used in place of the printed postage indicia.

After the end of the successful trial of the printed stamp to replace the postal indicia on marketing mail, Royal Mail have announced that the service will now remain as an ongoing service.

Romax was the first UK Mailing House to send a successful printed postage stamp mailing in the trial so clients can be assured that their marketing mailings will be in the very safest of hands!


Did you know that each year 6% of the population moves house; that means that in 2 years if you do not keep on top of your data – the lifeline of any business – that over 10% of your data will be inaccurate.

Take advantage of our FREE data audit that provides 16 pages of invaluable and informative insight around not just the accuracy of your data, but also the socio-economic profile of your data, at no charge to you.


Catalogue Weight Service TRIALS – Send More for Less

Retail and Catalogue Clients, can now take part in a beneficial trial for mailing catalogues and brochures. Historically many catalogues have been ‘cut-back’ to under 100g to keep the postage weight at its lowest price point.

Royal Mail have now introduced stepped increments of 10g above 100g to 150g for letter format and large letter format.

The outcome being a staggered price increase where you pay for what you send rather than paying full 150g price for a pack weight slightly exceeding 100g. Extra printed pages to sell extra merchandise. To trial this call Romax.

Postal Services

Romax Sponsors the London Broncos Rugby League Club

Promotion candidates the London Broncos are setting their sights on the Super league next year as they continue to ride high in the Kingston Press Championship. Romax have provided the Broncos with marketing expertise, our E-publishing app amongst other marketing services as we team up to drive over the line marketing!

FREE Quick Reference Jargon Buster.

All industries love a bit of jargon – trade language that is comparable with learning a new language (well almost)! There has to be standardisation in an industry to ensure that it works for all stakeholders. Our aim is to simplify your access, but to perhaps help to nurture a love for print and direct mail. Receive your FREE GUIDE


Print Size Guide


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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