December 3, 2018

Top 5 best Christmas print campaigns

With its power to grab attention and communicate brand messages in a single glance, print advertising is still a marketing force to be reckoned with. And it’s during the festive season that it really shines. While we’re rushing around doing all kinds of Christmassy stuff, a well-crafted print advert can cut through the noise and put a smile on our faces while at the same time communicating some key messages. So from Heineken Santa to Ho Ho Hovis lets take a look at five of the best Christmas print campaigns from around the world.


ONE: The Heineken Santa

The festive season comes with great responsibility, even for Santa. This classic print ad from Heineken managed to communicate a very important public safety message in a very discreet and creative way. It was a great example of showing over telling. We imagined a drunken Santa crashing his sleigh, a thought-provoking image that reminded us of our own responsibilities.


TWO: We Three Benz

Picture the Three Kings turning up before everyone else because they followed the star of Bethlehem in a Mercedes.  This humorous advert from Mercedes-Benz exploited an ancient Christmas trope wonderfully. It had a great aesthetic too, making use of traditional styles to give the finished piece an authentic Christmassy texture. Not only did it put a smile on our faces, but it also communicated some key brand messages: Mercedes-Benz produces authentic, stylish and reliable cars.


THREE: Publicis Christmas Tree

The Singapore branch of Publicis (a global marketing agency) came up with this classic ad to promote their own creative attributes. Using red and green (the traditional colours of Christmas) they crafted a powerful festive image that showed the audience what you can achieve with a pencil and an imaginative idea.


FOUR: Ho Ho Hovis

Unless it’s got the word Stollen before it, we don’t normally associate Christmas with bread. So the creators of this ad deserve a round of applause for finding a way to make Hovis relevant over the festive period. After all, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day.


FIVE: Have yourself a beery little Christmas!

Let’s finish with a nightcap. A Christmas nightcap to be more precise. Anheuser-Busch InBev, a global drinks company based in Belgium, came up with this genius advert to promote their products over the festive period.  The clever concept, the sharp graphics and the overall simplicity of composition are what make this advert a yuletide classic.


Having a few drinks over the festive season is the very meaning of Merry Christmas!

July 12, 2017

Top 9 Christmas Campaigns

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Top 9 Direct Mail Christmas Campaigns

With the preparation for your Christmas and New Year campaign either underway or about to begin (yes, it’s July, but, it’s never too early for Christmas), as a marketer you should consider including Direct Mail in your marketing plans. Why?

There are multiple reasons to include Direct Mail in your Christmas Campaign – If you need inspiration for your Christmas Direct Mail Campaign here are our favourite top 9 direct mail Christmas campaigns.

1. Emma Bridgewater
This handmade pottery company matched an image of the coffee mug with the client’s name to look like the final result and promote personalised pottery sales. emma-bridgewater

British retailer Emma Bridgewater, who create personalised handmade mugs and pottery, increased their Direct Mail Christmas campaign responses by 25% thanks to the targeted mail which matched an image with the coffee cup with the client’s name. Read the Emma Bridgwater Case Study here.

2. Smart
Smart promoted their brand following their own concept of reduced size. For Christmas, they sent a card with miniature Christmas Tree accessories. Cute and Smart!


3. John Lewis
The British Retailer sent a Christmas Pack that included a Christmas card, wrapping paper and a brochure with a range of gift ideas. The recipients of the direct mail also received a free mince pie and hot drink when they visited the John Lewis stores.


Printing communications are a highly effective medium, offering a real-world experience. It’s not surprising that 83% of people value mail that is up-to-date and relevant. Moreover, sending meaningful communications helps to keep your brand front of mind and increase your online sales.

4. OgilvyOne
The agency OgilvyOne created an oil painting showing a modern British family at Christmas painted in a traditional style. Each detail in the painting represents one of their clients and their products. What a great way to show customer loyalty and promote yourself at the same time!

public-creative_review-206468-cr_images-ogilvyone-default-640 public-creative_review-206468-cr_images-ogilvy_one_christmas_card_key_0-default-640

5. OgilvyOne

Another great piece of direct mail from OgilvyOne, that mixed direct and digital channels, was a card and  3-D glasses that referred to a YouTube greeting video. The mail was sent to 500 clients, suppliers and prospects with huge success.

