July 15, 2020

Strengthening Your Brand Positioning

Consistency is the golden rule in brand messaging. In unprecedented situations like the pandemic, however, it may not be bad to shift the way you position your brand. Today’s customers do not hesitate to call out brands when they feel that it’s not doing anything or not doing enough for social causes.

As you navigate the post-COVID-19 economic landscape, you will find that customers are actively listening to and watching a brand’s every move. As such, it’s best to review the messaging in your direct marketing campaigns in the UK to ensure it puts your company in the best light.   

Positive Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the extent to which your brand is perceived as different, favourable, and authoritative. If you have a strong brand positioning, customers will:

  • Easily distinguish you from your competitors
  • Believe in your credibility
  • Be more loyal to your brand

Strengthening your positioning is ever more crucial during a crisis. In April, firms have lamented the downward spiral in customer spending, and it may take a while for it to bounce back. You will have to be more diligent in winning over customers.

How you reacted to the pandemic, how fast you served customers and how fiercely you protected your employees will be remembered by your customers. Your next move matters.

Some may argue that all things come to pass and that whatever negative publicity brewed during the crisis would blow over. We, however, cannot say this for certain. This is the first time we have encountered such a widespread problem, and people will recall it for the rest of their lives.

It’s best to be proactive about the image of your brand.

Solidarity Through Public Service Announcements

The social media reach of the government and the NHS is extensive, but they would appreciate a little help. It’s good practise to echo the guidelines set by the authorities, whether those are quarantine protocols or hygiene etiquette. It may not be usual for your brand to share government-related information, but this crisis is a different matter altogether.

Take, for instance, Nike’s Play for the World. The sportswear giant launched a campaign that compared staying at home to playing for millions around the world, conveying the message that this is a chance for any aspiring athlete to make a huge impact.

If you are amplifying PSAs from the government, go the extra mile by tailoring the message to your customers. In Nike’s case, it related sports and staying indoors. If you are in the food and beverage industry, tweak the message to make it more relevant to a diner. If you are offering auto repair services, customise the message to car owners.

That said, accuracy is crucial. Make sure to cite only credible COVID-19 sources. The last thing you want is spreading misinformation about the pandemic. Not only will this potentially cause damage to those who read it, but it will also hurt your credibility.

Donating to a Cause and Create Platforms to Help

Brand giants have been donating to recovery and research efforts. Customers pay attention to these contributions, especially if it comes from small organisations. It sends a hopeful message: you may not have the resources to match the billion-dollar contributions of Facebook, Samsung and Twitter, but you are helping to the best of your abilities.

To further boost your efforts, create a platform that enables your customers to help. This way, you are not merely a passive donor, but a catalyst that unites your community towards a common goal.

These efforts not only show you are in solidarity with everyone, but that you are also willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help. After all, the entire country is fighting this crisis — we are aiming for a collective win.

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May 20, 2020

Romax are here to support you with our Covid-19 Reboot Stimulus Packages

Rebooting activity: We know the reboot from the economic cliff edge to better financial times, will happen in stages. So how do you start planning when you have no firm timelines from the Government and there is understandable nervousness about how your market will respond. Simple…You look for the certainties! You can start laying your own promotional groundwork NOW, and take advantage of our reduced fees as part of our Covid Reboot Stimulus Packages.

Most business don’t know when they can relaunch their businesses, so we are now providing a flexible reboot from 1 June with our client incentive offers individually targeted to help our key client sectors when and where most needed.

Why are we doing this? Romax has always seen our relationships with clients as partnerships. Covid 19 has created a dramatic ‘sea change’ across the globe so it is not business as usual. Romax remains a well-structured reliable and solid business, we rely on the long-term success of our clients and want to work in tandem with you to incentivise trade. Work together with a mutual goal to help our clients make those first steps back to building back income. It is critical that we work together and keep cost down.

Lower pricing in the long-term is unsustainable, but our genuine offer of financial support detailed below, we hope will demonstrate our support and help you stimulate your own activity.

Romax are reducing charges to those clients that have traded with us since July 2019. Please contact us at hello@romax.co.uk for more details.

May 20, 2020

Safe Working Practices

At Romax, we take the health and safety of our team and clients very seriously, which is why we have taken practical steps to ensure that our company is #CovidAware and #CovidSecure during these unprecedented times. Due to the measures that we have put in place, you can be confident that your supply chain is operating in a way that is compliant with the government’s COVID-19 guidance, and that everyone involved is able to work in a safe environment.

Working Safely during Covid-19 Covid Aware Certificate

Following the government’s guidance on managing the risks of COVID-19, we have considered five steps of working safely together to ensure that our company is as safe as it can be for both our team and our clients.

Working environment

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment in which we looked at the risks of COVID-19 within our workplace and the ways that we can protect our team going forward. For each risk, we have been able to identify sensible measures that we can put in place in order to limit these. Throughout this assessment, the team has been consulted about their concerns, because no-one knows their roles better than they do. This has helped us to make informed decisions through working together, and has enabled us to create a safe working environment for all.

The cleaning protocol at Romax has been adapted in line with the government’s COVID-19 guidance in order to protect our team. All areas have been cleaned and are ready for safe use, and regular, efficient cleaning of workspaces, equipment, and frequently touched objects, such as door handles, will be carried out. To ensure that our team follows handwashing guidance, we have displayed posters showing how to wash hands effectively, reminding people not to touch their faces, and stating that they should be sneezing or coughing into a tissue and disposing of this immediately. We also have multiple hand sanitiser stations which people can use if they are unable to wash their hands straightaway.

New instructions

To ensure the safety of both our team and your supply chain, we have taken all reasonable steps to enable people to work from home where possible. This has been managed through giving people access to all equipment they need in order to work from home, including remote access to work systems where necessary. Only those who are essential to have on-site will be working at Romax rather than at home, and we will only have the minimum number of people required on-site at any one time.

For those who are required on-site, we have measures in place which enable them to remain at a 2m distance from others. Workspaces will be dedicated to a particular person to limit the sharing of surfaces and equipment, and will be located at least 2m apart wherever possible. Any activities that mean that people cannot remain 2m apart have been considered to see if they are truly necessary, and we have also ensured that social distancing can take place in communal areas, such as break rooms and entrances.

Covid Aware and Covid Secure

When social distancing is not possible, measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our team and clients. There will be an increased amount of efficient cleaning in areas where people need to work in close proximity to each other, and all activities where social distancing cannot be maintained will be kept as short as possible. People will be able to work back-to-back or side-to-side rather than face-on to others, and screens or barriers will be introduced wherever possible. We are also ensuring that individuals only need to move around when absolutely necessary, to limit their contact with others around the building.

Through following these steps in line with the government’s COVID-19 guidance, we are confident that Romax is both #CovidAware and #CovidSecure for our team and clients.