September 1, 2014

Using direct mail to increase customer loyalty

Using direct mail to increase customer loyalty
The approach that businesses take when it comes to marketing has changed considerably in recent years for a number of reasons. The worldwide economic slowdown forced many companies to reevaluate their approach to marketing and consider what was and wasn’t working. Additionally, a greater understanding of digital marketing techniques has helped to widen the options available to companies of all sizes.

One thing that has not changed, however, is the need to employ a comprehensive communications strategy that takes in a wide variety of approaches, from email
marketing to direct mail. The latter is now playing an increasingly important role in the marketing strategies of firms all over the world.

Direct mail marketing as part of the wider mix
Covering everything from one-page letters to catalogues and many other promotional items sent via the post, direct mail retains the ability to surprise, enchant and put a business’s message right in front of a potential customer. It’s not just an either or situation, as direct mail campaigns can be used successfully to support other forms of advertising such as SMS marketing and email campaigns.
The right approach can help to reinforce a brand message and ensure a successful conversion. It’s important to remember that direct mail, whether in the form of a leaflet with special offers or a free gift, can help boost a customer’s perception of a brand, building loyalty as a result.

Selecting your audience

It’s also important for companies to remember that not everyone wants to receive marketing offers and information online. As the use of email, on-page advertising and pay-per-click adverts has spread, many people now feel they are being bombarded. Making use of direct mail allows companies to start a conversation with potential customers in a way they may no longer expect. A fresh approach could well result in a sale. For example, many people still take pleasure in sitting down with a coffee and a niche catalogue, and browsing through a company’s products. It is important to remember that, as Kindle hasn’t killed books, email won’t kill direct mail. There is a
place for many approaches in today’s marketing mix, but it is more important than ever to use the latest technology and customer resource management tools to pinpoint a specific audience segment in order to maximise the success of a campaign.

Consumers demand quality

While the marketing landscape has chanced considerably, demand for quality has not. Send out an uninspiring piece of direct mail and the likelihood is that it will not be read – even if you have targeted the correct audience. Consumers need to be surprised and intrigued. Their attention and their loyalty needs to be earned, so make sure you have something real to say before giving your
next campaign the green light.

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August 18, 2014

How to increase customer loyalty through direct marketing

costumer loyalty crossword

How to increase customer loyalty through direct marketing

We all receive countless emails, flyers, text messages and adverts in various forms each day, and sifting through them to find those few that offer us any interest or value takes time. Trying to get the attention of customers is the first big hurdle, getting them to read what you have to say is an even bigger one – but what about actually engendering loyalty? How is that possible given the wealth of competition and marketing noise everyone is surrounded by?

STEP 1 – Right Data Right Approach

The first step to increase customer loyalty is to look at your database of information. Begin by making sure your information is accurate, complete and up to date. Take a note of how people have selected to be contacted, because these days direct marketing offers a wealth of choices, from traditional postal mail and leaflets to email and texting. Making sure you contact people in the right way is the first step towards success.

STEP 2 – Different Strokes for Different Folks 

The second step is to make sure that you divide your customers into many small groups. There are two good reasons for this. Firstly, by dividing people into smaller groups you can categorise them more effectively, ensuring that information sent out to them is much more targeted to their specific needs, lifestyle or circumstances. Secondly, you can test out marketing approaches with smaller groups, analysing the response rates so that you can see methods and approaches that worked and those that didn’t, helping you to improve your approach in future.

STEP 3 – Just saying ‘Hello’

The third step is to make sure that you aren’t just selling stuff to people every time you contact them. Begin not by shouting at them about your low prices, your new products or your delivery charges. Try offering them a reason to read what you have to say by making it relevant, and providing something of value. Exactly what you offer will vary, perhaps it is a coupon, or a free service, a discount voucher or a heads-up about a special launch or event.

STEP 4 – No Shouting


By helping people to recognise that when they see something from you, it will contain something of relevance, of interest and of value, you’ll stand out from the crowd of those just shouting about their prices and asking why on earth they haven’t bought anything lately. ‘Speak’ quietly, ‘speak’ calmly, and ‘speak’ clearly, offering what they really need, and be thankful, expressing your appreciation for their loyalty. Even if they’re not especially loyal yet.