3D direct mail

Direct marketing will increase visitors to your website. 59% of people have visited a company website to find out more after receiving a direct mail.

6. Lancashire County Cricket Club
An interactive direct mail piece that plays on the traditional English Christmas cracker.


7. Selfridges

Selfridges’ Christmas direct mail campaign brought the excitement of the season with a package that included a book of Christmas stories and a pop-up Victorian diorama.

selfridge christmas card

Marketing campaigns that include direct mail are up to 40% more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels than campaigns without mail. Furthermore, stand-alone direct mail campaigns can rocket your ROI if they incorporate personalised text and images that resonate with your target audience.

8. Lady Fingers Letter Press

This stationery company has a series of Christmas cards, why don’t you use their ideas to promote your own brand this Christmas?


9. Bray Leino
This Cream Award-winning Bray Leino Christmas card was sent as dimensional direct mail. A tasty cookie carried a serious message while reminding clients of the agency’s strengths.

“This year, instead of Christmas cards we’re donating money to the No More Landmines Trust. Best wishes from everyone at Bray Leino Bristol.”

direct mail

Resources: Canadapost, Thedrum, Campaignlive, Romax Marketing.

direct mail rocket ROI

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October 25, 2016

Christmas 1970s Memories Baubles, Slade and Colourful Cards

It’s Christmas – well almost…

By Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services

From a very young age, I have the most wonderful memories of Christmas.

Christmas trees with glittering baubles, Dad dressing up as Santa Claus in his cherry red suit; Mum trying to hide the Quality Street chocolates until the Christmas holiday officially begins, presents wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and not forgetting the ill-fitting knitted jumpers, provided by Nan!

I think back to the cheesy, foiled decorations hanging from the living room ceiling, all the multi-coloured paper chains, the frosted fake snow on the windows, party poppers, multi coloured balloons, streamers and the crisp white iced Christmas cake –  wow, what excitement this bought.

70s Christmas 2

Colours and smells can bring create a whole mixture of emotions. Even now as an adult, I do love to walk around the West End of London looking at all vibrant, beautifully coloured shop displays – it makes me feel warm, happy and excited, thinking about my loved ones and the perfect present for them. The smell of roasted chestnuts or caramelised peanuts.

First impressions can be underestimated. If a shop window alone can set off a bunch of emotions which tempt me in to just take a look, why not take your shop front to the customer’s doorstep? Can you imagine what a beautifully created piece of marketing direct mail can do to evoke memories and prompt enquiries?

Splash Out at Christmas

Why not use Christmas as a perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your marketing packs and promote your brand?

Personally, when I receive my post at home, I flick through knowing exactly what they are, even before even opening them (usually bills!) BUT when something catches my eye, a vibrant and evocative well thought through a piece of direct mail, then my attention immediately focus on the piece, engaging me.

There are many ways of achieving this and not just by the design and colour. Data is key, send your message to the wrong person and it is not direct mail it is pointless mail. A waste of money and damage to your brand reputation. Get the data, message and design right and you’re on to a winner!

The Icing on the ‘Christmas’ Cake

Christmas Cake

Many forget the importance of the print finishing to add impact and wow factor to a piece of direct mail. There are many techniques which will give a positive impact and help a customer to recognise your brand.

Creative design for a one-piece mailer using die cutting to trim out unique shapes and innovative designs that can be further enhanced using matt lamination, gloss lamination, UV varnish, embossing & foiling

When putting together your initial concept, a mixture of colour and finishing techniques will help your company stand out from the crowd.

Christmas is a time to create joy and provide your customers with the opportunity to experience the products and experiences that your business offers, so now’s the time to get your thinking ‘party’ hats on for fresh way to ‘present’ your business.

direct mail rocket ROI

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September 22, 2015

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells – Put the Summer All Away Christmas is coming

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…..’

Yep you did read this correctly!

I think we can honestly say, the British summer is most definitely over.

So pack away the shorts and sandals and bring out the coats and woolly jumpers. Say goodbye to bright mornings and evenings and say hello to waking up in the pitch dark. No more chilled Sauvignon Blanc but plenty of mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Bye-bye sun-kissed tanned skin and hello Casper the ghost.

BUT there is a light at the end of a very wet, cold and dark tunnel – CHRISTMAS!!

Cheesy songs, Christmas jumpers, mulled wine and food galore.

The next three months will be crazy with everyone marketing Christmas so get in their first and start planning now….


Christmas should be fun and full of bright colour!

Colour is so important and in my opinion is not used enough with Direct Mail campaigns. Many of us will simply go with the plain white envelopes with black text to keep the price down, however, this doesn’t need to be the case. With the investment Romax have made over the last twelve months, packs no longer need to be bland and colourless and we can help you add value at very little extra cost.

 Get your Christmas message across now

 Why not add a splash of colour to plain envelopes, we can manage this for you all in-house on our M1 inkjet printer?

How about a nice glossy laminate to a beautifully designed postcard, Christmas card or self-mailer?

Let us print a stunning personalised brochure on our Igen 150 to really impress your customers!

Please do take this opportunity to find out more….

Simply pick up the phone for a chat or drop us an email and myself or one of the team will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

So in short, at Romax, Christmas comes early – Ho ho ho!


Blog Written by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services,

September 4, 2015

Let’s get naked! A naked mailer that is

Cost saving versus Return on Investment (ROI)

Naked mailers reduce cost on the fulfilment by removing outer packaging, or the need for any other form of the internal carrier sheet, letter or similar, as the address is printed (using inkjet technology) directly to the outer cover of the catalogue.

Cold data potential clients are ideal recipients for naked mailers

As an entry-level introduction to potential clients receiving your offer for the first time, a naked mailer ticks plenty of boxes. Inevitably the data you obtain will be of a certain profile with a likelihood of those recipients purchasing your product. As a percentage, however, the overall ‘new client spend’ from this cold list is likely to be lower on an average cost per order basis, than an established client; the percentage of orders received for new data will also be in the low percentages. Therefore you need to ensure that your investment per new client is affordable. Often a ‘slimed down’ version of a larger catalogue is a good approach for acquisition data as this showcases your brand and scope of offering, whilst reducing your print costs.

All wrapped up for Christmas

If you have extra messages that you want to get across or loose inserts that need to be included, then sealing them in alongside a marketing message is the best way to do it. A warmer more inviting way to seal the relationship with the recipient. There are also higher postage savings to be made (if using envelopes not polywrap) so bear this in mind as well, See Mailmark Link

Getting personal

If you’re going to bare it all with a naked mailer, then getting personal is very difficult to actually achieve. Although this is one of the cheapest ways of fulfilling a catalogue, it actually reduces the opportunity to open up a conversation or communicate offers pertinent to the recipient. You can vary the offer to a group of recipients by changing the cover of a brochure but this, although providing some targeting is still a generic approach and not using either your client’s data, spending patterns and preferences, or indeed making use of the data-driven print technology that provides marketing professionals genuine opportunity for 1-2-1 marketing.

High-End clients ‘deserve’ or even warrant a little more attention to detail. Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C) is the perfect area for this highly targeted approach to client communication. Business to Business (B2B) Marketing, generally does not allow for this as client numbers are small enough to receive account manager attention or fit within certain sectors that can receive a communication such as this that is relevant only to the Retail Marketing Sector.

Very High-End retailers producing a catalogue or more appropriately termed ‘Mag-alogue’ – an Information newsletter with retail ‘catalogue content ’ or brochure that are a ‘coffee table’ item, would not benefit from a naked mailer as this would ‘cheapen’ the look and brand for the recipient.

In summary

One thing that is clear, is that there is no simple equation to solve your marketing conundrum. You do need to know your audience, understand your data first, then engage with your marketing communications suppliers, to discuss options on print variations, compared with fulfilment costs, understand the implications of postage costs for each approach and the likely returns you will receive. Testing is key before investing large amounts of your marketing budget into a ‘great idea’ it is vital to invest some of it into testing the idea first!

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